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Serve as a dessert on your parties. 
You can even bake it one week earlier and store in the freezer. Just don't forget to it in the oven before eating it!
TIME:20-25 minutes    
200gms all-purpose flour
2 tsp sugar
100 gms butter OR margarine
4-5 green apples
50 gms sugar
1 tsp cinnamon powder
Sieve the flour, add sugar and butter to make a stiff dough (don't add water).
Take a pie (mould) tray and press the dough over it. Keep this tray in the pre-heated oven for 10 minutes. Keep it in the fridge for 15 minutes.
Meanwhile, wash, peel and de-seede the apples. Cut them into thin slices.
Take the the tray from the fridge, place the appleslices on the tray and fill it. Sprinkle cinnamon powder and 1 tsp sugar. 
Put it in the preheated oven in the middle frame for 20-25 minutes.
Serve hot pie with vanilla sauce, ice cream or whipped cream.

It was long timeback,  I saw it in a TV programme(SAB TV),impressed .

What we need is..

Readymade gulabjamoons                              6-8

Khoya ,sugar,chocklatepowder(cocoa),Milk,saffron strands(i do not remembercorrectmeasurements,unfortunately) 

Mix khoya,milk to a smooth dough without any   lumps.

Squeeze the syrup from gulabjamoons

Removethe syrup.

Roll puriwith the mawa mixture,and place one gulabjamoon in the center of each puri,cover from all the sides,remove extra khoya,roll it as ball again.No spricks should be there.

Place thechocklatepowder in a plate and roll these  jamoons over.


other alternation is to roll them over  coarselyground    mixed

nuts .


Roll over candy bits also (can be used for coating)

Serving suggestion:-

Cut the coated jamoons partly in the center,and pour 1tsp beaten cream over!                                                       

Ras Malai

Ricotta Cheese                                                    2 oogm.
Half cream&half fat milk                                   2 qts.
Sugar                                                                    2 cups
Cardamon pods                                                   6-7

Bay leaf              
 Rose Water        


Mix 11/2 cups of sugar with the Ricotta cheese and bake it
  in a 250*c oven for about 65min. in a flat dish covered with aluminum foil. 

Th e cheese should have hardened and turned a pale brown.

 On low heat cook the two milks until they get thicken, Or
 It is best done in a microwave; stir frequently.
It should be thicken until the volume will be reduced to half of the original volume.
Add the remaining sugar, cardamon , bay leavanilla and rose water to the miture.

 Allow to cook for 3 minutes.

Remove from the oven after baking the cheese,chop into small squares.
Add to the hot thickened milk.  Chill in the fridge and serve!

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    saago                    1cup
    Sugar                     2cups
    Ghee                      2-3 cups
    Milk                        2cups
    Colour                    Red OR green(yellow if you like)
    nuts                        different types
    METHOD:-Soak saago in milk for 4-5 hours or overnight.
    Next morning grind them to smooth paste.
    Mix sugar in that paste,take a thick bottomed non-stick skillet ,pour this mixture and cook it on a low flame.
    Stir all the time without any lumps,add slowly the ghee when it is cooking.
    Add colour to a 1tsp milk and mix directly to the sweet.
    You can watch, the batter will be like a thick mass finally.
    Pour the remaining ghee in to the sweet and remove from the heat.
    Transfer in to a plate and decorate with nuts.
    It looks like jelly.
    Cut them in to desired pieces when it is warm. 


Pineapple chunks            1can

Sugar                         1/2cup

Allpurpose flour              2tbsp

Eggs                          small 2

Any nuts Or pecans             3/4 cup

Drain the pineapple and put the pineapple chunks in a bowl.
  Add 1/2 Cup sugar to the juice and combine flour, eggs  in a nonstic skillet, cook until smooth.
  Cook and stir until thick.
  Pour over the pineapple chunks.
  Add nuts,Stir to blend.
  Can be made with peaches also.
  IT goes well to serve as desert hot or chill!!

Temperature:225c Time :25-30c

Butter /margarine 100gm

Sugar 150gm

Allpurpose flour 200gms


Rasberry,cherries,flakes 300gm

Milk 200ml

Flakes 100gm

Method:-Melt the butter.

