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Mangoes  50(raw & sour)
Red chilli powder 500gms
salt                   ½ kg
Turmeric        3 tsp
Fenugreek seeds  100gms
Mustard seeds powder ½ kg
Gingily oil      (sesame seeds oil OR Til ka teal)2 kg
*Some precautions are here to follow  before start the preparation.
For pickle(long standing ) always needs hard and sour mangoes.
Use only wooden spoons to stir or mix the pickle.
Use ceramic jars to store them.
The utensils we use for pickles should  be dry and neat.
Hands and the mango bits should be dry. Otherwise pickle spoiles very easily.
Use gingily oil to prepare. Moisture is absolutely not accepted.
To prevent the fungal infection , the oil should be float on the top of the pickle,i.e:atleast 2 cm above.
There are special knives to cut (pickle)mangoes in the supermarket.
 Remove the head part(black) and let mangoes take rest in full
bucket of cold water for atleast one hour.
Remove and wipe them with a neat towel.Ensure that mangoes are wiped well(dry).
Cut the mangoes to big chunks.Remove the layers & seed.
Wipe again and place them on a neat cloth or towel,cover them.
In a big skillet,add  sieved chillipowder,salt,turmeric,mustard powder,fenugreek seeds and ½ amount of oil.
Mix well.together.
Rub the above mixture to the mango chunks evenly.
Transfer into a neat ceramic jar and press lightly.
Store it for 3 days with air tight lid.
On third day remove from the jar to a big skillet, mix thoroughly with a wooden spoon and pour the remaining oil(½ amount) to the pickle. Mix well.
Now transfer back  into the ceramic jar.
It can be used after 3 more days Or the mango bits get tender 6 pickle gets
fine flavour.
Hard & sour mangoes   20 in no.s
chilli powder  1/4 kg (fresh & fine)
salt                     1/4 kg
fenugreek seeds  50 gm
turmeric             1½ tsp
Mustard powder   1/4 kg
Gingely oil       ( til ka teal) 1 kg
Ginger (peeled) 80 gms
garlic  (peeled)  100gms
Wash & wipe and cut the mango chunks as above pickle.
Peel 6 grind ginger, garlic coarsely.Keep aside.
Sieve the chilli powder,salt and turmeric,mustard powder.
Take a big skillet and add all above powders & ground garlic,ginger paste.
Mix ½ amount of gingely oil to the above masala.
Rub the mango bits into the above mixture evenly.
Mix well and store them in a neat ceramic jar,( press slightly)with airtight lid
for 3 days.
On 3 rd day remove from the jar, mix well (check the salt & oil).
Transfer again to the jar,press slightly & pour the remaining ½ of the oil.
Store in a cool dry  place.
Mangoes   12
Mustard powder 125 gms
Fenugreekseeds powder 1tsp
turmeric    1tsp
Jaggery   40-45 gms (grated)
Chilli powder  125 (fresh & fine)
salt              120 gms
Oil (gingely) 160 gms
Wash and wipe mangoes until they dry.
Cut them into big chunks.Remove the layers & seeds.Wipe again.
Sieve the dry powders finely.
Add the chillipowder, salt, turmeric, mustard powder and mix well.
Add the scraped jaggery to the above mixture.
Mix well,add ½ portion of oil to the jaggery mixture.
Rub the mango chunks into masala  and store in a ceramic jar with airtight lid
for 3 days.
On the 3rd day remove from the jar into a big skillet stir thoroughly.
Transfer back to the jar and pour the remaing oil over the pickle.
Keep the lid and can be used (ready to eat)  after 4 days.
Note: some people use tempering with mustardseeds, dry red chillies, asafoetida



25ogms  Brinjal(small size)

2 tsp  Tamarind pulp

Salt to taste

½ cup coriander leaves(fresh)

5 green chillies

small bit  jaggery

2  tbsp oil 


1 tsp Mustard seeds

1tsp  Fenugreek seeds(methi)

1 pinch Asafoetida

1tsp   Black gram(urad dal slit)

3   Dry red chillies.

1    Twig curry leavesfresh)


Heat oil,add mustardseeds,

After crackle,add other ingredients

And fry for a minute.

Remove  only tempering without oil.keep aside.

Again keep the vessel on the stove to fry brinjal.

Wash& cut (4 halves) brinjal and add

To the warm oil.

Allow to fry them for 2 to 3 minutes Or untill they become soft.

