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Use Vegetable oil or Refined oil.


Green chili vada

                                            CATEGORY: SNACKS


                                10 -medium sized (5-6cm)

                                green chilies (stout, thick)

                                3 cups Gram flour (besan)

                                1pinch baking soda

                                2 tsp    -all purpose flour (maida)

                                2 tsp   -salt

                          For stuffing:

                                     4tsp- ajwain (Oomu)

                                     3tsp - salt

                                     1½tsp  - cumin powder

                                     4 tsp  -chickpeas powder (putana)

                                     2 tsp water

                                     3 tsp groundnut powder

                                     2½tsp- amchoor (dry mango powder)

                                     Oil for deep frying.


Mix all  filling ingredients along with 1½ tsp water to make fine paste. Slit all chilies, lengthwise, deseed  Them and keep them in water to avoid The pungent smell.  Drain them, and stuff them with the  Above filling mixture. Add besan & all purpose flour , salt, soda Along with water to make fine bajji Batter. Heat oil, dip  stuffed chilies one by one In the batter and deep fry in oil to golden Brown.  


                         SNAKE GUARD VADA (BAJJI) 


DESCRIPTION : These  are served like snacks, a fine & Tasty evening Tiffin.  We can make many varieties with different Vegetables. 



                        3 cups Gram flour

                        ½ cup- all purpose flour (maida)

                        1 pinch- baking soda

                         salt to taste

                        1 tsp cumin seeds

                        3  -   green chilies (crushed)

                        1 cm- ginger (crushed)

                        2 medium sized- snake guard (fresh)

                        Oil for deep frying


Mix two flours & salt. Add crushed chilies & ginger. Add baking soda. Add sufficient water to prepare a fine bajji Batter.  Wash snake guard and cut them like circles Dip them in the besan batter and deep fry them in hot oil to golden brown. Serve  hot with tomato ketchup.


                          BRINJAL VADA(BAJJI)



                           3 cups- Bengal gram flour

2     - green chilies (crushed)

                           ½ inch  - ginger (crushed)

                              Salt to taste

                              Oil for deep frying

6        medium- fresh  brinjals

½ cup fresh coriander leaves (chopped)


Mix besan and crushed chili & ginger together, add salt & soda. Add sufficient water to make fine bajji batter. Take one bowl cold water and add 1 tsp yoghurt to it. Cut brinjals length wise OR round bits. Dip them in the besan batter and deep-fry them in the oil till golden brown colour. Serve them hot with chili sauce.





3     - angular guards fresh)

2½ tsp red chili powder

Salt      -   to taste

    ½cup  -  Coriander leaves

1     pinch  -  baking soda

2  tsp     -ginger (paste)

Oil for  deep frying

1 tsp  - cumin seeds

2     cups Bengal gram flour

1 pinch turmeric

1 pinch  -asafetida


Mix the batter with given ingredients, Mix all ingredients except oil & angular guard. Wash & peel  all angular guards. Cut them thin round slices, dip them In the besan batter and deep fry them  In the hot oil to golden brown. Serve hot with tomato chutney, or  Newly made mango pickle (Aavakaaya).






3     in No.s Raw bananas (fresh)

2 green chilies crushed

1½ inch  ginger crushed

        Salt to taste

     Oil  for deep frying

1 pinch            - baking soda

1 tsp                - cumin seeds

 ½ tsp              -  turmeric

3 cups-            -   Bengal gram flour or besan


Mix the batter with flour & sufficient water, add salt & ginger, chili crushed mixture. Add cumin seeds, soda and mix well. Peel raw bananas & cut them round Or lengthwise (gently) and soak them in cold water (add 1 tsp yoghurt to it). Dip banana bits in the prepared besan batter and deep fry them in oil. Drain them on kitchen paper towels, Serve hot with tomato ketchup.


Here i am writing some snacks recipes, easy to prepare

 And nice to serve (if we get unexpected guests) in the evening snacks (tiffin)

                                        CAULIFLOWER VADA(BAJJI) 


             1 medium size cauliflower

             3 cups     -Bengal gram flour

             ½ cup    - all-purpose flour

             3 tsp   -  chill powder (or desired )

             1 pinch asafetida

             1 pinch turmeric

             1 pinch baking soda

             Oil to deep frying

             Salt to taste


Wash&clean cauliflower. Remove florets one by one. Remove the stem & leaves. (we can use them in soups or Sambar). Combine two flours and add salt, asafetida, soda, chili powder & turmeric. Add sufficient water to make fine batter, assure that there are no lumps in the batter. Dip cauliflower florets one by one in the besan batter And deep fry them in hot oil to golden brown. Serve hot as evening Tiffin with coconut chutney or tomato ketchup.



                            CABBAGE PAKORAS



                                3 cups cabbage chopped (fresh)

6-8            - green chilies (chopped)

2 tsp- ginger (crushed)

Salt to taste

2 cups-  Bengal gram flour

½cup coriander leaves

1 tsp cumin seeds

1 twig curry leaves

Oil for deep frying

METHOD:- Chop fresh cabbage finely. Add chopped cabbage, chopped green chilies, crushed ginger Salt to sieved Bengal gram flour.  Add curry leaves and make smooth Pakoras batter, adding little water. Heat oil and deep-fry them to golden crispy brown.


                                          POTATO BAJJI


                            4 medium size - potatoes

                           4 green chilies- chopped very thinly

                                     2 tsp      - crushed ginger

                                       2tsp     -  cumin seeds

                                    3cups     -  Bengal gram flour

                                     1 pinch  -baking soda

                                      1 pinch turmeric

                                       salt to taste

                                      Oil for deep-frying.

METHOD: Chop potatoes very thin slices. Keep them in cold water (add ice cubes) Sieve gram flour, add salt & crushed ginger And  chopped green chilies, cumin seeds &  baking soda. Make above mixture to a fine batter with

Adding sufficient water. Drain water from potato slices, spread  them over a neat kitchen towel. Dip potato slices  one by one in the prepared gram flour batter, and deep fry them (in oil) to crispy golden brown. Serve  hot  with tomato ketchup.


Temp:200¤ C    Time:8 10 min


4        cups - All purpose flour

1           cup- chapathi flour (atta)

2           tsp-salt


3           tbsp-fresh curd or yoghurt

1½ tsp oil

Yeast- ¼  packet (fresh)

Sesame seeds or poppy seeds

½ cup coriander  leaves (finely chopped.)

4           tsp ajwain (Oomu)

                        1 cup grated cheese

1 tsp chili powder

1 tsp garam masala

2 tsp grated ginger




Dissolve yeast in a tsp of milk. Mix milk and curd together.

Add salt & oil. Sieve and mix together two flours. Add  dry spices thoroughly. Add ajwain also! Add  grated ginger to it. Finally mix dissolved yeast & milk mixture. Add this to the two flours mixture. It should be like puri dough. Knead well. Cover with a damp cloth, until it gets double size. Or let it stay for 1 hour. Knead the dough again, make lemon size balls. Roll them to round discs or oval shape And make holes with a fork over them. Spread cheese over. Bake them in preheated oven at 200¤c for 8 to 10 minutes, till they get cooked. Remove from the oven and brush with butter. Pack them in aluminum foil. Serve immediately with potato khurma or any vegetable gravy curry.


Suggestion:-We can store them without applying butter.

After  preparation pack them in aluminum foil &store in the deep freezer. Can be stored for 3 weeks.

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