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salt ½tsp

Ghee 21/2tsp
Milk 11/2tsp

Baking powder
Oil for shallow frying.

Sieve the wheat flour.
Make a fine dough with milk & required water to a fine pliable dough.

Make 6 equal parts,to make balls.
Prepare 6"diameter discs using(coating) upper surface with litle ghee &fold over with semi circle.
spread more ghee & fold it lenghth ways.
Press firmly, with fingers ,roll it like a small roll keeping the folds on the outer side flatten it and roll it into a square.
Brush the surface of the each paratha with beaten egg and shallow fry to golden colour.


Called as alu paratha in Hindi,Urlagadda paratha in Telugu.
Making procedure is similar as normal paratha (above).
Stuffing is different:
Boil& mash the potatoes.

Add salt,chopped coriander leaves,garammasala.

Dry coriander powder,finely chopped green chillies,grated ginger.

Mix together and make walnut sized balls.
Make the whole dough in the same way.
Make small discs and place 1½tsp potato mixture in the centre of the discs, Cover the edges, make like a ball.
Make thick puris(ensure that stuff should not split out.)and roll them to thick rotis.

Shallow fry them with ghee or butter.
Serve with khurma & curd chutney(raita



Parathas are heavy food,greasy and tasty when you cook them with ghee or butter.For paratha needs,

2 cups chapati flour, or 1 1/3 cup whole wheat flour 

2/3 cup              wheat flour

2 tablespoons        ghee/butter

1/2 teaspoon           salt

 2/3 cup             warm water

2 tbsp            chapati flour for dusting

1/2 cup melted ghee for brushing and frying

Pour flour into a mixing bowl and mix in salt.

Rub ghee into the flour.

Add water to moisten the flour enough,  and can be kneaded.

Place the dough on a greased surface and knead for 12 minutes.

The dough should be soft, smooth and pliable.

Keep it under cover for atleast 40 minutes.

 Prepare filling.(if you need) 

Knead the dough for one minute and divide it into 8 equal portions.

Make 8 little balls, dust them with flour and put them back in the bowl.

Roll out each ball on a floured wooden board to a 6-inch circle.

Place 2 tablespoons filling on one half of the circle and flatten with the spoon. Fold other side over press the air out and seal the edges.

Brush the top with ghee and fold in half again into a triangle 

Press it down with your hands then roll it out again into a triangle.

Heat a frying pan over medium heat until hot.

Add 1 teaspoon ghee and place paratha in pan.

Brush the top with ghee and cook 2 minutes or until brown spots appear on the bottom. Turn the bread over with a spatula and cook the other side as well.

Remove from pan and drain on paper towel. Cover to keep it warm.

Make the other parathas the same way.

If you like to fill them,follow the mehtod

given below,Shredded vegetable filling:
(for 8 breads)

100gms vegetables, As per your choice of the following:

cauliflower, cabbage, carrots, white radish

2 tablespoons ghee/butter

1 tablespoon grated fresh ginger


freshly ground black pepper

Wash vegetables and cut off stems and ends.

Pat and dry with kitchen towels. Using the food processor grate vegetables into a bowl finely 

Heat ghee in a large frying pan over medium heat.

Stir in vegetables and cook, stirring frequently, until most of the moisture has evaporated and the vegetables look fried.  Turn off heat, stir in ginger and season with black pepper and salt.

Serve with dumaloo(Aloo dum) recipe given below

potatoes                      250gm

cumin                         ½tsp

Chilli powder                 1tsp


Garammasala                    little

Asafoetida                     pinch

Coriander powder               1tsp

Beaten curd                   ½cup

Cloves                         2

Cardamoms                      2

Bayleaf                        1



Cinnamon sticks               2broken

cashew                        ½tbsp


Prick all potatoes with a fork.

Heat oil and fry them to golden with lid.

In another pan heat oil and fry cumin and all powders,cinnamon,cloves,cardamoms & bayleaf,cook till golden.

Addpotatoes and beaten curd,salt,turmeric and 1 cup water.

Boil with tightlycovered until potatoes get tender.

sprinkle water ocassionally,if needs.

serve with chopped coriander leaves and nuts over!

Goes well with chapathi,plain patratha,fried rice,pullav,puri etc.


Prepare home made paneer as normal way.

Cut into cubes,keep aside.

Tomatoes                 2 riped

Onion                    2

Garlic                   6

Ginger                   1"

Garam masala            1/2tsp

Cashew paste            10-12

Fresh chopped coriander

Butter                  6-7tbsp



Make paste    withGreenchillies,garlic,ginger,onions and tomatoes.

On low heat saute' this paste in white butter.

Add cashew paste when the oil leaves to the pan sides.

Add 1 cup of water,salt,turmeric,simmer.

Cook for 2 more minutes.Add fried paneer cubes and saute' for 2-3 min.

Garnish with chopped green leaves,garam masala and few drops of lime drops,serve hot!! 