NowGrind the tempering,jaggery,salt,

Tamarind pulp to a fine paste.

Add fried(cooked)brinjal and grind for a ½ minute(it should not be paste).

Finally add coriander,turn one more round(grinder),remove from the jar.

Warm 1 tsp oil and fry 1 tsp blackgram(urad dal)fry till it gets brown colour.

Add to the chutney.Serve with plain rice.




 3    Green tomatoes(medium)

 2     Green chillies

½cup  fresh coriander

2½tbsp   oil

3  in no.s  Dry red chillies

2tsp  Blackgram(white,slit)

1 tsp  Mustard seeds

1 pinch Turmeric

1 tsp  Sesame seeds

½tsp  Fenurgreek(methiseeds)

1 pinch Asafoetida

1 twig  Curryleaves


Heat oil and add mustard seeds,after they crackle,add redchillies,uraddal(blackgram),

Asafoetida,fenugreek seeds.

Fry them till they get  brown colour.

Remove from the oil,keep aside.

Use the remaining oil to fry the tomatoes and green chillies.

Keep the lid and allow them to cook for 3 minutes Or till they get soft.

Now add tempering,fried tomatoes,greenchillies,salt,grind themcoursely.(without oil)

Finally mix fresh coriander,turn the machine for ½ minute.

Heat remaining oil and add curry leaves for a second, add  immediately to the chutney.

Suggestion:Green tomato is sour itself.

                  So,we need not add tamarind,those who likes sour chutneys they

love this.

It can be made even adding little fresh coconut,brinjal also.

It can be served with roti(chapathi),plain rice,dosa and idli.




1  Raw(green,sour) mango

4 Dry red chillies

2tsp  Black gram(urad dal)

1tsp  Mustardseeds

½tsp   Fenugreek seeds

1 pinch  Asafoetida

½twig  Curryleaves

1pinch   Turmeric

1 tsp  Sugar Or a small bit jaggery

2tbsp   Oil

salt to taste



 Wash&peel mango.Grate it or make smallthin bits.

Heat oil,add mustard seeds,after one they  Crackle,add red chillies,blackgram split,fenugreekseeds,asafoetida,turmeric.

Remove from the heat after done.

Grind tempering,salt,sugar(jaggery) to  a fine paste.(without oil)

Now add mango bits Or grated mang

Grind one or two rounds(coarsely).

Use removed oil to heat,and add curry leaves fry for a second.

Mix in the chutney immediately.

Serve with plain rice.


The chutney can be made (addi) with fresh coconut,soaked yellowgram(moongdal),soaked bengal gram,brinjal red tomato..etc.

But the process is the same.

Note:In all my recipes,ingredients,specially chilli Salt , spicy things..given as normal  measurements. 

If  it  is  much spicy, You can reduce as per taste!!




This is a very tasty chutney  with plain rice.

 But the leaves should be baby leaves(just

 Like in  maroon colour,early stage).

 some places in Andhrapradesh we can by in the vegetable


It is very sour,and there is no need to add tamarind pulp like

Other chutneys.


150 gms  Baby tamarind leaves

6 in nos  Red dry chillies

3 tbsp    oil

tsp  Black gram                                 

1tsp    Mustard seeds

½tsp   Fenugreek seeds

1½tsp asafoetida

1 pinch  turmeric

Salt to taste




Heat oil add mustard seeds,after they



Fry  till they get fine flavour,add the leaves and remove the heat.(leavesShould not fry )

Cool it and grind them salt&turmeric.

Serve with plain rice and cooked  daal(tuvar Daal-red gram) .





Drumsticks bits                                  1kg

Red chilli powder                              120gms(fine&sieved)

Tamarind                                           125gms


Fenugreekseeds                               1tsp

Oil                                                     140gms

Mustard seesd                                 tsp

Blackgram                                        tsp

Turmeric                                          pinch

Salt to taste



Mix  salt,turmeric with oil.Rub the drumstic bits into it.

Warm the tamarind on stove to get softer,deseed it.

Rub the chillipowder to the bits.

Keep it in the ceramic jar and  let it take rest for 3 days.

On 3rd day remove and tempering.Cool it.

Place it in the air tight  ceramic jar.

It can be saved up to 6 months.

Note:-Garlic also can be added!!