Place the flour(seived), in a big bowl add milk,mix well.

Add butter and mix thoroughly to a even mixture.

Grease oven tray (or pie tray), sized 23 cm.

Sprinkle flakes and 50gms sugar.

Pour the mixture evenly in the tray, Press all fruits bits and sprinkle

sugar over berries.

Now bake the it in the pre-heated oven for app.25-30 minutes,Or

until the upper part turns to golden yellow colour.


Temperature :200-225C time:app.10 min.

Pastry sheets 2

Almond paste 100gms

Apples(small) 2

Egg 1

Butter 1tbsp

Method:-Keep out the pastry sheets to room temperature Or thaw them properly.

Heat the oven 2ooc-225c .

Roll out the sheet to square (little wider),take a glass to remove two puri shapes from it(app.7-8cm diameter)

Roll out the almond paste to 7-8 cm diameter.Place them on the above pastry rounds.

Deseed and cut the apples to slices(thin like umbrella.)..Insert them in the "puris".

Brush on the apples with whipped egg & sprinkle with sugar.


Temperature:190c time: Total 2 hours

For crust:-(Ground recipe)

allpurpose flour 1 cup

Sugar 1tbsp

Castor sugar 1tbsp

Egg yolk 1

Lemon juice 1tbsp

Butter 90gm (chilled&cubed)

Filling: apples 6-8

Blackberries 1cup(fresh or frozen)

sugar 1cup

Method:Work with beaten egg with 1tbsp iced water.

-Rub the butter in flour very fastly.Knead it with the above mixture gently.

Make it as a ball ,cover it tightly and keep it in the refregerator for 1 hour.

Roll out the dough to dish size (roti) disk and press it in the pie dish.

In a large bowl toss with apples &berries with sugar,flour,lime juice,butter,

cinnamon powder.Fill the fruit stuff in the crust evenly.

Decorate the edges incurling manner.

Brush it with beaten egg.

Bake it in the preheated oven(190c) for 1 hour or till it gets golden colour on the top.

Serve warm with cream Or vanilla icecream.


temP. 200c             Time:25 min.          Place: middle frame                       

Pears                                     3-4(fresh & ripedd moderately)

OR 1 tin

Walnuts                                   50gms

Margerine/ghee                         100gms

Eggs                                          4

Milk                                           250ml

Sugar                                         200gms

Flour                                          kg(500gms)

baking soda                                 1tsp

Vanilla sugar                                2tbsp

method:-Warm the oven at 200c.

Smear the cake tray.(25*35 cm long cake pan).

Remove pears peel & discord the seeds,chop the nuts.

Smelt margerine/butter.

Whip eggs,sugar,vanilla sugar,Add syrup,margerine/butter.

Add flour ,baking powder,mix thoroughly.

Pour it in the tray.

Set all pear slices in clockwise style,fill in the tray evenly.

Sprinkle nuts over.

Bake in the middle frame approxmately 25 minutes.

remove and allow to coolto room tempearture.

Cut into squares when it is slightly warm.


TemP.175C                       Time:6-8 min.

Coconut flakes                     100gms

Butter/margarine                  75gms

suager                                  150gms

Egg                                      1

Flour                                   1tbsp

Baking powder                     1tsp

Method:-Warm the oven at 175 c.

Whip sugar &egg till it is fluffy.

Smelt the butter.

Add coconut powder,flour,baking powder,and smelted butter.

Mix well.

Place the coconut mixture on a baking plate(use baking paper).!0 to 12 spoons. 

bake in the middle frame for 6-8 minutes.

Remove and allow to cool.

Goes as well as desert  and with coffee also.


Peaches                 4 (halves)1 tin

Vanilla sugar           ltre

Frozen                     Rasberries(packet)


Method:-Thaw properly rasberries to room temperature.

Drain    them &   paste 2 of   them.

Add sugar.

drop icecream in a serving glass,chop peaches in them.

For topping decorate with berries sauce.