Wheat flour 1/2kg

Extra 10gms

Ghee 1cup(100gms)



Sieve flour well, mix salt and rub the clarified butter,

Add room temperature water slowly to get a smooth pliable dough, knead well.

Allow to stay for 1 hour with a tight cover.

Divide into 12-14 equal portions and roll each into a smooth balls.

Melt ghee and cool it.

Dust with the extra flour on the working table (surface) Roll out the balls into thin discs,

Spread tsp warm ghee in the center, Fold it into half moon, and apply again little ghee, fold again, it looks like a triangle now!.

Now roll as parantha as round disc, (it is thicker than the normal roti)

Heat griddle and cook adding ghee on both sides,to a golden brown color.

Serve hot with any vegetable curry/gravy.

Goes well with veggy kababs.


I have tasted at one of my friend's party.She is a good cook,raed and try,best of luck.  

a)Can be used even dry yeast(½tsp) dissolving in warm water.

b)If the dough gets immediately ferments,store it in the refregerator until using.

whole wheat flour(atta) 1cup
Fresh yeast, 1tsp crumbled
sugar pinch
½ teaspoon salt

For dough
Home made crumbled paneer ½cup-3/4
Green chilli 1-2chopped
kasuri methi ¼ tsp(dried fenugreek leaves)
Fresh chopped coriander

Dough:-Dissolve the fresh yeast in 1tsp warm water till it dissolves,keep aside.

Mix all dough ingredients to a soft&elastic dough,knead it well.

Cover it with a dampcloth for 18-20 min. till it ferment (becomes double in size).

Do not knead after fermenting.Make 5-6 portions out of it.

How to essemble it:-

Roll one to 2 ",Fill 1tsp paneer mixture in the center,

Collect 4 ends into the centre and attach the edges tightly.
Roll out into 5-6 inches disk by dusting flour.

Heat the pan, and place the kulcha and fry to golden,it puffs well like a ballon.

Use little oil for roasting them both sides to light brown,serve hot with dal makhani (recipe given below)


Whole black gram(peel) 1 tea cup

Bengal gram (halves) 1tbsp

Rajma 1tbsp

Onion medium

Greenchillies 5

Ginger 11/2 “

Fresh cream 1/2teacup

Curd 1/2teacup

Tomato 1big

Turmeric Pinch

Redchilli powder 1tsp

Cumin 1tsp


Ghee 21/2tbsp


Soak rajma & Bengal gram for 5 hours.

Chop finely chillies,onion,tomato and ginger.

In a pressure cooker, boil rajma ,Bengal gram and black gram whole (keep them in a vessel,(adding with 2teacups of water ) which suits in the cooker)

Pressure cook them,mash them with a spoon well.

Cook again for 18-20min,

Add the cream ,curd to it.(spare 1tbsp cream for garnishing)

In another pan heat ghee and fry the onions,chillies,ginger and cumin,fry till done.

Add the tomato,chill powder and turmeric.,cook for 1-2 min.

Add the mixture (already cooked) to it,check the salt and cook until they mixed thoroughly.

Garnish with little cream whirls.

Serve hot with parathas,rotis,chapatis.





Mint leaves 1 tbs.

Coriander leaves 1 tbsp.
Ginger,Garlic paste 1 tbsp
Chole masala powder 2 tsp
Fennel seeds 1/2 tsp
GreenChillies 3

Salt to taste

Carrot 1/2cup

Cabbage 1/2cup

French beans same as above

Capsicum same as above

Onion little more than above

Fresh tomatoes As above


Chop the mint leaves,coriander leaves.

Slit the greenchillies.

Make ginger&garlic intop smooth paste.
Prepare 8-10parathas or use leftover.

Heat oil in a skillet,add fennel seeds,as soon as they

Pop,add chillies,mint leaves,onion bits.

Fry till they turn to rose colour.

Add all masala and salt.

Cut and Remove capsicum seeds and hard part inside.

Cut into 2cm size pieces,cut the beans.

Chop the onions finely.Shred the cabbage.

Add 2cm sized cut carrots,and other chopped vegetables,

Cover and partly cook them.

Add capsicum and cook ½ ly with the lid.

Add tomato bits fry for a ½ minute.

Make the parathas into bits.

Add all roti/paratha/dosa bits and stir,until they coated well.

Sprinkle little chole/gupchip/Manipuri masala,garnish

With chopped coriander leaves and serve hot!


For dough:

Salt 1 tsp
Oil/ghee 2 tbsp

FOR Filling:
Paneer/cheese 250 gms
Garammasala 1 tsp.
Salt ½ tsp
Cabbage 250 gms
Black pepper pinch

Ghee/oil to roast the parathas


Make a soft dough by mixing all the three ingredients with water.

Grate the cabbage and paneer together.

Mix it. Add salt, black pepper, garam masala. Mix well.

Divide the dough into equal sized balls.