Mango ginger                                 ¼ kg

Oil                                                 100gm

Fenugreekseeds                          1tsp

Tamarind                                             1/4kg

Dry red chillies                                    125gms

Jaggery                                               little

For tempering:-

Oil                                                       1cup

Blackgram                                          2tsp

Mustard seeds                                   2tsp


Turmeric                                             pinch

Cummin seeds                                   1tsp



Wash and wipe the mangoginger,peel it thoroughly.

Deeseed the tamarind and make it as a boll.

Make  ginger into    big pieces,add turmeric,and salt .

Keep the tamarind boll in the middle of the bits,press a little.

Let it stay for 2 days.On 3rd day remove and add the chillipowder

And grind  coarsely along with jaggery.

Now make tempering with given ingredients and pour over pickle.

Cool it and mix thoroughly.

Store it in a ceramic jar.                           

Note:-It goes well with chapathi,plain rice,dosa,idli,vadas and puris.





Goose berry                                            1kg (small &sour)

Salt                                                          100gms

Red chilli powder(fine)                            100gms

Oil   (gingely)                                           250gms

Fenugreekpowder                                    1tsp

Asafoetida                                                1tsp

Mustard powder                                       1tbsp

Mustards                                                   1tsp



Steam berry in oil with tight lid, until they get  tender.

Remove the lid, allow to cool.

Heat oil season with mustard,add salt,chillipowder and gooseberry.Mix well

And keep on low flame for 3 minutes.

Cool it.Mix fenugreekpowder,mustard powder,asafoetida.

Cool again and pour extra oil (has to float over pickle).

Store in the ceramic jar.





TOMATOES  should  be fresh and hard.


Tomatoes                        ½ kg

Tamarind                         100gms

Oil                                    120gms

Fenugreekseeds               1tsp

Blackgram(urad dal)          1tsp

Dry chillies                         2(broken)

Garlic                                 10(optional)

Salt                                    100gms

Red hcilli powder                 60gms

Asafoetida                            1tsp



Wash and clean tomatoes.Remove the green one on the top.Wipe properly.

Chop them into big chunks.

Rub turmeric and salt.

Keep them in a ceramic jar.

Deseed and remove the extra stuff from tamarind( make it warm on the stove without adding water.)

Shape tamarind like a ball and place it in the center of the tomato bits.

Allow to stay for 2 days,on the 3 rd day remove and squeeze them in the jar,and place them to

Expose to the sun heat,let it stay for 1½ day.Keep the juice also in the sun.

The pieces should be  get ¾ th dried ,squeeze the tamarind in the juice,and put the tempering

With the given ingredients( to the juice),add  dried tomato bits to the juice.

Stir thoroughly till the bits coverd  with the masala.

Cool it and transfor into a ceramic jar.

Variation:-The pieces can be fried in 1½tbsp oil till they cooked properly Cool them.

Mix all spices in a wide bowl , rub with tomato bits.

Grind the mixture coarsely with garlic(if used).

Now put the tempering with the given ingredients and add directly to the pickle,stir well.

Cool it and store in the ceramic jar.




Baby brinjal is not usable for pickle.

Brinjal                                           ¼ kg

Fenugreek seeds                          2tsp

Tamarind                                       125gms

Mustards                                        1tsp

Oil                                                  140gms

Chillipowder                                    30gms

Salt to taste

Turmeric                                        Pinch

Dry red chilli                                  8

Blackgram(urad)                            1tsp

Garlic                                            8(optional)



Deseed the tamarind.

Powder the fenugreek seeds.

Saute`brinjals in oil for 1½ minutes.

Add salt and turmeric to the brinjal bits.Apply in the middle of the bits.

Allow to stay for 2 days.

On the third day warm tamarind and squeeze.

Rub with brinjal bits,chillipowder, methi powder.

Put tempering and add to the above mixture.

Cool it and mix thoroughly.

Store in a ceramic jar with a tight lid.


MAGAAYA (with dry mango bits)


Oil                                             1kg

Asafoetida                                 2tsp

Mustards                                   2tsp

Turmeric                                    1tbsp

Mangoes                                   10(big)

Salt                                            40gms

Red dry chilli powder                  ¼ kg

Fenugreeekseeds                       2tbsp

Mustard powder                           3tbsp







Wash  the fresh raw  mangoes and remove the heads and let them stay in the water atleast for ½ hour.

Wipe them with a dry neat towel,peel them and cut into thin big chunks.

