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Made with pure Ghee or Vegetable oil.




                      Recipe description: It is a sweet, normally served as desert.                    Carrot is good for health. Everybody likes it.

                      Category : Vegetarian - SWEETS

                       Yield      : 5 portions

                        Preparation:10 min

                        Cooking time: 15 min


        • ˝ kg   Fresh carrots
        • 150 gms  khoya (cova- thick milk)
        • ˝ kg sugar
        • ˝ cup ghee
        • ˝ cup milk
        • 1 tbsp  pistachios (chopped)
        • 1 tbsp cashew nuts (chopped)
        • 2 tbsp  cardamoms seeds (not powdered)

                                                    ME THOD:

Warm ghee and add peeled & grated carrot to it.

a.                                        Fry it for 3 minutes on low heat.

b.                                        Add milk, cook it for 3 more minutes.

c.                                         Remove from the heat & add khoya (grate it) mix well, keep it

d.                                        again on the stove. Stir constantly, add sugar to it.

e.                                        Let it cook until the mixture should be thicken.

f.                                          Remove from the heat and transfer to a wide pre-greased plate.

g.                                        Flat it evenly and decorate with pistachios & cashew nuts.


                               RAWA KESARI

               catagory :sweets(deserts)

                servings: 10


                 cookingtime: 15min


                             250gms -  bombay rawa(fine suji)

                                50gms- ghee

                                 cashewnuts-  15

                                 sulthanas or kissmiss-  10

                                1˝cup- boiled water

                                   1cup-  boiled milk

                                   300 gms- sugar

                                      60gms- ghee(clarifiedbutter)

                                     10 in no.s- cardadmoms

                                        4 in no.s- cloves(lavang)

                                          kesari or saffron strands


·       Roast rawa with 50gms ghee without burning.

·       Roast cashewnuts,kissmiss for a while in a tsp ghee.

·       In skillet add  water & milk, boil together.Simmer.

·       Add roasted rawa, cardamoms powder (Ensure that  there are no lumps).

·        Cover it with a lid until it is  properly  cooked.

·       Add the saffron (which is dissolved in a1 tsp milk).Stir well.

·       Add sugar &ghee and the  roasted nuts and raisins or sultanas(kissmiss).

·       Keep the lid.

·       Stir well.Allow to cook for 5 minutes more.

·       Pour it (halwa) on a pre- greased plate and cut into desired shapes.

·       serve hot or cold.    

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