Temp:175c Time:25-30 min. Place in oven: middle frame

Butter/margarine 100gms

Sugar 150gms

Kakao 150gms

Baking powder 1tsp

Flour 200gms

Vanilla sugar 2tsp

Eggs 2

walnuts 14-16

Method:-Put on Oven.

Melt butter,add eggs,sugar and beat briskly.

Add melted butter,flour,vanilla sugar and kakao,mix well.

Smear a round bake plate(mould _the bpttom should be removable.approx.22cmdiameter)

Pour the batter evenly.

Press the walnuts over batter,bake it in the middle frame for 25-30 minutes.

Remove and let the cake turn to the room temperature.

Cut in to squares and serv with "whipped cream".



Mawa                                                   300gms

 paneer                                                 1/4kg
Allpurpose flour                                      50gms

sugar                                                     1/2kg
water                                                      1/4ml
cardamom                                             powder
ghee for deep frying


Make sugar syrup mixing water with sugar(should be 1 string) 

Mash mawa&paneer to a smooth mixture. 

Add cardamom powder, flour and knead well till smooth.

Add 1tsp milk if requires. 

Make small balls (apply little ghee on palms)without any splits.

Make them walnut sized balls.Cover with a damp cloth. 

Heat ghee .& remove from the heat,

Add some balls, and allow them to rise before transferingthem back on heat.

Fry on low heat, till they get dark red colour

Dip into syrup.

Allow to soak 10 minutes.



Crushed pineapple              1can

Sugar                           1cup

Butter                          1/2cup

Eggs(small)                     4

White bread                      5-6slices    



Stir well with butter and sugar to  Cream.


Add eggs, 1 at a time,mix well(add 4            


Stir in pineapple.

Make bread into cubes.


Fold in bread cubes.


Place in baking dish,Bake 50-60 min at 175*c.


We can use all fruits like plums,peaches,Nectarine..etc(each 3-4 fruits)

Allpurpose flour                                   325 gms

salt                                                      pinch

Ghee/butter                                         160gms

Sour cream (cream fraiche``)               120gms

Mix the ghee &sour cream in afood proccesor.

Method:- Make the pie crust and press into a pie dish.(app.26cm).

Place in the refregerator for hour.

keep in the oven at 225c allow to bake it for 10 minutes.

Chop the peaches & other fruits into thin slices.

Reduce the temparature to 175c.

Whipp the eggs(3) yolk by hand or mixi,sugar(150gms),flour(2tbsp) and sour cream to a smooth


Arrange all fruit slices clockwise over the ly baked pie.

Pour the egg sauce over ot.

Now bake the pie further 40 minutes approxmately.

Note:-Cover with a aluminium foil to avoid burning.

Serving suggestion:Serve with vanilla sauce or vanilla ice cream Or lightly whipped cream.


Pear                                         with stalk

Coconut milk                              1/2 tin

Honey                                       2dl


Vanilla sugar


Method for syrup:-

cook coconut milk along with cinnamon ,vanilla sugar,honey for 10-12 minutes.

Lightly roast nuts in tsp ghee.

Add sugar, oats 100gms,fry for 4 minutes.(oats should be crispy)Peel the pear and cook it with covering with a baking paper.

Serving method:In a serving plate place the cooked pear ,pour 1 tsp honey mixture over.

Sprinkle oats and nuts,serve immediately.

Note:-Can be made with red apple also.


The cake should be prepared before serving day

Time-40 minutes               Place: Lowest frame                            tem:180c

Eggs                                                     2

Sugar                                                   150gms

Hazelnuts                                              100gms

Almonds cream                                      100gms

Apricot puree                                          200gms

Butter                                                    2tbsp

Allpurpose flour                                      50gms

Baking powder                                         pinch

Cream                                                  100ml

Powder sugar                                         40gms

Almonds                                               100gms

Method:-Whip sugar and egg vigorously.

Chop hazel nuts.

Chop almonds cream (mazipan).

Soak almonds(or blanch) and peel them.

Grind them coarsely in the mixi.

Stir in apricots puree``.almonds cream and nuts in the egg.

Melt the butter and add to the above mixture.

Mix flour and baking powder along with cream.

Stir carefully.

Grease the baking tray approx.24 cm in diameter.