Stuff the filling.and flatten like a small puri,roll out gently parathas,heat the griddle and roast parathas both sides with oil/ghee o crispy golden.

Serve hot with pickle and yogurt

Cauliflower Paratha:

Large cauliflower    6florets

Green chillies        6

Ginger              11/2cm


Coriander Powder         tsp

oil/ghee for shallow fry.


Remove florettes of cauliflower and cut as much as tiny bits/ grate it.

Wash and drain.

Discard the hard middle part and leaves.

Crush the chillies,ginger.

Heat oil,and fry everything for a while.

Add coriander,salt,allow to cook for 1 minute,keep a side.Make paratha as above.

Serve with yoghurt or green chilliePickle.


Allpurpose flour 1/2kg


Oil/ghee 200gms

Corianderpowder 1/2tsp

Bengal gram 1/4kg

Garammasala 1/2tsp

Method:-Sieve the flour.

Add 2tbsp oil/ghee to the flour.

Add required water to make a soft dough.,knead well.

Soak the lentils for 4-6 hours.

Boil them in the pressure cooker for 1 whistle.

Drain&grind it.

Heat oil/ghee 2tbsp and add the paste.

Roast for 2-3 minutes.,add masala powder.Make walnut size balls,keep aside.

Knead the dough again and make equal size(lemon)balls.

Make each ball like a cup and fill with gram mixture balls,cover thoroughly.

This paratha is thinner like papad.

Make soft parathas one hour before serving.

Serve with ,raita and chutney.


Wheat flour(atta) 1/2kg

Ajwain(voomu) 1tsp


Redchilli powder 1tsp

Oil/ghee 2tsp

Garammasala 1/2tsp

Chopped fresh coriander

Coriander powder 1/2tsp

Saunf(aniseed) 1/2tsp

green gram(split) 100gms

Ghee/oil 150gms

Black cumin 1/2tsp

Soak gram for 4 hours.Drain and grind to thick paste.

Heat oil and fry for 2-3 minutes,add everything below ingredients.

Mix salt,redchilli,masala, everything exclude the oil.Chop coriander leaves.

Make soft dough adding with little water.Make equal size (lemon)balls.

Make walnut size balls with green gram mixture.

Make each dough ball like a cup and fill the mixture ball and cover neatly.

Roll into approx. 18 parathas and shallow fry to crisp brown.

Serve with raita, veg curry and green chilly pickle.

Carrot Paratha:
carrots                  4 (fresh)

Green chillies           4


Ginger                      11/2cm

Oil/butter                forshallowfry


Grate the carrots,ginger.Chop chillie finely.

Heat karahai and add tsp oil and add chilli bits,grated ginger & carrot.

Fry until the carrots get tender.Cool it.

In a wide bowl mix ¾ cups water and 1 cup wheat flour,salt and tsp oil.

Knead the dough,add if needs more water to get a smooth,pliable dough.

Allow to give rest for 35-40 minutes under cover.

Divide to lemon size balls,Roll out the rotis to

Thick roti(6”diameter disc)and wrap with spoonful carrot mixer,roll again to thick roti and shallow fry to golden,both sides adding with butter/oil.

Serve with curds or greenchilli Pickle.


GreenPeas)                      400gm
Wheat flour                           450gms
Cumin                           1/2 tsp

Powdered masala:

Red Chilli powder                 1tsp

Butter                              100gm.


    Add 4 tbsp oil to the flour, d salt and make a soft,pliable dough with water. 

    Heat oil in a skillet.

    Add cumin,after done add green peas.

    Cook for 2 minutes, then add the powder masalas and salt.

    Cover the skillet,allow the peas cook on slow flame.

    Takeoff the skillet from the heat, mash the peas using a ladle.

    The peas masala is now done!

     make walnut sized balls with whole peas mixture,make dough balls also  bigger than these balls.

    Press as small puris,and stuff in the peas balls,cover it.

    Roll as round balls,and roll parathas with rolling pin,assure that ths peas masala should not comeout.

    Cook the paratha on the nonstick pan, when both sides are cooked, put oil and spread it to both the surfaces.

    Cook till paratha turns golden brown.

    Serve with aaloo tomato ki subzi and thick curd.


    Whole Wheat Flour            250grams
    Potatoes           5 medium 
    Butter/ghee          1/2 cup
    Ginger&garlic Paste   tsp.
    Coriander Leaves     4tsp.
    Salt to taste

    Boil potatoes, peel and mash them. Add ginger&galic, cumin, salt and coriander leaves and mix well.

    In flour, add 2 tsp butter and required water to  make pliable dough.

    Make walnut sized balls.

    The potato mixture also made into balls,same size as the dough balls.

    Flatten each dough ball and place the potato ball and draw the ends upwards,to one place and attach(remove the extra dough),rotate to a ball again.

    Roll carefully with a rolling pin to a thick roti (the inside mix.should not split),and cook on preheated pan,adding butter/ghee

    to both sides.

    Cook it to golden brown and serve with yoghurt or any curry.


