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We can prepare many dishes with rice.Cooking  is an art and serving (with little decorative manner) is another art.


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Plain rice 1


Rice(long grain)   2cups

Salt to taste

Oil or butter         1 tsp

Lemon juice         1tsp

Water                    4 cups




Wash the rice and soak in water.

Boil the  measured water.

Add lemon juice,salt and butter.

Drain rice.

Add the rice to the boiled water.

Allow to cook for 8 minutes.

Cover with a tight lid and reduce the heat.

Let the rice cook till it gets tender.



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Masala rice 2



Basmathi rice        2 cups

Water                     3 cups

Salt to taste

Butter                    1½ tsp

Green chillies         4 chopped finely

Onion                     1  chopped

Garam masala        1½ tsp

Tomato                   2 chopped

Cashewnuts            1 tbsp

Almonds                  8

Coriander powder     2 tsp

Carrot                       1 diced

Beans seeds             2 tsp

OR greenpeas

Oil                             1½ tbsp

Cummin seeds          1 ½tsp





Wash and soak basmathi rice for 15 minutes.

Boil rice until it gets tender.

Remove and spread on awide plate.

Heat oil in a thick bottomed skillet,fry cummin for a second.

Saute` cashewnuts and almonds.

Add chillies,tomato (chopped),onion  and fry till they get pink colour.

Add  rice and stir continuously.

Add masala and sufficient salt to it.

Stir it well.

Garnish with coriander leaves,serve.


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Pullav rice 3


Basmati rice(best quality)   ½kg

Mint leaves(fresh)                2 twigs

Cloves                                 2

Cinnamon stick                   2

Fresh coriander                  ½cup chopped

Greenchillies                      7-8

Salt to taste

Ghee and oil                      ½ cup

Masala leaf                       2

Ginger paste                     ½tsp

Garlic paste                      ½ tsp

Cashewnuts                        10

Onion                              1 Big


Wash the rice and drain it.

Make paste with ginger and garlic.

Chop the green chillies and onion finely.

Heat the oil mixed ghee,add onion,chopped chillies,fry until onion become transperent.

Add 1 kg water and salt.Boil it.

Add drained rice,cook until the rice is partly cooked.Turn the stove to slow flame.

Add chopped mint leaves and cover it,allow to cook till the rice is fully cooked.

(The rice grain should be tender and smooth).

Remove from the heat.

Garnish with cashews and chopped coriander.

Serve with potato khurma and any raita(curd chutney).


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Tomato masala rice 4


Rice                   1½ cups

Gingerpaste     1tsp

Onion(small)     1

Garlic                1½ tsp

Salt to taste

Tomatoes          4 (medium)

Greenchillies    6

Cashewnuts      10

Oil and ghee     1cup

Fresh coriander   chopped½cup




Grind juice with tomatoes,salt and greenchillies.

Heat some oil and fry cinnamon,cashewnuts,cloves for 1 minute.

Fry onion till it gets rose colour,add ginger,garlic paste.Saute`for 2 minutes.

Add the drained rice for 2 minutes..

Now mix the tomato ground juice,mix well.

Keep it in the cooker,cover it and cook until the rice is done.

Remove from the heat and serve with gearnished chopped coriander leaves.



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Capsicum called as bellpepper also.


Capsicum        3 big sized

Oil and ghee    7 tsp

Salt to taste

Rice               4cups

Onion              2




Blackgram  2 ½tsp

Corianderseeds  2½tsp

Cinnamon sticks  2½tsp(small bits)



Make powder with above dry ingredients for masala.

Cook the rice to tender and cool it properly.

Add ½ masala powder and salt.

Tempering with mustard seeds,cummin seeds after spluttering,

Add onion bits saute`for 1 minute.

Add capsicum fry for 8-10 minutes OR until it becomes tender.

Add the remaining masala powder and salt.

Add to the rice.

Remove from the heat garnish with fresh chopped coriander.

Serve hot!!.


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This is a recipe for Biryani with Hyderabad style.