Pour the mixture and bake it for 40 minutes at lowest frame (oven).

Allow to stay for 2 hours before serving.Sprinkle with sugar powder.


Temp: 225c                     Time: 10-12 min.                       Frame:_middle

Butter                    100gm

Suagr                    100gm

Eggs                     2

Flour                      300gms

Baking powder         1tsp

Blueberries                100gms

Milk                            50ml


Turn the oven to 225c.

Smelt butter,keep aside.'

Whip egg& sugar to fluffy,add butter.

Mix flour,baking powder and berries.

Stir carefully,into a fine batter.

Add milk finally.

Arrange papermoulds (cupcakes moulds) on a baking tray.

Fill 2/3 of the cup moulds with the batter,and bake in the middle frame approx. 10-12 min.

Serve with cold milk.


Tem:175c             Time:10 min         Frame:middle                         

Turn the oven to 175c

Egg                                 1

Butter                              200gm

Sugar                               150gms

Dessiccated coconut           300gms

Method:-Smelt the butter.

Beat egg in sugar to fluffy.

add vanilla sugar,desiccated coconut and smelted butter.Mix well.

Arrange the cup moulds on the oven tray and fill with 2/3 batter.

Bake at in the middle frame, for approx.10 min.


Temp 150c                     Time: 30min.                      Frame: Middle

Butter                                        300gms

Sugar                                         150gms

Allpurpose flour                         300gms

Maizena flour                             250gms

baking powder                            1tsp

Method:-turn the oven to 150c.

Mix sugar,butter to fluffy.

Add flour,maizena flour and baking powder,mix well.

Get a fine batter.

Pour the batter in paper moulds (2/3rds) and bake them approx.30 min.


Temp:175c              Time:20min.                 Place: Middle

Dough;._                   Digestive kex

Butter                        75 gm

cinnamon                   tsp

Filling:-Kessella light                      250gms(sour cream)

Eggs                                            2

Sugar                                           50gms

Method:-turn the oven to 175c.

Powder the kex biscuits.

Smelt the butter.Add kex and cinnamon powder and mix to a fine dough.

Press into a pie mould (can be removable the bottom frame) apprx:24 cm in diameter.

Add the sourcream(kessella),sugar,eggs in a bowl. Mix well.

Pour it on the pie crust set evenly.

Bake it in the middle frame for 20 min.(approx)


Temp:225c               time: 20 min.              frame: middle

Butter                                       100gms

Flour                                        300gms

Sugar                                       200gms

Kakao                                      2tbsp

vanilla sugar                              1tbsp

Baking powder                               2tsp

Eggs                                         2

Milk                                        150ml

Blockchocklate bar        

Method:-Start the oven at 225C.

smelt the butter,let it turn to room temp.

Mix flour,sugar,kako,vanillasugar and baking powder in abowl.

Add eggs,milk and smelted butter and mix till they get fine mixture.

Place a baking paper on a oven tray.(25*35).cm

Pour the batter evenly on the paper.

Bake it in the middle frame approx.20 min.

Meanwhile cut the block chocklate bar into big pieces.

And keep them over the warm cake,it melts.

Spread out the chocklate over the cake when it is melting.

Cut the cake into 20 square bits. 


Jamoons..jamoons..mouth watering desert!

Many methods toprepare jamoons,if you take

little care with the dough, you can get smoothy,fluffy,creamy jamoons.

Here are some recipesi know.

Milkpowder                                         200gms

Cream(milk)                                       300ml

Baking soda                                           pinch

sugarpowder                                      2pinches                                                                                                                   

Rosewater                                         1tsp

Ghee                                             1tsp                                                                                                                         Allpurpose                                       1tsp flour                                                                                                           

Suji                                                                                                                                                                               2tsp

For syrup:-

Sugar                                                                                                                                                             300gms                                    300gms

Water                                     200gms       

saffron treads                            2tsp

Mix the dough ingredients to a smooth pliable (bajji) dough.

Let it stay for 2 hours.

The dough set proper consistancy to make the balls.

For better result whip it for 2 minutes.

Make walnut sized balls without crackes.

Heat oil moderately and deep fry them over slow heat till they done.

