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"A beautiful face attracts more attention than,
rich ornaments.
And it is more valuable to show what is inside a person's soul!!
***Little about Apple cidervinegar
It has a tonic action,that promotes blood circulation in the small capillaries that irrigate the skin.
It is anticeptic,preventing viruses,bacteria & trigger infection.
It dissolves excessive fatty deposits at the surface of the skin.
It is essential to use cider vinegar.
For face:-
1)1/2  Cored Apple
2tbsp  Honey
1/2 tsp sage
How to.. Pulse ingredients in a blender /processor,keep in the refregerator for 10 min.
Clean the face and apply,pat the cream on face,until the mixture feels sticky,and very sticky.(this brings you the blood to the surface of the skin,and making it glow.
Rinse with warm water.
Grate unriped apple,apply to skin.
Allow the pulp to remain on skin for 10-20 min.Rinse.
Moisturising honey mask:-2tbsp honey,2tbsp milk/cream
Make a fine paste & apply smoothly on the face,remain for 10 min,rinse.
**To remove the blotches..The lemon works as a bleaching agent,
Lemon juice                  1/2sqeezed
Beaten egg white             1
Leave over night for best results,Or if you need immediately, apply for 12-15 minutes,and spray warm water on your face to rinse.
*1 apple & 1tbsp honey-combine in a blender/processor ,make a fine smoothy paste(drain),apply to face and remain for 15 min,rinse!
1-very riped tomato
5 oz whole milk
Bottled/spring water.
Process the tomato in blender,strain &discard the pulp.
Mix equal amount of milk,store o=in the refre gerator for 10 min.
apply to the face with cotton pad ,once/twice a day.Leave for 10 min.
Rinse with bottled water,pat dry.
Shell life:-6-7 hours.
**Atleast apply once a week with applecider vinegar,after taking head bath for shining & lify hair.
**Mix egg(beaten) with shampoo ,then apply to the hair evenly.
The protiens in the egg gives as a medicine to the healthy &shiny colour hair(it is a good conditioner).
**For good blood circulation to the roots of the hair..try this..
Apply(massage) coconut oil atleast twice a week.
The root hairs get humidity in the hair.
**For shiny hair..
1tsp honey
1 fresh lemon juice
1/4 warm water
After finishing shampooing,simply pour through hair,let it dry!
Note:-No need to rinse!!
**If you have problem with the hair split ends,try this..
Oliv oil/sunflower oil            2tsp
Honey                             11/2 tsp Yolk of a egg
Apply this mixture, to the whole hair(ensure that it is perfectly coated with),
allow to atand for 1/2 hour,but wrap with a plastic cover around the hair).
Rinse with warm water,and shampooing as usual & normal conditioner.
**Lemon juice        1tbsp
Applecider vinegar   1tsp
olive oil            10oz.
full egg
Mix well and use as regular shampoo.
**To get silkier and healthy hair:-
plain yoghurt                 1/4 cup 
Whole egg                      1
Beat together in a bowl,After shampooing use it as a conditionering,let it work for 5 minutes,then rinse. 
**Apply the mixture of 1tbsp gramflour & rice cleaned water to the hair as conditioner.
**Henna is a beautiful conditioner,
and can everybody affort from the medical/stores.But do not use more times,it dries the hair..once a month is enough!
Try this..Henna,amla oil,beaten egg,mix very well,apply to the hair thoroughly.
Allow to sit for 30 min.shampooing after.
**Henna,lemonjuice(11/2tbsp),thick curd/egg,beat well apply for 40min.Shapooing after that.
**2tbsp-honey,henna,riped&crushed banana.
Make a fine paste and coat to the hair(top to bottom,to get silky & lify hair),allow to sit for 40 minutes,shampooing later.
**Beat 1 cup of curd/yoghurt,add henna,1/2 lemon juice,tea/coffee dicaction.Mix well and allow to keep overnight.
Apply to the hair on the next day,cover with a plastic cover and let it work for 35-40 min.Shampoo it &rinse well.
Do it once a month.
**1-Banana,1/4cupHoney,Henna3tbsp:-Mix them together to a smooth paste and apply to the hair,let it sit for 20-25 min.
Rinse well.