For Rice layer:-

Basmati rice   1 cup (fine variety)

Salt                 2 tsp

Green cardamoms  4

Masala leaf             1

Lemon                    ½

Oil and ghee          5tbsp

For vegetable layer :-

French beans         5 chopped finely

Boiled peas             ½ cup

Carrot                     3 (peeled & diced)

Oil                           3tsp

Curd                        4tsp

Garam masala       ½tsp

Gingerpaste            ½tsp

Red chilli powder     ½tsp

Salt                          ¾ tsp

KHOYA                   ½cup(50gm)-optional

Almonds                  10(soaked and cut in lengthwise)


Onion                       2 fried

Milk                           1tsp

Saffron                      1pinch

Cashewnuts              12-14



Dissolve saffron in 1 tsp water.

Soak rice for 15 minutes after washing.

Boil 6 cups of water in a well thick bottomed vessel.

Add cardamoms,biryanileaf,salt lemon juice and oil.

Add drained rice to it.Mix well.

Let the rice cook (¾).Keep aside with tight lid.

Heat oil add vegetables  and chlli powder,garam masala and salt.

Add ginger paste and curd, fry for 3-4 minutes.

Add (if you use) khoya,almonds,fry for 1 minute.

Heat oil or ghee.

Place one layer rice(cooked3/4)and sprinkle saffron water.

Add 2nd layer with vegetables and onion.

Arrange 2nd rice layer over vegetables,repeat the vegetable layer and saffron water and onion.

Cook further 4 minutes to get good result.

Garnish with coriander and serve hot.Enjoy!

Variation:Instead of cooking (last step) on stove,keep in the oven till it is done.


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Rice                6 cups

Coconuts         2 medium

Oil                    16 tsp

Ghee                6 tsp

Fresh corisnder  ½ cups

For tempering:-

Musterd seeds  ¼ tsp

Curry leaves       1 twig

Redchillies          4 

Cashewnuts       2 tbsp

Bengal gram       1tsp

Green Chillies        6




Grind ¾ coconut without black part.Take milk from it.

Grate the  remaining part of coconut, keep aside.

Wash the rice and drain it.

Measure the coconut milk to 7 cups.Add salt.

Add drained rice and micro wave it for 20 minutes or until the rice is cooked to tender.

Heat oil put the tempering with given ingredients.

Add grated coconut,fry for a ½ minute..

Add cooked rice and ghee.

Garnish with chopped coriander and serve hot.


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Mint leaves        2 bunches

Basmati rice         6 cups fine quality

Onion                   2

Greenchillies         12

Ginger paste         3 tsp

Garlic paste          3tsp

Cloves                  7

Cinnamon sticks      3 pieces

Oil and ghee           1½ cup




Make paste with pudina(mint leaves).

Fry all masala ingredients.

Add rice and fry for 2 minutes.

Add salt and 7½ cups of water and keep it in the cooker.

Allow it till the rice gets tender and soft.

Serve hot.
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Finest Basmathi rice                        2 cups

Almonds                                           18

Dates                                               10(good quality)

Hot water                                         3½cups

Ghee/butter                                     4tbsp

Oil                                                    ½tbsp

Garam masala                                 2tsp

Saffron strands



Melt the butter & oil in a big thick bottomed pan.

Add  washed rice and fry till golden brown,stirring frequently.

Add almonds and cook for two more minutes.

Add rice and water,dates and masala.Cover it and simmer.

Allow to cook slowly till the rice is cooked properly.

Do not stir,let it cook under the lid without disturbing,until the water is absorbed!!

It takes almost 15-20 minutes.

Sprinkle saffron and serve hot with vegetable khurma and any raita,papad!!  



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Cooked(ready made) rice                            3 cups

Curd(BUTTERMILKCHILLIES)                      4

Garlic flakes                                                 12(peeled)

Salt                                                              ½ tsp

Mustard seeds                                             ½tsp

Coriander chopped                                      ½cup

Oil                                                                3tsp


Peel garlic.

Break the curd chillies (we can buy in the Indian stores,chillies are soaked in

Butter milk,salt and turmeric and put to expose to the sun until they get dry)

Into two.

Heat oil,add mustards after they get splutter,add chillies and fry for 1 minute.

Add garlic and fry till they become golden brown.

Mix rice,salt and stir well.Allow to stay on low temperature and stir well

Till the rice is uniformly mixed.