    Wheat flour             2 00gms

    Spinach leaves           2cups

    Chillipowder             1/2 tsp

    Garammasala              1/2tsp

    Green chillies            4
    Ginger Garlic paste       1 tsp
    Oil                       4 tsps

    Cook spinach leaves to tender.

    To the flour add boiled spinach,ginger&garlic paste,redchilli powder,Chopped chillies.Add salt and knead very well,add sufficient water and amke a pliable dough.
     Make small lemon size balls and cook bothsides on nonstick pan adding ghee/butter to golden brown.

    Servehotparathas with yoghurt/thick curd or any gravy.




    Freshly  Grated cheese is  tasty.

    Maida                1/2kg

    Salt                  1/2tsp
    Oil                   21/2 tbsp
    Method for dough:-
    Make a soft dough by mixing above ingredients adding water.

    FOR filling

    Grated cheese              1/4kg

    Garam masala                1 tsp.
    Salt  to tatse

    Black pepper                little

    Grate  paneer nicely. 

    Add salt, pepper, garam masala. Mix well.

    Divide the dough into small lemon size balls,flatten them.

    Fill with spoonful cheese mixture and cover,pull all sides upwards to a one point,remove extra dough.

    Make again ball and roll to a thick roti and cook  both sides on a preheated nonstick pan using ghee or butter to golden crisp. 

    Serve with any gravy and yoghurt.



    Paneer                100gms(grated)
    Garam masala           1tsp   

    Cabbage                 21/2 cups(shredded)
    Black pepper            1 tsp

    Greenchillies           1-2

    red onion               1

    Ginger                  11/2"

    Method:-Grind the chillies,onion,ginger and little salt coarsely.

    Grate the cheese,shred the cabbage and mix them together.

    Add chopped coriander to above,keep aside.

    Combine wheatflour and water to a pliable dough.Make equal size baLLS.

    Make cabbage balls as dough balls.

    Flatten the dough balls and place spoonful cabbage in the center and cover it,roll to a ball without damages.

    Roll to a thick roti,and cook bothsides to golden brown,using


    Serve hot.


    Cups Wheat flour (atta) 4cups

    garlic 11/2tbsp

    Cheese 1/4kg

    Grated cauliflower 1cup



    Fenugreek leaves 1/2cup(fresh)

    Green chilli, ginger paste

    coriander leaves

    Tomato small


    onion 1 chopped(small)


    Separate the floretes from the cauliflower ,blanch them in salt water for 2-3 min, drain it.

    Boil water and add tomato chunks and leaves ,blend it to paste.

    Grind the garlic and add to the flour along with salt, and oil. Knead well ,keep aside.

    Heat butter, add onions ,and fry to pinkish brown, then add the cauliflower, paneer ,add chilli & ginger paste ,mix.

    Add salt and cilantro.

    Knead the dough again lightly ,make equal balls out of the dough.

    Roll the balls to a round disk ,apply the tomato mixture over,

    Roll another equal size disk and cover the filled one.

    Heat griddle and place gently this disc and cook both sides

    With adding butter,serve hot with yogurt/any vegetable curry

    And pickle.

    Suggestion:-Can be added any leafy vegetables.


    Wheatflour                  2cups



    Chick Peas (Garbanzo Beans)-1 can
    Tomato- 2
    Ginger & Garlic Paste         1Tbsp
    Chilli Powder                 1Tbsp
    Corriander Powder             2Tbsp
    Garam Masala                  1tsp
    Lemon juice                 1/2Tbsp
    Ghee/butter                  for cooking


    Make the dough for cover dough.Keep aside.

    Empty the bombay chickpeas and drain properly.

    Grind chickpeas and other ingredients to a fine mixture,add fresh chopped coriander leaves.

    heat oil and add cumin seeds,when they pops,add the chickpeas and cook for 2-3 minutes under the lid.

    Remove and make walnut size balls.

    make  balls with the dough also(bigger than peas balls).

    Flatten the dough balls and place the peas balls in the center.

    Cover and roll the thick rotis and

    cook with ghee/butter to  golden brown.

    Serve immediately with the yoghurt and chilli sauce. 


Beaten eggs 2
wheat flour 2 cups
Green chilli, 2

coriander leaves

Garam masala 1tsp
Red chilli powder 1/4tsp
oil 11/2 tbsp


Beat the eggs,chop the cilantro leaves,greenchillies.

In a wide bowl,combine chilli powder,salt,chopped greenchillies,cilantro,flour,garammasala together.

Mix egg,milk and knead to a soft &smooth dough.

Make balls as bigger than walnut size.

Roll out into a round disc,roll into a swiss roll.

Form an overlapping spiral,press and roll again

To full size disc.

Heat pan or griddle,cook or roast the paratha on

One side,as soon as it gets brown spots,flip it.

Drizzle butter/oil and cook the other side until it is done.