Remove the seed,(hard part) and thin layer.

Mix salt,turmeric  together and apply to the bits.So, mango pieces ooze water.

Leave them in a ceramic jar and (press a little) for 2 days.

Squeeze on the 3rd day and separate the juice from the bits.

Spread them on a plastic sheet and lett hem dry in the sun  light (heat).(3/4)

Keep the juice also along with the bits in the sun light.

Add fenugreek powder,mustard powder,chillipowder to the sap.

Add the ¾ dried mango  bits to the above mixture,mix well.

Now tempering with the given ingredients and pour directly to the mango mixture.

Mix thoroughly after cooling.

Place the maagaaya in to a air tight container with tight lid.




mango bits                     1/2 kg

turmeric                       11/2tsp

Salt                           1/2cup

Red chillipowder               1/2cup

Dry rosted&ground

greengram split                1/2cup

asafoetida                     1/2tsp

dry rosted fenugreek           1/2tbsp

brown small chickpeas          1tbsp (brown senagalu)

Groundnut oil/husked gingely oil  heat & cool



Roast yellow greengram split to a fine flavour.

Remove,cool and grind to a smooth powder,sieve it.

Sieve the chilli powder & salt.

Clean & wipe the mango bits neatly.

In a wide bowl mix all powders together along with chick peas(clean them and remove the stones if thy have). 

Add oil into the powder mixer,rub this to all mango

bits,store in a cyramic jar,keep it for 2 days.

 On the third day,mix well with a wooden spatula,and add more oil until the oil floats on the top of the pickle. 


GREENGRAM AAVAKAYA-2(pesara avakaya)

Sour raw mangoes 6(medium size)

Salt 250gms

Husked Green gram split 1/4kg

Red chili powder 250gms (fresh)

Sesame seed oil 1/2kg


Roast lightly green gram lentil and grind to a fine smooth powder.

Wash, wipe and cut the mangoes into chunks.

Discard the seed and seed cover from the bits and wipe with dry kitchen towel.

In a wide bowl mix all dry ingredients along with

1/4kg oil.

Rub the mango chunks into the above mixture,ensure that they are coated well.

Keep in a ceramic jar and keep a tight lid.

Allow to stay for 2 days.

On the third day stir well and check the salt and

Pour some more oil over pickle (upto 1 cm above the pickle level)



medium Raw mangoes      6 (sour&hard)

Jaggery(Goor)                 2 1/2 cups

Mustard powder (Fresh)           2tbsp.

Fenugreek seeds                  1 tsp.
RedChilli powder                 1/2cup

Salt                             1 cup

Husked sesame oil                150 g

Method :

Wash and wipe the mangoes.

Cut into medium sized bits.

Discard the hard seed,and wipe the thin layer from the bits,

Keep aside,cover with a neat cotton cloth.

Inawidebowlmix salt,chillipowder,fenugreek powder,mix together well.  

Heat oil and add few mustardseeds,asafoetida fry for a minute,add red dry chillies(4-5 whole),keep aside. 

Add the powders mixture to the above tempering,add mango bits and stir well until they  coated well.

Finally add the grated jaggery to this mixture,mix thoroughly.

Cool it and store in a dry container with

a tight lid.

Stir on 3 rd day again and check oil,if requires add more.

NOTE:-For pickles need atleast 11/2 inch to 2 inches oil should be floated,

oil& sufficient salt helps for storage,

otherwise it gets "fungus",so,be patience while preparing pickles.


Raw mangoes medium sized 12

Ginger 1/4kg

Garlic 1/4kg

Chilli powder 300gms

Salt 320gms(iodised)

Fenugreek powder 3 tbsp.

Mustard powder 4 tbsp.

Husked sesame oil 800 g

Method :Wash and allow to stay in the water for 20 minutes.

wipe mangoes well.Cut them into chunks.

Discard the seed(hard),and remove the thin layer from the bits,wipe them neatly,cover it.

Wash,wipe and peel out from the ginger and garlic.

Make them into fine paste,separately.

Heat oil,and remove 50% for mixing bits,keep aside.

In the other half mix the paste and let it cook for 1-2 minutes(some people do not cook,they add raw mixture).,cool it.

Combine the powders along with salt,stir well.

Now mix the garlic paste (in oil)to the above powder mixture.

Take a clean ceramic jar and place this pickle in it,pour extra oil over pickle(oil should be floated above the pickle!)