**To have smooth hair edges,massage oil for 20-30 minutes atleast once a week.It gives life to the hair.
**Henna, 1tbspLemonjuice,egg white/curd:-
Beat and make a paste and apply to the whole hair.Cover with a plastic cap.
Wait for 30 minutes and wash it.
**Henna,amla oil,egg:-Rub and make a paste and apply,let it sit for 30 min.shampoo it.
** Apply the juice of beetroot to the hair ,remain for 10 min and rinse!
**Buttermilk is a good face mask to get excellent result.
**to get rid of dandruff apply the mixture of buttermilk (thin curd) and fenugreek powder.
Make it into smooth paste and apply,allow to stay for 1 hour then rinse it well.
**Those who want to be "fat",eat more bananas.
To avoid wrinkles rub the slice of potato to the face,keep for 15 min. and rinse with warm water.
**The another way for the wrinkles..After removing the juice from lemonslices,dry them totally in the sun,powder it,add greengram powder (mungdal),milk.
Make a smooth paste,and apply to the face,keep it for 1 hour.Rinse with warm water.
**Apply raddish juice,curd mixture to the face
let it work for 20min.rinse it with warm water.
Try this treatment for 15 days and see the results!!It removes the scraches,spots(left from the pimples).
**For the shinyskin&rememberence powder:-cinnamon powder,½tsp honey,mix and take into the stomach before you sleep(nights).
**For the pimple problem:-Pinch cinnamon powder &4drops of lemonjuice,mix into paste and apply to the face evenly.Use this method for 2 weeks.
**Make a paste with carrots & 1/4th tomato,apply to the face,allow to dry,rinse it.
You can get soft skin.
**For dark ringsaround eyes,wrinkles on face,ends of lips &downside nose:-Apply olive oiland give a massage for 15 min.It can be reduce the problem.
**apply almond paste,honey mixture (paste)to the face,let it work out for 15 minutes.Rinse it out.
**To get releif with the headache (even severe):-Dip the cotton in the beetroot juice and keep it in the ears.For fatty &hanging skin undereyes:-Keep the tea bags in the refregerator for few minutes,and place them on eyes(close them),take rest for 10 min.
**For silky hair:-Mix  after cleaning rice (do not throw them)water and gramflour (besan) to the hair,allow towork for few minutes and wash clearly. 
**To get thick &black hair:-soak fenugreek seeds in water,and paste them (remove water).
Mix in mehandiand coconutoil.Apply to the hair.
Let it work for 5-6hours(apply night and wash with shampoo on the next day.
**For severe headaches (Nyciamigrane) use
pinapple+lemonjuice with ice cubes.
**For shiny skin:Paste a Riped tomato,apply toface,let itwork for 10min.
**Rub "keera(green cucumber)" to the face and stay for 10 min,rinse it out.
**Cucumber             1/2 peeled
Yoghurt                 1tbsp
Mix well and apply to the face,leave abt 20 minutes.,wipe with a damp cloth.
**Mash avacodo(1/2) and apply on the face,let it sit for 18 minutes,wipe with a damp napkin.
**Honey        1tbsp
Ground almonds  2tbsp
Pressed lemon    1/2tsp
Rub gently on face.Rinse with warm water.
**Banana(1/2),sourcream(2tbsp),honey(1tbsp),apply for 15 min,and wipe off wiht a damp cloth.
**A good combination for the dry skin,milk(2tsp),Honey(2tbsp),apply and stay it for 10 min/wipe it.
**Mix 1/2 grated apple,5 tbsp honey,make a face mask to sit for 10-12 min.Wash with cold water.
**Avacodo is a fantastic moisteriser by nature.Mash its flesh into a creamy texture,massage to the face,neck.Leave it for 12 min,and rinse it off. 
**Apply rosewater,glycerine and lemon juice to the face with cotton,stay for 15 min and rinse.
**1cup yoghurt,lemonjuice(tsp),apply and stay for 10 min.Rinse with warm water.
**Water melonis agood maskforface ,specially it needs in summertime.
watermelon bit,tomato slice,paste itapply as pack tothe face,after 15 minutes,clean it.
**paste of tamarind also helps..try this..
Apply to the face as mask,clean after 15 min.
Tamarind is antiseptic,(has astringent nature).
Apply thecombination of riped banana &honey paste to the face as mask,rinse after 15 min.
**Orange yoghurt mask