    Ghee/butter 11/2 tbsp

    Ajwain ½ tsp




    Remove 21/2 tbsp for dusting.

    Take a wide bowl and add everything except oil.

    Make a soft dough with adding required water.

    Knead for 8 minutes.

    If you have food processor,that is right wayto knead.

    Allow to stay for 12 minutes.

    Knead it again,make lemon sized balls and cover with a damp cloth.

    Roll out the ball into 3inches diameter discs.

    Spoon with A few drops of oil in the middle of the circle,pull the edges in side and seal

    In the center.It shows like a ball!

    Heat the pan,roll again the ball into 6 inches diameter disc,The center part should be thicker than the outer part(roll from the center).

    Should be 2mm thick,and diameter 6-7 inches.

    Place the rolled parantha on the hot griddle,

    Cook for 1-11/2 min,and turn,apply ghee/oil on the both surfaces, and remove and serve!


    Whole wheat flour       2cupsAllpurpose flour         2cupsSalt

      Onion                     1

Ginger                          1”

Green chillies                    2

Oil                    31/2 tbsp

Hot water 


Sieve together two flours along with salt.

Chop the onion,grate the ginger and mix in the flours,chopped chillies.

Add tbsp oil and hot water to make soft dough.Knead well.

Let it take rest for ½ hour,under the damp cloth.

Divide the dough lemon size balls approx. 10-12.

Roll the balls into thin discs (8-10 inces diameter),apply oil over.

Heat the griddle,place the paratha,as soon as brown spots appear,turn it.

Brush ½ tsp oil over and around the paratha.

Cook both the sides un til it gets golden brown.


Can be made with cooked fresh spinach or methi leaves(fenugreek leaves),combined with onions and green chilli.

Minty Stuffed Parathas

Whole wheat flour            2cups


Oil                        2tsp

Mint leaves               less than cup

Lemon juice                        1tsp

Cumin seeds                        few

Greenchillies                         5


      cabbage                                                                                                               2cups

       green peas                         1cup

      potato                              1

      onion                            1

      Juice of lemon

      garam masala little

      chopped coriander

      ground green chili 2tbsp

      sugar little

      oil 2tsp



      Blend the mint<lemon juice and cumin along with water.

      Stir in the flour and make a fine dough.

      Divide the dough into lemon sized balls.

      Roll out the discs.

      Rub the salt into cabbage and squeeze extra water.

      Crush peas,Heat oil and add the potatos,peas,cover and cook until they get softer.

      Add cabbage and onion cook further 2 more minutes.

      Add remaining ingredients like

      Garammasala,little sugar,coriander,grenchillies, and salt.

      Make equal portions as dough portions.

      In each roti stuff one mixture ball,roll to thick rotis.Place in a baking tray 3-4 and bake them.

      (If you bake,apply ghee/butter on the surface and bake in 200*c,until it gets brownish red spots on the surface.) OR

      Heat a griddle/pan and place these stuffed parathas

      Cook both sides until they get golden brown spots.

      Apply ghee/oil.

      Serve with yoghurt and green chutney.


      Wheat flour 250 Gms

      Egg      2 nos

      Oil 6 tbp

      Baking powder 1 tsp

      Salt to taste


      Mix well the flour, baking powder and salt.

      Rub the flour with 2 tablespoons of oil and make it into a smooth dough.

      Divide the dough into 8 balls and and roll them into flat thick rounds.

      Apply little oil, sprinkle some flour and fold it into semicircle.

      Again apply some oil and flour and fold it lengthwise.

      Roll it, press down and roll out into square of 8 inches by 8 inches.

      Brush the surface of the paratha with beaten eggs and turn all four corners towards the center.

      Heat a girdle and apply oil liberally.

      Cook the paratha in it applying oil along the edges.

      Fry on both the sides till brown patches appear and serve hot.


      3 cups plain flour
      1 tbsp. oil
      1 tsp. dry yeast
      1/4 tsp. baking powder
      1 tsp. sugar
      1/2 cup warm milk
      2 tbsp. curds
      salt to taste
      more milk for kneading if required


      Sprinkle yeast and sugar over warm water.

      Keep aside for 5 minutes or till frothy.

      Mix salt and flour, take in a large plate.

      Make well in centre. Put curds in well.

      Sprinkle baking powder over curds.

      Allow to stand for 2-3 minutes.

      Pour oil, yeast solution, in well and mix gradually.

      Use milk as required, to make a soft stiff dough.

      Brush dough will oil. Cover with inverted bowl.

      Keep aside for 4 hours. Longer if weather is cold.

      Grease palms well and punch dough till soft and elastic.

      Cover again and keep aside for 10 minutes.

      Break of a lump of dough.

      Roll or pat to a thick round about 6" diam.

      Roast on hot griddle, or tandoor, till golden spots appear.

      Or shallow fry on griddle.

      Serve hot with gravied vegetables, dals, etc.