As all pickles,stir on third day again, with a wooden spoon thoroughly and check the extra oil is needed!


Raw sour mangoes        10small 

Sesame seeds             1 cup

Mustard powder          1 cup

Fenugreek                2 tbsp.

Chilli powder           1 cup

Salt                     1 1/2 cup

Husked sesame seed oil    1/4kg

Method :

Wash and wipe all mangoes with a clean cloth.Cut them into medium sized pieces,

discord the hard seed and clean the pieces.

Blend the mustards(clean them wihtout stones),into smooth powder,roast fenugreek seeds& sesame separately.

Grind them into fine powder separately.

In a big bowl mix all dry powders along with salt,mix well,

Pour slowly oil and stir into these powders.

now rub 3-4 mango pieces in this until they are well coated.

Stir finally with a wooden spoon,and transfer in to a ceramic jar.

On 3rd day,stie again and pour extra oil

to float over the pickle.


In Andhra they used to call as dosa avakaya,

This can be prepared with yellow peel cucumber.

Shell life is very short. Should be stored in the refregerator.

They can not stay for a long time,maximum 3-4 weeks.can be used groundnut oil also.

Sesame                         3 tbsp.

Yellow cucumber                 1/2 kg

Turmeric                         1/2tsp

Mustardseeds                     1tsp

Blackgram                        1tsp

Asafoetida                       2tbsp

Red whole chillies               4-5

Mustard powder                   3 tbsp

Chilli powder                    2 tbsp

Salt                             1 tbsp

Method :

Cucumbers should be sour,hard and fresh.

Wash and wipe them with a neat,dry towel.

Cut them into medium size bits with peel.

Remove the extra seeds from the cucumbers.

Roast the fenugreek seeds and powder them.

Roast the sesame seeds ,cool and powder them.

Blend the mustard seeds to a fine smooth powder.

Mix all dry powders well in a wide bowl.

Rub 2 tbsp oil in them.

Heat remaining oil and make tempering with

wholedry red chillies(4),



asafoetida(2-3tsp),cool to the room temperature and add to the masala mixture.

Finally add the cucumber bits and mix well.

Stir little more oil and transfer into a ceramic jar.

Shell life:-Maximum 2-3 weeks,safe side is if you refrigerate it,properly.


Fresh&juicy 35(small)

Salt 260gms

Turmeric tsp.

Fenugreek seeds 1/3 cup

Mustard seeds 1/2 cup

Chilli powder ¾-1 cup (as per taste)

Groundnut oil 1/2 cup-3/4cup

Asafoetida 1/4 tsp


Fresh&juicy 35(small)

Salt 260gms

Turmeric tsp.

Fenugreek seeds 1/3 cup

Mustard seeds 1/2 cup

Chilli powder ¾-1 cup (as per taste)

Groundnut oil 1/2 cup-3/4cup

Asafoetida 1/4 tsp

Method :

Lime should be fresh,juicy and pickle limes normally with

Thin skin and juicy.

Wash and wipe limes with a dry towel.

Cut them into 4 lengthwise bits,remove the seeds.

Take half of the limes for bits,and other half for juice.

Squeeze them and deseed.

Roast fenugreek seeds and powder them.

Mix all the powders includs salt and turmeric.

Add the mixed powders into the juice well,

Now rub all lime bits into them.

Heat oil and fry the asafoetida, until it gives aromatic smell,cool and add to the pickle.

Note:-Some people like to put tempering on 3rd day

With mustard seeds,cumin,dry red chillies and asafetida.

Shell life:-10-12 months ,if you store in a dry ceramic jar.

Be careful any pickle you may prepare, take care of moisture, cleanliness.. most important.


Hard &riped red tomatoes          800gms

Fresh red chill

powder                 2 tbsp


Roasted&ground        11/2tsp powder

Tamarind pulp         ½ tbsp

Garlic paste         1tbsp(optional)


Mustardseeds             1 tbsp

Sesame husked oil        120gms

Asafoetida               1tsp

Blackgram                1/2tsp

Turmeric                 1/4tsp

Cumin 1/4tsp


Cut the tomatoes into 4 pieces,mix salt,rub well.Keep for 1-11/2 hour.

The water Oozes when it rubs.Store in a dry place.

Heat oil and add the mustards,as soon as they splutter,add the blackgram red chillies whole,fry for 1 minute,add asafoetida and allow to fry till gives aromatic smell.