Remove and serve hot!

Note:-there is no need of accompaniment,because the rice itself is spicy.

It is tasty to eat as it is! 



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Fried rice

Beans-                       250gms Carrot                        200gms Green peas                  4tbsp Onion                          5 Ajinomotto salt            1/2 tbsp Chilly sauce                 1 tbsp Soya sauce                  1 tbsp oil                                 2tbsp  Salt to taste Rice                              11/2 cups
Put Oil In a Kadai & fry the sliced onions, beans, carrot,& Green peas.then, the min's leaves. the onion and vegetables are coming to medium brown.then, you have to add an ajinomotto salt, salt, chilly sauce & soy sauce. Afterthat you have to prepare the rice in other vessel. But onething you have to prepare the rice for Half-boil. Done the rice.put the rice in vegetable kadai.& just mix it.then, you could get the fried rice. PL: Note: Don't Cut Sq.shape for Beans & carrot. you have to cut for 1/2 length&thin slices.

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Fried rice


Beans-                       250gms Carrot                        200gms Green peas                  4tbsp Onion                          5 Ajinomotto salt            1/2 tbsp Chilly sauce                 1 tbsp Soya sauce                  1 tbsp oil                                 2tbsp  Salt to taste Rice                              11/2 cups
Put Oil In a Kadai & fry the sliced onions, beans, carrot,& Green peas. Add the mint leaves,the onion and vegetables are turned to medium brown. you have to add an ajinomotto salt, salt, chilly sauce & soy sauce. cook the rice to half boil in another skillet.  After done the riceplace the rice in vegetable kadai & mix well.

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This is a special variety with peas &cheese.

Basmati rice                             1 cup(fine varity)

Fresh cheese                            Drained 100gms

(Should be home made paneer)


Butter                                        1tbsp

Cardamoms                                3


Butter                                          ½tbsp

Green peas                                   ½ly boiled 50gms

Water                                            2cups

Method:-Wash & soak basmati rice for 10-12 minutes.

Drain completely.

Fry the paneer bits to golden brown.

Warm 1½ cup warm water and soak the paneer bits along with turmeric in it.

Saute`` cardmoms,cloves for ½ minute,add peas and rice.

(peas should be partly fried in 1tsp oil before),allow to fry for 1-1½ minute.

Add the salt to the water and pour into the rice.

Bring to boil,stir it and simmer.

Cover with a lid.

Let it cook till the rice is cooked(fluffy) properly.(18-20 minutes approx).

Uncover and allow to evapourate the extra water stir with a wooden fork to get fluffy rice.

add a few drops of butter and serve hot!

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Basmati or any other fine rice can be used for this.But soak for 12 minutes if it is basmati rice.

Basmati      Rice                                          1cup

Butter,salt,lemon juice                      ½tsp

Brinjal (fine &fresh)                           100gms

Chiilipowder,coconut Grated

OR dessicated coconut                     2tsp

Salt to taste

Cinnamon sticks                               4

Cardamompods                                 3

Pepper corns

Veg.oil/butter                                     2tbsp

Cumin seeds

curryleaves                                       1 twig

Bayleaf                                             1

Fresh coriander leaves                       chopped

Garam masala                                   1 tsp

Green chillies                                     2(slit)

Onion bits                                          1tbsp

Ginger paste                                        ½tsp

Method:-Wash & soak basmati rice for 10-12 minutes,drain completely.

Boil water and add salt &oil and lemon juice.

Then add drained rice and cook for 8-10 minutes.Simmer.

Cover with a tight lid,till  the rice is cooked & gets tender.

Meanwhile heat oil add cumin seeds,let it pop for 1 min.

Add pepper,cinnamon fry for one more minute, add chilli bits,ginger paste,garamasala,cardamoms

and fry for a moment.

Add curryleaves and bayleaves and salt.

Finally add the chopped brinjals(lengthwise) and turmeric,stir well.

Cover and cook till brinjal bits get tender and check  the  pieces are   fully coated  with  masala.

After few seconds you can get a fine aromatic flavour .

Uncover and stir again. 

Now the rice will be readily cooked..

Add the baingan (brinjal masala) to the rice , mix with a wooden fork (so the rice should not be broken,it should be fluffy)

Add ½tbsp of butter.