      1wheat flour 1glass
      Bengal gram flour 1glass
      Rice flour

      Salt to taste

      Carrot 1/2cup

      Cabbage 1/2cup

      French beans same as above

      Capsicum same as above

      Onion little more than above

      Fresh tomatoes As above


      Chop the mint leaves,coriander leaves.

      Slit the greenchillies.

      Make ginger&garlic intop smooth paste.
      Prepare 8-10parathas or use leftover.

      Heat oil in a skillet,add fennel seeds,as soon as they

      Pop,add chillies,mint leaves,onion bits.

      Fry till they turn to rose colour.

      Add all masala and salt.

      Cut and Remove capsicum seeds and hard part inside.

      Cut into 2cm size pieces,cut the beans.

      Chop the onions finely.Shred the cabbage.

      Add 2cm sized cut carrots,and other chopped vegetables,

      Cover and partly cook them.

      Add capsicum and cook ½ ly with the lid.

      Add tomato bits fry for a ½ minute.

      Make the parathas into bits.

      Add all roti/paratha/dosa bits and stir,until they coated well.

      Sprinkle little chole/gupchip/Manipuri masala,garnish

      With chopped coriander leaves and serve hot!


      Frozen Paratha 6 chickPeas (Garbanzo Beans) 1 can
      Capsicum 1
      Tomato 2
      Onion 1
      Ginger &Garlic Paste 1Tbsp
      Chilli Powder 1 Tbsp
      Coriander Powder 2 Tbsp
      GaramMasala Powder 1 Tsp
      Bay LeafLemon juice 1/2 Tbsp

      For Garnishing:
      Coriander leaves

      Lemon juice 1/2 Tbsp

      Bring parathas to room temperature before cooking(thaw them in microw-oven).

      Julienne the onion and capsicum.chop coriander finely.
      Cut the tomatoes into big chunks.
      Heat butter in a pan and saute the spices.
      Add Ginger-Garlic paste, onions and tomato one after another.

      Add chilli powder, coriander powder , garam masala and salt.
      When it is done add the cooked chick peas. Mix thoroughly.
      Tear the Parathas into pieces. Add this to the masala.
      Cook until the paratha and masala mix togehter.
      Squeeze lime juice.
      Garnish with Coriander leaves and cashewnuts fried in ghee.
      Serve hot with onion raitha.








      Wheat flour(atta) 2cups

      Home made paneer 1cup(should be fresh)

      Greenchillies 4

      Coriander leaves tbsp

      Cumin seeds tsp


      Drymango powder 1/4tsp

      Chillipowder 1/2tsp

      Butter 11/2 tbsp

      Ghee/clarified butter for cooking


      Mix all masala ingredients together.Add salt etc.

      Boil water and add with flour,butter and knead well to a fine smooth dough.

      Make equal balls and stuff with the masala,and cover the ends to upwards,remove extra.

      Roll as a ball and roll out again to a thick roti.

      Heat a flat griddle and place the paratha on it ,cook to golden brown, (smearing ghee both sides.)

      Serve hot with any pickle and yoghurt.


       whole wheat flour(atta) 1/4kg


      oil                ½ cup
      for stuffing ;-
      Potatoes         ½ kg
      coriander leaves    1/2cup 
      Garlic&ginger paste      2tsp
        onions         1cup

      RED chillipowder  1tsp
      Limejuice 2tsp
      oil/butter for frying


      Make a smooth dough with given ingredients above…

      Chop the onions, green chillies and the coriander leaves.

      Boil the potatoes; discard the peel and mash well.

      Add the rest of the ingredients and mix well.
      Make equal sized balls,and press each ball ad a small puri.

      Spoon filling in the small puri and roll into balls.

      With a rolling out the balls into 1/2" thick discs.

      Cook the rotis or paratha until both sides are golden and cooked well.(using ghee for both sides)

      Potato Paratha: 

      Ground recipe for paratha

      For Parathas the common&most important step is to knead the dough well &properly. 

      Take 1 cup wheat flour, 1/2 to 3/4 cups of water.

      Add (as per taste) salt, tsp oil. Knead the dough with little water and slowly add more water until the dough becomes smooth and pliable. Keep the dough in a bowl covered for 30 minutes.

      Break off the dough into the size of a small sized lemon.

      Roll to 1/4 in. thick and wrap it around the prepared spiced vegetable.

      Again roll this similar to a roti. Shallow fry it on a griddle,should be little thicker than normal roti.

      Here i am writing the main recipe and fill whatever you need to fill.


3  potatoes 

5 green chillies,

piece of ginger 


Garam Masala  

2 spoons of oil  


Boil the potatoes,peel and mash them. 

In a Kadai, heat oil &add chillies(chopped)&ginger.Fry them. 

Add potatoes and other spices.stir them properly.  

Now the filling is ready.

Make paratha dough as given above,fill with potato mixture and cover,roll as thick roti(filling should not come out!),shallow fry to golden.   