Remove the tempering into a bowl,in the remaining oil add the squeezed tomato

and fry till they turn reddish brown.Add termeric and tamarind pulp.

Cook until the extra water dry up.

Add the salt water and chillipowder and others,let it fry for a minute.

Cool well and add little more oil and store them in a air tight ceramic jar.

Mix well on 3 rd day,check salt &oil.

Shell life :_2-3 months

Method 2
Fresh,red and hard

Tomatoes (medium) 6-7

Red chill powder 1cup

Salt 1/2cup

Turmeric 1/2cup

Tamarind 1/2cup

Roasted fenugreek 1tbsp

Mustard powder 1tbsp

Groundnut/sesame Oil 150gm

Garlic crush 1tbsp



Roast the fenugreek seeds,cool and powder them.

Crush the garlic.
Wash&wipe the tomatoes.Cut them into 4 parts.

Rub the salt,turmeric and keep it in a strainer,and store the Oozed water.

Allow to stay for 2-3 hours.

Squeeze them ,and let them 3/4 thly dry under the sun

light,keep the squeezed tomato water also.

Combine tamarind pulp and juice,chill powder,other powders and grind well along with garlic crush.

In a wide pan heat oil and make the tempering with mustard seeds,cumin,broken red chillies and asafetida.

Cool it and add into the squeezed juice,tomato bits.

Mix well and transfer into a ceramic jar,and pour over

Oil to float!.

Shell life-1 month.



Indian gooseberries    Fresh&sour500gms

Red chill powder 50gm

Salt 50gms


Sesame oil 200gms

Asafoetida 1/2tsp

Fenugreekpowder roast&ground 1/2tsp


Clean and wipe the goose berries,discard the seeds

And cut into 4 pieces.

In half quantity of oil saute them,add chill powder and salt.

Add the pices and cook for a while.

Remove and add the remaining things.mix well.

Heat the rest of the oil and allow to get room temperature.

Then add to the pickle,mix well.

Store in a dry neat ceramic jar for storing.


Gooseberries              4kg

Garlic                    5

Salt                      250gms(1/4kg)

Chillipowder              1kg(750gms-as per taste)

Turmeric                  2tsp

Oil                       1kg(prefferably gingely)

Mustardseeds powder       250gms

Roasted fenugreekseeds    powder 2tbsp

Method:-The gooseberries should be sour,big and hard.

Wash &wipe thoroughly,put scars on them here and there.

Heat 2tbsp oil and drop them fry until they turn softer.

In a widebowl,combine,salt,chillipowder

fenugreek powder,mustard powder and fried berries,rub the masala to each

berry has coated well.

In a dry ceramic jar,pour the rest of oil and peeled garlic,mix well.

Place the berries over and cover with a tight lid for 3 days.

On the 4 th day stir well,and take small portions to serve,make tempering

and serve with plain rice & ghee!


Fresh raw(sour) mangoes 4



Greenchillies(dry in sun) 100gms

fenugreek seeds ½ tbsp

Oil 1/4kg





Cumin 1 tsp

Asafoetida 11/2tsp

Blackgram 1/2tsp


Clean & wipe the mangoes properly,without any moisture.

Grate the mangoes finely,remove the hard seed

Roast the fenugreek seeds to dark brown,cool and make fine powder.

Sieve chill powder,salt and fenugreek powder.

In a wide bowl,mix all powders,turmeric and 2tbsp oil,rub thoroughly.

Heat oil in a deep sauce pan,add all tempering ingredients

And fry until done.

Putoff the heat and add mango mixture in it,mix well.

Cool it,and store in a ceramic jar.

shell life Week to 10 days.


Mangoes               12raw

Sesame oil             3/4kg

Salt                     1/2kg

Redchillipowder          1/2kg

Mustard powder           1/2kg

Fenugreek powder         11/2tbsp

For tempering-

Mustards seeds 1/2cup

Asafoetida 2tsp

Fenugreekseeds 1tsp

Fresh curry leaves 1/2cup

Dry red chillies cup


Note:Watch below,&careful before making!

The curry leaves should be fresh and without any moisture,otherwise pickle gets fungus.

Pickle should be cooled before transfering into the jar.

Ok,now see how to prepare it. 

Wash and wipe thoroughly.

Blend mustards into smooth powder,sieve it.