The syrup should be warm(not hot) before you drop the jamoons.

Let them soak for 10 minutes,remove and serve.Sprinkle saffron threads over and serve!    

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Allpurpose flour          125 gms

Khoya(Mawa)               500gm(1/2kg)

Milk                      1/4cup

Baking soda               1/4tsp

Cardamoms                 1/4 tsp powder

ghee for deep frying

Sugar                     250gms

Water                    100ml


Make the syrup with water & sugar,syrup should be single thread

consistancy,mix 1/2 cardamom powder,keep aside.

Crumble khoya and add flour and soda,cardamom.

Add saffron and mix to a smooth dough,Knead well to a soft

pliable dough.

Add milk when you are kneading,make round balls without crakes

Get approx.25 balls.

Heat ghee (not fumes)and put down from the stove and add 5-6 jamoons

and fry slowly to golden brown on low flame(heat).

remove and drop in hot syrup,allow to soak for 1/2 hour.



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This method is with milkpowder.


Milkpowder            250gms


Allpurpose flour       1tbsp


Baking powder         1tbsp


Ghee                        For deep frying


Milk                          1tsp


Sugar                       1cup


Water                       2ooml


Rosewater                2tbsp





Sieve milkpowder and flour,baking powder together.


Add 10-12 tbsp milk to get pliable dough.


Allow to stay for 1 hour.


Make one string consistancy syrup with sugar and water,maintain the heat.


Make it into walnut sized balls.


Deep fry slowly in the ghee to golden brown(do not burn them).


Dip the jamoons directly into the syrup.


Soak them for 3 hours.


Garnish with fried nuts before you serve.




Stuffed jamoons:Stuff with  little khoya in the jamoons (when you are making balls)


Fry them and soak in the syrup as normal procedure.


Ensure that there are no cracks on them.


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This is also with milk powder named as Nido or use "semper milk powder".


Nido                             5-6 tbsp

Allpurpose flour             1tbsp

Semolina                       2tbsp(fine)

Milk                              2tbsp


Cardamom powder

Baking soda                     pinch

Oil/ghee                           11/2tbsp

Water                               2cups

Sugar                               5cups


Method:-Maklight syrup with given ingredints.

Prepare for jamoons dough with,nido milk powder,

flour,ghee/oil,soda,semolina,vanillapowder and milk.

Make a smooth pliable dough,if it is very loose add little flour&milkpowder.

Cover it with a damp cloth for 15-20 minutes.

Make round gulab jamoons (walnut size-it becomes double in size)and fry them on low heat till golden.

Dip them in warm sugar syrup for 10o-12 minutes,and serve warm or chill!!


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Milkpowder                          1/2cup

Fresh cream                          100ml

Cooking oil                          1/2 - 1tsp

Selfraising flour                   1/2cup

Sugar syrup:sugar(3cup),Water(61/2cup),Cardamoms,Rosewater-1tsp

Note:-Instead of selfraising flour add,

Plainflour,Baking soda,baking powder1/2tsp).

Method:-Mix milkpowder,selfraising powder,add cream to make a smooth dough.Knead well without crakes.

Roll out walnut size balls and cover with a damp cloth.

Prepare sugar syrup (light)and add rose water.

Heat oil,drop batch after batch jamoon balls,and fry them slowly over low fire.

Allow to fry till light golden brown.

Transfer into syrup and let them soak for 30 minutes.Serve.


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Milkpowder               400gms

fullcream milk           2litres

Lemons                      2

Ghee                          3/4 cup

Cardamoms               1tsp(crushed)


Any nuts

Sugar syrup:

Sugar                        21/2 cups

Water                       31/2 cups

Method:-Boil milk,as soon as it boils add lemon juice.

The milk curdales,strain the whey and you get "paneer".

Meanwhile make syrup to one thread consistancy.

Add milkpowder and 1/2 cup of ghee to the syrup.Stir well

Add paneer and mix everything and cook on low heat.

Add cardamoms and stir all the time till it turns to a thick paste.

Pour the burfi on a wide greased plate,garnish with nuts.

Cut into square bits when it is warm.


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