Serve with curds or green chutney or Pickle.


 large raddish                  1big or 2 small

green chillies                  6 

piece of ginger 


oil/ghee            for shallow fry.  


Peel&Grate raddish,rub little salt and strain them in a strainer for 15 min.

Chop andchillies and ginger. 

Press extra water from the raddish, add grated chillies & ginger. 

Add other ingredients. 

Mix chopped fresh coriander leaves too.

Now the filling is ready. 

MaKE THE PARATHAS DOUGH AS GIVEN ABOVE,and fill the mixture (in the pressed lemon balls as small puri)and roll it as thick roti,cook them on a hot pan to golden, 

Serve with yoghurt or any Pickle. 

      Cauliflower Paratha-2

    • Florets of  cauliflower 
  • Green chillies                  6-8 
  • small piece of ginger
  • Garlic                          4(crushed) 
  • Salt to taste 
  • Coriander Powder. 
  • oil/ghee for shallow fry.  
  • Method:-  
  • Grate cauliflower and rub salt and keep them in a strainer for 12 min.
  • Chop the chillies and ginger finely. 
  • Press&Remove extra water from flower& add  chillies & ginger. 
  • Heat 1 spoon oil and fry for a minute if desired to get rid of the raw smell. 
  • Add coriander Powder,salt. 
  • The stuffing is ready to be filled. 
  • Follow the dough preparation given above,after making balls,press them as a smallpuri and fill the mixture,roll out thick roti.
  • Shallow fry them to golden,serve hot.
  • Serve with yoghurt or greenchilli Pickle.

      Fenugreek leaves Paratha:  

Fresh fenugreek leaves               11/2cup

  • Green chillies                     5
  •  ginger                           11/2cm
  • Salt to taste 
  • oil for shallow fry. 


  • Pressure cook fenugreek leaves.
  • Grate chillies and ginger. 
  • Remove extra water from the leaves.
  • Heat 1 spoon oil and fry a second, add chillies & ginger.
  • Add corianderpowder,salt,turmeric. 
  • Now the filling is ready.
  • Follow the method which i wrote above for dough.
  • Press the lemon sized balls like a small puri and fill with the mixture,cover all sides.

Rollout a thick roti and shallow fry until golden(both sides).

Serve hot with yoghurt and any Pickle.

  • This paratha looks like jilebi curls,little more work than original paratha.
  • But taste is good,and heavy,solid food.
  • Sieve flour with salt.
  • Make a pliable dough with water and milk 
  • Cover with adamp cloth for 1 hour.

Take out from the cloth and add saunf,ajwain,and ghee rub fastly and knead

well to a spongy,softy dough.

Make equal size balls and cover again with damp cloth for 1 more hour.

Rollout into 6inches in diameter,and brush with ghee and sprinkle with the flour over.

Cut from the middle to one edge(radius),roll round the disc.

Now it looks like a cone,cut the top and insert back.

Flatten the dough with your palm to make a pedha.
Repeat for all the othersin the same process,cover with a brown paper and keep in the refregerator for 25 minutes.

Shallow fry  on a hot griddle till golden brown. 

serve hot with pickle and yoghurt.




Wheat flour (atta)          1cup

Salt to taste

water to kneed the dough

Oil for deep frying

Method:-In a wide bowl place the sieved wheat flour and salt,mix with fingers.

make a big hole in center like a well,

pour little by little water to make a smooth stiff dough(not so stiff).

Knead well,and make lemon sized OR walnut sized balls without damages.

Cover with a damp cloth,heat oil

and roll out the balls into thick circles

and slip into hot oil,it comes up like a bubble to the top of the oil surface.

Flip it and fry to golden brown,do the same procedure with the other balls,slip batchwise but not crowded,the puri come up like ballons,so leave some place to the others!

Serve with potato masala curry,potato&coconut raita or fresh coconut  chutney.


Wheat flour 1cup

Salt to taste

Allpurpose flour 1cup

Potatoes 2 Boiled&mashed

Cheese 1cube

Onions 2

Red chilli powder ½tsp

Garam masala pinch

Ginger ¼ inch

Ghee 1tbsp

Lemon juice 1tsp

Greenchillies 2

Oil for deep frying


Grate the cheese.

Boil potatoes.

Heat ghee and fry the onion and minced chillies,ginger till golden brown.

Mix all dry ingredients in a bowl.

Add mashed potatoes,grated cheese,fried onion bits and mix well.

Sprinkle little water and knead smooth dough.

Deep fry them as small puris immediately.