Sieve salt,chill powder.

Roast fenugreek seeds to reddish brown,cool and powder it.

Peel mangoes and cut into medium size chunks.

Discard the hard part.Remove the thin layer from the pieces.

If we plan to prepare in the afternoon,in the morning..

Boil ½ liter water to very hot,(bubbles),cool it and add the only mustard powder without any lumps.

Allow to soak until afternoon.

In the afternoon,add the chilli powder and cut pieces.

Stir well and keep in the jar(it should be cooled well!!)for 2 days.On third day expose it to the sun light for whole day

On 4 th day,heat oil and use all tempering ingredients and fry to golden,putoff the fire.

Add finally curry leaves and remove.

Mix immediately to the pickle and keep the lid

For sometime.

Remove the lid and stir well,check the pickle get

Cooled ,then transfer into the ceramic jar.


We can get seasonal red chillies for this pickle.

They are riped,red & juicy and can stay for 2 years without any problem.

Red chillies 1 kg

Salt ½ kg

Tamarind ½ kg(new crop)

Oil ½ kg

Fenugreek seeds 60gms

Turmeric 11/2tsp

Method:-wash&clean red chillies,dry on a towel

In the sun light.

Assure they do not have any moisture,

Remove the stalks,crush them coarsely in a stone martal Or if not crush coarsely in the blender

Along with salt,turmeric and tamarind.

Keep it in a ceramic jar till 2 days.

On 3rd day water oozes from the pickle.

Place the pickle in a wide pan,and find if any tamarind seeds or inside,remove them.

Now grind to paste.

Heat oil in a sauce pan asafoitida and fenugreek powder,andchill pickle also.

Mix well, cool it.

Now transfer into a neat ceramic jar.


These also seasonal fruits,we get in between august and September(ganesh chaturthi).

For this chutney it should be partly riped.

Then we get the taste.The fully riped fruit is eatable one,it is sweet and tasty.

Wood apple 2(medium)

Salt 1tbsp

Turmeric 1tsp

Greenchillies 12

Fenugreek seeds roasted &powdered tbsp


Break the hard cover,and grop the inside flesh with a slotted spoon.

Blend coarsely along with salt,turmeric and fenugreek powder.

Crush green chillies and add to the above.

Blend everything coarsely,and keep in the jar.

Next day take a cup of this pickle,

Heat oil and fry 2-3(as per taste) red chillies.

When they fried remove and add to the pickle and grind for 1 more minute.

In the remaining oil ,add mustards1/2tsp,

blackgram, and curry leaves ,fry for a minute.

Add directly to the chutney and serve with the plain rice!.

Note:-Keep in the refregerator, it can be stored for 10 days.



sesame oil


chilli powder

Mustardseeds powder

synthetic vinegar

citric acid

other spices


In a small skillet, heat oil.

Add all the ingredients and saute over medium heat for  5 minutes.

In a blender, combine sauteéd mass with spices.

Cook for3minutes over medium heat,cool. 

Cover and refrigerate for 2-3 days.





sesame oil


mixed spices

citric acid


In a small skillet, heat oil.

Add ginger, tamarind, and jaggery, and saute' over medium heat for 4. In a blender, combine sauteéd materials, salt, mixed spices, and citric acid. Pureé until smooth, about 1 minute on high, stopping to scrape down sides.

Cover and refrigerate overnight to blend flavors.


green tamarind

red chilis


sesame oil


mixed spices


In a small skillet, heat oil.

Add all the ingredients and saute' over medium heat for 4 minutes.

Heat until smooth, about 1 minute on high, stopping to scrape down sides. Cover and refrigerate overnight to blend flavors.


Thispickle can beused from the 4th day.

Medium size salt mango     50(no.s)

Gingelly oil                1/2cup                      

Mustard                             1/4cup

Fenugreek                       2dsp

Turmeric                        1dsp

Dry chilli split into 2pieces 1/2cup (without seeds)

Red chilli powder               ½cup

Asafoetida                 ½tspsauted inoil                       

Salt                                  1/4kg

Method :

Heat 1cup gingelly oil and season the mustard and fenugreek.

Add turmeric powder and dry chillies and saute in a low flame.

Remove from fire and add all the other ingredients, except mango. When cool, apply the masala on the mangoes and store them one above the other in a dry mud vessel.

Pour boiled and cooled water. The water level should be above the mangoes.





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