Garnish with chopped coriander leaves &roasted nuts.

decorate with  tomato slices and serve hot!


FineBasmati rice                2 cups

beans                           1cup(finely chopped in diamonds)  

carrot                          Finely diced 

onion                           2cups 

garlic                          3pods 

Ginger                          1½cm-2

green chillies                   4 (or more)

cinnamon                        4-5 sticks

Cloves                            3-4

cardomom                          3-4 

Bay leaves                           2

salt                              1½tsp

Coriander leaves                    3tbsp  

mint leaves                         3tbsp

Ghee mixed oil                      1cup

Roasted bread in ghee                1½cup(before serving)


Select finebasmati like tilda.Wash 2-3 times andsoak for 20 minuts in cold water.

Drain well.Keep aside.
Wash vegetables.
Cut them different in styleC

hop the beans(diamonds), carrots(cubes), Chop some of the onions into thin rings,

Some of them into fine pieces.

Grind the 1tbsponions,ginger, garlic and green chillies,mint leaves into a fine paste.
Grind  the cinnamon, clove and cardomom coarsely powder.

Heat oil  add the onion paste and fry,add bayleaves.

Then add the chopped vegetables and green peas and fry well. 

Add the ground cinnamon masala.
Add drained rice to the cooked vegetables and fry for few seconds.Simmer.

Add salt and 4 cups of water  and boil until the rice is done.

Add finely chopped green leaves.

Crisp fry the bread cubes  in theoil and spread over the rice before serv!

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Rice                                          2cups

Water                                        3cups

Onion                                         1 finely chopped

Salt to taste

Oil                                             3tbsp

Greenchillies                               6



Pamagranate fruits(raw)                   2 (if small)

tempering:-Mustard seeds,blackgram,dry chillies(3),Asafoetida,sesame powder. 

Method:-Crush  pamagranate seeds(white)   or grind coarsely,remove the peel and other stuff fromt he raw fruit.

Squeeze the juice and add the salt,keep side.

Cook the fluffy rice  along with turmeric and little salt,oil  and cool it  completely  on a kitchen towel. 

add the salted juice and mix well with a wooden spoon.

Spread the curry leaves over on it.

Make the tempering with given ingredients ,add finally green chillies and asafoetida,add immediately to the rice.

Mix properly,and allow to stay for 3-4 hours to get good taste and flavour.

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This is "prasadam rice" we can see at temples(specially in south) having with speaial taste &flavour).


Rice                                          1kg

water                                         1½litre

Oil                                             1cup

Greenchillies                              12Cashewnuts&ground nuts

Curryleaves                                 2twigs

Tamarind pulp                              Boiled&squeezed) 

Frech coconut thin bits                  21tbsp

salt to taste

tempering:-Mustardseeds,blackgram,asafoetida,fenugreek powder(roasted),sesame seeds powder

Ginger grated(1tsP)

Method:-Cook the fluffy rice along with little salt,oil and turmeric.

remove &transfer on to a kitchen towel.Cool totally.

Add the pulp and (fry the slit green) chillies and add to the rice.Add sesame,fenugreek seeds powder to the rice and mix well.


Spread curry leaves &nuts over the rice.

Make the tempering and add directly to the rice,mix well .

Cover it with a lid and let it stay for 2 hours and serve!

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Long grain rice                                    (Cooked)2cups

salt to taste

Thick curd/yoghurt                                3½-4 cups

Water                                                  1cup

Greenchillies                                        4 chopped

Fresh coconut bits                                2tsp

Blackpepper corns                                4-5

Ginger bits                                            1tsp

Ghee/oil                                                1½tsp

Temrering:-Mustard seeds,Dry chillies(broken),Little asafoetida,cuminseeds,curryleaves.

Garnishing:- Fresh coriander (chopped).

Method:-Cook the rice and cool it on a kitchen towel.

Mix  water & curd/yoghurt along with salt.

Heat oil and fry  chopped chillies,blackpepper corns,ginger and coconut bits for aminute.

add to the rice and stir well.(remove only bits not oil)

Use the same oil for tempering with given ingredients,after done add curryleaves

and add immediately to the curd rice,mix well.

garnish with fresh coriander leaves.

