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1. To get extra taste to sambhar or rasam: Just add 1tsp milk to the rasam or sambhar after finishing boiling.

2. Are you becoming mad about your salty curries or gravies? Add thin pieces of potato to them, cook for a while and throw them afterwards.

3. Do not throw away the drained water from paneer. It can be used in the dough for rotis, parathas, puris or naan. The dough will get soft and a nice colour. It can also be used in soups.

4. Do not throw the  cauliflower stems or cabbage stems - use them in soups, rasam or sambhar.

5. When you boil pulses or grains store that extra water for rasams and soups(pulusu).

6. To remove the tomato peel: just boil 3 cups of water, add tomatoes and keep the lid for some time. switch off the stove.

7. To get extra whiteness to your rice; add 1tsp of fresh lemon juice when boiling.

8. To get more crispy potato bajjis, dip potatoslices in very cold water (or keep them in ice cubes) for 5 to 8 minutes.

9. Add curryleaves to your upma before removing it from the heat.

10. To avoid lumps when making upma, roast suji(rawa) before adding the water.

11. To keep the dosa or the idli batter from getting sour, do not add salt to the batter. This way it can be stored for 3 more days without getting sour.

12. You should always add salt after you have ground the idli or dosa batter.

13. To get crispy dosas or soft idlies, add 1 tsp flakerice(poha) to the soaked black gram (urad dal-white).

14. Do not throw out the bottle guard stems(kaddu-heads). These can be used as brushes (when you are making dosas) on frying-pans(tawa). You could also cut one potato into two halves and use them as brushes.

15. If you have opened canned tomatoes which you don't need, you could pour it in icecube-moulds. De-freeze them and use.

16. To avoid getting your hands black when cutting raw bananas (plantains), add 1tsp of curd or butter milk to a bowl of water in which you put the banana bits. Before washing your hands, apply little oil to your palms.

17. To avoid extra blackness to brinjalcurry or fry, sprinkle 1tsp tamarindpulp over it.

18. To avoid extra bitterness in bitterguard(karela), mix salt and lemonjuice. Let it be like that for 1 hour.

19. If you want to store bitterguard, do as in tip no.18 and store them in the freezer.

20. To store drumsticks, cut them in equal sizes and add to some boiling water with 1 tsp salt. Let them boil for 2 minutes, cool them and store them in the freezer. 

21. Do not discard the dry curry leaves! Powder them and store in small spicejars, can be used in rasam, sambhars and even curries.

22. Keep prepared cutlets, kachories(not fried) in the fridge for ½ hour,before deep-frying.

23. Add a little amount of milk to get smooth and soft puris.

24. To get soft motichoor laddos, add 1 tsp of honey and 2 tsp of hot ghee to the sugar syrup. After adding boondi, let it stay for ½ hour before you make them round. They'll stay soft for almost two weeks!

25. To get crispy samosa outer cover, add some rice flour to the dough.

26. Try to get crispy golguppa(pani puri) by using only large amount of suji (rawa) and little amount of all purpose flour.  Allow to stay for 1hour,before you roll.

27. They spoil easily if you keep apple& pear  together in the fridge.

28. Grate the fresh coconut (if you do not use on the same day),And store in the deep freezer, keep it in the water for sometime Before you use, it will be fresh taste as the same day!

29. Use  milk to get fine taste to the idli chutney (coconut).

30. To remove peel very easily, if you store the tomatoes in the deep freezer.

31. Add one ladyfinger stem (head) when you are grinding dosa batter. (to black gram-urad dal).

32. To get soft vadas just soak daal (black gram-urad dal) for ½hour, It is sufficient time to grind.
33. To get soft appalu (boorelu-hanumanji prasad) add 1tbsp wheat flour (atta) to 3 tbsp of rice flour. Mix 1tsp oil when the water is boiling.
34. There is no need of soaking badshahi  or kaajaa, they can be prepared immediately!
35. To get more juice from the oranges or lemons, keep them in pre boiled hot water, for awhile.
36. Do not throw the bottle guard Or angular guard peel(it should not be old!!),it can be used as chutney (patchadi).
37. Make sambhar ONLY with cabbage, it has a special taste. Even cabbage dal also!!.
38. If you feel .   squeezing tamarind every days extra job`, So, do like this.. boil little bigger amount of tamarind in water
Until it thickens. Remove, cool it and squeeze in a plastic container and store in the refrigerator for 10 days.






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