1 tsp yoghurt
Juice of ¼ of an orange
Mix them well and smooth onto face. Leave on for five minutes and rinse. The mask adds a glow and gets rid of tiredness.

**Banana wrinkle remover

Mash ¼ banana until smooth. Spread all over face and leave for 15-20 minutes before rinsing off with warm water followed by a dash of cold. Gently pat dry. use this regularly to get rid of wrinkles.

**Milk & tomato cleanser

1 ripe tomato
1 cup milk
Puree the tomato. Strain and discard the pulp. Add the tomato juice to milk. Bottle and refrigerate. Apply to the face and neck, using cotton pads, once or twice a day. Leave on for 10 minutes, rinse with water and pat dry. This cleanses the skin and suits those with oily and combination skin types.

**Cucumber astringent

Coarsely chop ½ a cucumber, peeled, and place in a blender. Blend until smooth. Apply to face and allow to stay on for 15 minutes. Rinse with cool water and pat face dry.

**Lemon skin wash

1 cup lemon juice
Cinnamon or rose petals 2 tablespoons
olive oil ¼ cup milk Water Mix ingredients well and soak your feet in it for 10 minutes. You can also use it for a bath wash. It rejuvenates the skin and makes it soft and glowing.

Everyone knows how good fruits are for the skin, but before you go and mash the next banana or peach on your face, figure out what fruit suits your skin.

**For normal skin:
Use avocado, banana, cantaloupe, grape, peach, nectarine.

**For dry skin:
Try apple, avocado, banana, carrot, pear, melon or nectarine.
For oily skin:
Pear, strawberry or tomato.

**For greasy& oilyskin:-

Try with tomato paste(juice),apply to the face

andallow to dryit.Wash with warm water.

**For tired face(skin):-

Boil 1 liter water and add 100gms cabbage,boilwell.

Use that water to clean the face.

**For strong & cleaned nails:-

In a wide bowl add lemon juice & warm water.

Dip your hands(nails should be completely in the water)for 12-15min.Remove &slightly press with asmooth towel.Apply hand cream if youwant.

For mature skin:
Choose apple, avocado, grape or lemon.

You can get silky smoothy skin.

**This is a good face mask i used,Boil oats meal to softpaste,apply with honey pack.See the result.Clean with warm water.
**To remove the scratches and shiny skin rub with the potato slices to the face.
**To stay long standing make-up,before you apply the moisturise cream,rub the whole face with a ice cube!
**To help the joint pains:-after removing theorange,clementains and lemons,do not throw them.Squeeze them on the joints (knees etc)and give massage OR rub them directly.It is nature cure.
**Get fruity to peel off wrinkles

**Healthy skin is aided by a good intake of fruit and vegetables.

In fact recent research even proved that pomegranate is a promising agent against skin cancer. 

**After all the secret to great skin is not make-up but a good dose of fruit.


A great fruit with having vitamins those are useful to the healthy body.

It is a cheap fruit,available for everystandered.

Gives more energy to the body.

Gives activity to the brain.

There is no cholestol or fiber in banana fruit.

Have more quantities of vitamin B and vitamin C

Salt percentage is low,so no way to B.P.

For shining brown leather shoes:-Rub often with banana peel,see the difference.

To remove the dirt&stains on the fridge:-Rub with toothpaste first,clean with soap water later.

To get bathroom tails shining:-Soak banana peel in a ½ boucket of water,over night.

Next day remove them,and usethe water to clean the tails.good result,

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