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Indian gooseberries Small(1/4 kg)

Rice (long grain) 1kg

Salt to taste

Oil 3oogms


Green chillies 8-10

Fresh curry leaves 2twigs


For tempering:- Mustard seeds, Full red chillies,asafoetida(1½tsp) ,Fenugreek seeds powder(roasted),

Gram dal(chenna dal-split),blackgram(urad dal).

Method:-Cook rice without sticking.(the grain should be absolutely separate to each other.)

Add salt,turmeric & oil when it is cooking.

Remove from the skillet and turn the cooked rice on a kitchen towel to cool it

Slit the greenchillies in the center.

After completely cooling,transfer into a big wide steel bowl.Remove the curryleaves from the twigs and spread over rice.

Rub the corsely ground berries juice (some people like to add directly),ensure the whole rice is applied by the juice.

Heat nonstick kadai" and pour oil and make tempering with given ingredients,add finally cashewnuts &groundnuts.

Add directly over the curry leaves (rice),mix with a wooden fork wihtout sticking each other.

Let it stay for 2-3 hours before serve.

Note:Pulihora needs little more oil & asafoetida, fenugreekpowder gives a fine aromatic flavour.

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Sesame seeds 50gms

Salt to taste


redchillies 8-9

Rice 2cups

Tamarind pulp 1tbsp


Greenchillies 4

Curryleaves 1twig

Salt if necessary.

Tempering:-Mustardseeds,red chillies(2),asafoetida(1tsp),bengal gram split(tsP),blackgram(uraddal-1tsp)

Oil- 3tbsp

Method:- Cook the rice without sticking along with 1tbsp oil,salt,turmeric

spread on a kitchen towel to cool totally.Apply the tamarind pulp to the rice along with ½ tbsp oil.

Roast the sesame seeds,red dry chillies,fenugreek seeds for 2 minutes or till the chillies fried.

After done,powder them in a mixi when it is cooled.

Add this to the cooled rice.

Make tempering with given ingredients and add to the rice,mix properly with a fork.

Press in a wide bowl and cover it,serve after 2-3 hours.

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Basmati rice                             2cups

Hot water                                  3½ cups

Salt to taste

Boiled eggs                             4

Ghee/butter                             1tbsp



Fresh coriander leaves                  ½ cup

Grated fresh coconut                      1cup

Cloves                                           5

Cummin seeds                               1tsp

Green chillies                                 4

Ginger &garlic paste                        2tsp 

Boil water and add soaked (for 15 minutes in water & drainedcompletely) rice.

Add little lemon juice &2tsp oil ,salt.

Cook it till it gets fluffy rice.

Turn it into a kitchen towel after done.Cool properly.

Boil eggs and remove the hard part,keep aside.

Heat ghee and add cloves,cumin,fry for a second,add bay leaf.

Roast cashew and almonds in 1tsp ghe.

Chop the coriander leaves.

Grate the coconut without black part,fry for a ½ minute.

Add chilli bits,garlic paste,fry for 1minute.

Add cooled rice.,mix well.

Add coconut and stir with a wooden fork.

garnish with coriander leaves &nuts.

Decorate with ½ly chopped eggs.Serve hot!

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Rice                                       2cups(long grain)

Sour mangoes                       raw 2 (small)

salt to taste

Oil                                            3tbsp


Fresh curry leaves

Fresh coconut thin bits

green chillies                             Slit legnthwise


tempering:Mustards,red chillies,Asafoetida,fenugreek seeds,Gram daal

Method:-wash &peel mangoes.Should be hard &sour.

Grate them finely,remove the seed(hard part).

Roast cashews in tsp oil.

Cook the fluffy rice along with turmeric and litle salt,cool it on a kitchen towel.

transfer after cooling into a bowl. Rub the grated mango &salt  to the rice, Spread curry leaves and roasted cashews.

Heat a pan and pour oil, and make tempering with given ingredients, add asafoetida and green (slit)chillies.

Remove and add to the rice,stir well with a wooden fork.

Ensure that oil&spices are mixed to the rice properly.

Cover it and allow to stay for 3-4 hours to get good taste.

Note:-Some people like to add the juice of the mango.

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LOng grain rice                 2cups

Water                              3 cups

salt to atste

Lemon juice                      2(squeezed)


Green chillies                     6

Ground nuts                        8-10

Oil                                     3tbsp


For tempering:-  Mustardseeds,gram dal,Dry chiliies(4),asafoetida(2tsp),blackgram(urad)

Method:_Make fluffy rice along with  1tsp oil,turmeric and salt.

allow to cool on a kitchen towel.

After completely cooling turn it to a wide bowl.

Add sufficient salt to the lemon juice,remove seeds.Mix well.Spread rosted peanuts &curry leaves.

Heat oil  and prepare tempering with given ingredients.,add finally asafoetida &green chillies.

Add immediately to the rice and mix well with wooden fork.

Allow to stay under the lid for 2-3 hours to get good flavour &taste.Serve then!!

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 No need of using cooker whistle!

Basmathi,rice                        4glasses

Ginger & Garlic paste             2tsp

Greenchillies                          10-12

Cloves                                     8

Cardamoms                            5

cinnamon                                1stick

Turmeric                                 1pinch

Carrot                                       2small

Onion                                       2small

Potato                                       1

Tomato                                      1

Beans                                       chopped1cup

Mintleaves                                 Fresh1½tbsp

Oil                                            4-5tbsp

Salt to taste


 washed basmati rice  in cold water.

Chop the carrot,chop the chillies,onions.

Cut the beans uniformely,peel&cut the potato into big bits.Wash the mint leaves.



Pour 4 table spoons of cooking oil into a pressure cooker large enough for the preparation  and heat.

 Add chillies, cardamom, cloves and cinnamon.

Add the long thin slices of onion with a pinch of turmeric powder and fry till light golden brown.

Now add carrot, potato and beans and  fry for about   3 minutes.

Add 2 spoons of ginger and garlic paste and add the washed rice.

Mix all the ingredients for about 1 minute.

Add 4 1/2 glasses  of water to this mixture and add salt to your taste (i add 3 to 4 t sp).

Add mint leaves,   simmer

Let it cook about 20 minutes with  closed  lid(  no  weight).

Check preparation every five minutes . Once the water is completely absorbed and the rice is well cooked!!

Serve with onion raita or tomato raita &potato khurma.

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No needof using cooker whistle.

Basmathi rice - 1 cup
Fresh thick curds - 1 cup
Water - 1 cup
Mixed diced vegetables - 2 cups

(potatoes, carrots, peas, beans)
Oil - 3 Tbsp
Ginger &garlic paste - 1 tsp
Onions - 2 cut (lengthwise 
garlic - 6 flakes
Salt - as required
Lemon - 1
Finely cut mint leaves - 1 1/2
Cut cilantro leaves

Grind together:
Cahewnuts - 1 Tbl.sp
Small onions - 7
Ginger - 1/2 inch piece
Green chillies - 8
Cinnamon - 1 inch piece
Cloves -2
Cardamoms -2
Fry the above in little oil and grind it along with a bunch of cilantro leaves to paste.


Wash and soak rice for 10 minutes.

Drain water and fry for 2 minutes in half a tsp of ghee.

Heat pressure cooker, add oil and fry garlic and onion pieces.

Mix ginger garlic paste and diced vegetables.

Fry in medium flame till vegetables are tender.

Add ground paste and fry till raw smell goes.

Beat curds and add it along with one cup of water.

When it starts boiling add rice and salt,cover lid and reduce flame completely.
Keep the weight as soon as the lid is closed.

Cook for 10 minutes.Remove from fire.

Squeeze lemon juice and add cut mint leaves and cilantro.

Mix well and serve hot with any raita and khurma.

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It is a fantasy cooking method,sometimes it is fun & colourful to serve to the guests,especially in parties and small functions.

I read in a magazine and tried to make it.I do not remember the writer name.

It tasted very good & some of friends liked so much.Try it may be you also like it!?.

Here are the ingredients and procedure to making.

We are using 3 colours.

For green:-

Basmati         1cup

Boiledpeas      1cup

Fresh coriander  1cup


Mintleaves        1/4cup

Ginger            2" 

Greenchillies     5-6

Ghee              1½tbsp

Lemonpressed      1(juice)

Method:-Wash & soak for 15min,drain the rice,Boil it cook it separate grains,coolwell.

Make everything into paste.

Heat ghee,add paste and stir for3 min,add green peas,rice and salt,mix well.Set a side.

for yellow:-

Basmati             1cup

Onion               chopped 1

Capsicum            chopped 1

Square paneer bits   1/4 cup

turmeric              pinch

Ghee                 2tbsp

Method:-Wash and soak rice for 12 min,and drain.Boil rice with separate well.

Heat gheestir fry onion bits to pink,add capsicum,paneer bits on low heat.

Add turmeric,salt and then add cooked rice,stir with fork.keep aside.

For red colour:-

Basamti             1cup

Riped red tomatoes  5-6small

Grated carrots       1½cup


ghee                 1tbsp


Redchillipowder       1½tsp

Method:Soak rice for 12 min,and drain it.Boil rice toseparate well.

Chop tomatoes,steam and cool.Blend into thick puree',strain it.

Add red chilli powder,mix well.

Heat ghee andadd the pulp and cook for 5 min.

Add grated carrot andcooked rice.Mix and fry for 2 moremin.Keep aside.

How to assemble&serve?:-

Use a baked tray (hole in the center)Place alternative rice (3

layers with different colours),invert the dish in a big skillet (adding with 2 cups of waterin the skillet)

andsteam it for 7-8 minutes.Serve hot with desired curry or khurma ,raita!  



Dadhi-means curd,and rice with spices.

Daddhojanam is good to eat in the summer time.When it is very hot

Out side,it helps a lot.Even can be packed for the picnics also.

It protects from the sun heat.

Thick curd/ yogurt


Cooled rice (cooked)

Green chillies chopped 1tsp


Ginger bits 1/2tsp

Ghee 2tsp

Black pepper whole 3-4

Curry leaves,coriander chopped

Tempering:-Mustards,cumin seeds,broken red chillies(2),pamagranate

Seeds,Bengal gram,black gram.

Fried cachew nuts,currants,grapes (green small).


In a big wide bowl,spread rice,add ,salt,curd/yogurt evenly.

Warm the milk and add to it,mix well.

Make the tempering,add chillie bits,pepper corns,curry leaves and cool,add to the above mixture.

Garnish with the fruits& nuts,chopped coriander leaves (do not mash)over before you serving.

It is Karnataka recipe,combination of rice and dal.

Rice 1 cup
Onions 1 cup

Potato 1 cup diced
Peas 3/4 cup
Tomatoes 2

Tamarind juice 2 tbsp
Tourdal 3/4 cup

Ghee 3 tbsp
Oil 4 tbsp
Bisibele bhath masala powder 2 tsps

For garnishing:
Chopped coriander leaves
Fresh grated

Instant bisibele bhath masala powder:

Coriander seeds 2 tsps
Fenugreek 1/4 tsp
Cloves 4
Cardamom 2

Red chillies 3

Grated dry coconut 1tb sp

Heat tsp oil and roast them above,add dry coconut and fry for a and blend to powder.

Store in a container for required use.Boil potatoes(not too much)&pressure cook tour dal and turmeric,

cook rice separately,cool.Take tamarind extract,keep aside.
Heat oil Add little bisibele bhath masala powder.

Fry onions till translucent.

Add tomatoes and cook for another 2more minutes.

Add peas, cooked potato and cooked tour dal.

Add remaining masala powder, tamarind juice and about 1/2 cup of water and bring it to boil.

Add salt and chilli powder as per taste
While boiling add cooked rice.

Simmer .Cook for 4- 5 more minutes.
Garnish with fresh coriander leaves and fresh grated coconut.

Pour little ghee on the top,serve hot!!


Medium sized eggplant 1
Coriander seeds


Dried red chillies 3
Blackgram, turmeric, cinnamon sticks.
Cooked Basmati rice .
shredded Coconut
large lemon 1


Cook the rice fluffy (corn should be separated).

Skin the eggplant and chop it into cubes, sprinkle lemon
juice on the the cubes & salt.

Let it stay for 30mins.

In a large saucepan, heat some oil and when hot, toss the
spices in and fry for 3 min

When it is done,use a slotted spoon and toss the contents
into a plate lined with a paper napkin (this helps to absorb the oil ).


Add some oil to the pan and add coconut
fry keep stirring until the coconut becomes
golden. Remove it into a plate with a paper as above.

To the pan, add some oil and when hot, add the soaked
eggplant cubes and stir until they fried.

Remove the eggplant and keep in a warm container.

In a blender, blend the spices and
coconut until you have a powder.

In a skillet, boil 1/4th cup water,lemon juice, pinch

turmeric and salt.

Into the cooked rice, toss the contents of the pot and stir.
The rice should take on the color of the turmeric.

Add the contents off the blender.

The rice shouldtake the color of the spice-mix

Squeeze lemon onto the eggplant let it stay for 1min.

the eggplant into the rice and stir.

Check a bit if you need salt, add.

Serve with yogurt raita/chutney.


cooked rice 6 cups
Garlic paste                   2tsp
Green chillies paste             2tsp
cooked mushrooms optional     200 gms
cooked baby corn               2cups(app.200gms)
cauliflower floretts          1cup
Basil leaves 1/2tbsp
oil 2 tbsps
vinegar 2 tsps
lemon juice 2 tbsps
soya sauce 2 tsps
salt 1 tsp


Cook the rice and spead in a tray to cool,the corn should be separate.
Heat oil in a pan, add garlic and green chillies paste and fry till it turns golden brown.

Add basil leaves and the vegetables along with salt, vinegar, lemon juice and the cooked rice.

Stir till the mixture starts giving out a nice aroma.

Add soya sauce partially in patches on the rice and mix well.

Serve hot with a bowl of cooked vegetables, tossed in olive oil.


Fine Basmati rice 4 cups

Hot water 71/2cups

Oil& ghee mixed 1/4 cup

finely diced small onions 2 cups vegetables

For paste:_-

Medium sized Tomatoes 3

Garlic 4 cloves

Fresh ginger tsp

cinnamon sticks 2,broken

coriander leaves 1/4cup

Green chillies 2

Grated coconut 3tbspMETHOD:

In a tsp ghee fry cashew nuts to goldewn,keep aside for garnishing.

Select fresh vegetables like, carrot(2), cauliflower florettes(cup),French beans (1cup).

Cut them finely ,carrots into cubes,beans like diamond shapes,wash the coriander leaves and chop finely,keep aside.

Wash& Soak the rice in cold water for about 30-40 mins. Set it aside.

Blend the gravy ingredients to a smooth paste.

Pour the oil & ghee in a thick bottomed skillet.

Add the Chopped onions.

Fry till it turns pinkish brown.

Add the gravy and mix it and cook on stirring for 2-3 min.

Add the vegetables and stir till they coated well.

Add the rice and mix.

Add water (hot water) and salt.Boil it.


Let it cook slowly until the whole water dried/the rice is

done well.

Garnish with bay leaves & coriander leaves.

Sprinkle cashews over and serve warm.

Onion&tomato raita,cucumber raita or onion raita goes well as an accompaniment.

BisiBele Bath

This is also karnataka dish,looks like a combination of sambar mixed rice,great in taste.

Rice 1 cup

Toor dal 2 cups


Red chilies 7

Coriander seeds 2tsp

Husked black gram 1tsp

Bengalgram dal 1tsp

khus-khus 1/2tsp

nutmeg 1 small

curry leaves

mustard 1 tsp

oil ½ cup


salt to taste


Tamarind pulp 1 lemon sized

Vegetables: Beans, carrot, potato, onion and green peas. All the vegetables should be cut into bits.


Fry all masalas except rice, tour dal, curry leaves, mustard, oil and asafoetida, in tsp oil and blend powder . Heat oil in a thick bottomed skillet, add mustard s,curry leaves, turmeric and splutter it.

Add water, chopped vegetables and tour dal.

When vegetables and toor dal is partly cooked, add rice, tamarind pulp, salt, powdered masala and stir well.

Add asafoetida and mix . Simmer.

Close with tight cover/lid and cook until done.

Serve warm it with ghee.






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