Serve hot with thick curd and any pickle.



plain flour(atta)2cups
1tbsp dry roasted cumin seeds(coarsely crushed)
1tsp freshly cracked black pepper
2tbsp melted ghee or vegetable oil
3/4th cup buttermilk(matha)
Oil for deep frying

In a large bowl place the flour, add salt, seeds and black pepper. Rub
the melted ghee or vegetable oil into it.
Make stiff but pliable dough using buttermilk.
Cover the dough with damp cloth and set aside for 30 minutes.
Knead dough a little again. Dough should be stiff enough to roll without extra flour.
Make small balls of the dough and cover them with damp cloth.
Take one ball of dough and dip a corner of ball in melted ghee or oil and roll it out into 5 to 6 inches round. Repeat the same process to roll out all pooris.
Heat plenty of oil in a kadhai until very hot.
Put in a poori and immediately start flickering hot oil over the top of it

with a spatula so that it will swell up like a ball.
This should take only a few seconds. Flip the poori over and cook the other
side until golden brown.
Serve hot immediately.


Wheat flour(atta)           1cup


Oil for frying

Yoghurt                    1/2cup

Cumin                      1tsp

Cumin powder               1/2tsp

Coriander leaves           chopped tsp


Beat yoghurt with cumin powder& salt.

In a wide bowl place wheat flour,cumin and 1tsp oil.

Make it like a well and add the beaten yoghurt in the center.

Mix slowly and add required water to make a puri dough.

Knead well and cover with a damp cloth.

heat oil and make small balls and roll out

medium thick discs and deep fry them.

Serve with tomato chutney or fresh coconut chutney.


Wheat flour(atta)           1 cup
All purpose flour           1 cup
Black split gram           1/2 cup
Green chillies               3
Cumin                       tsp


oil for frying

Soak black gram in cup of water for 25 minutes.
Grind it coarsely along with green chillies, cumin seeds, and little salt with little water.

Make small balls and cover with a damp cloth .
Fry the ground masala in tsp oil until done,may be 3-4 min.
Combined wheat flour, all purpose flour,oil,and salt to a smooth dough.

Make small balls out of wheat flour dough and make small balls out of blackgram masala also.

Make small thick discs with flour balls and fill with masala balls and cover well.roll again as a round ball.'

Make thick pooris(discs),carefully and deep fry them in hot oil to golden brown.Serve hot!


Wheat flour(atta)          1cup


Oil for frying

Chopped coriander          tbsp

Chopped mint leaves        tbsp

Garam masala               1/2tsp

Chillipowder               1/2tsp

Ajwain              1/2tsp

Water                 As required



Mix everything except oil to a fine smooth puri dough,knead well,cover with damp cloth.

Heat oil and make small balls out of dough.

Roll out thick puris and deep fry to golden brown.

Serve hot with ginger chutney.


Wheatflour                 1cup(sifted)


Oil for deep frying

Boiled potato              1big(mash it)


Water                      as rwquired

Method:-Mix everything except oil to a fine smooth dough,knead well.

Cover with a damp cloth.

Make wallnut sized balls OR lemon sized balls.Roll out to thick discs(cover them)

Heat oil and deep fry them to golden brown.

This dough will be used immediately.

Serve with onion curry Or masala kurma.


Called as tiranga puris,it is nothing but just fantacy preparation.

Wheat flour                 3cups


Juice of beetroot           1cup

Ajwain/cumin/poppyseeds     tsp


For red colour:

First make the flour into 3 portions.

1)Spinach paste,salt

2)with juice of beetroot

3)only water & ajwain

Heat oil and make puris & fry them to crisp.

Arrange together in a wide dish,it is colourful and healthy also.

Serve them hot with any raita.


 semolina(cream of wheat)                                         1 cup

Allpurpose flour                                                             ½cup

Black gram                                                                 ½cup

wheat flour                                                                 ½cup


Oil for  deep-frying


Mix all flour and salt together, sieve them,add water and mix into a hard dough.

Add½tbspoil,semolina,knead till it mixed evenly,add if required oil.

Divide ito2 parts.Make along ½" thick roll.

Cut into 1/4"pieces.Apply  oil  over pieces,On a damp cloth place them, Roll each piece into 2" small puries.

Heat oil and slip them into hot oil to get puff.

Do not add more at once.

They need place to get puff.

So, let them fry liberally to golden brown,drain them on kitchen paper.

Make puris  (with whole dough) likewise.


Wheat flour/atta           1cup

Plain flour                1/4cup


Yoghurt/curd               1/2cup(as per needed)

water if needs

Chopped fresh spinach          Baby leaves1cup

Ajwain                        1tsp

Redchilli powder              1/2tsp

Pepper powder                 1/2tsp

Oil for frying

Method:-Mix everything to a fine dough & cover.

Make equal sized balls,heat oil and fry them to golden.

serve warm with any curry.

Sev puri

Sev                            2cups

Paapri,coarsely crushed            50 gms.
Puffed rice/Murmura                    cup.
Chili powder                           1 tsp.
Chaat masala                           tsp.
Onion chopped                          1
Raw mango chopped                      2 tbsp.
Green chilies chopped                   2 -3
Coriander chopped                       cup
Tamarind sauce&Mint sauce

SaltTo taste


In a bowl, mix all the ingredients together.

Adjust the chilli powder as your taste.

Serve immediately in individual plates.


Wheat flour 1cup

Salt to taste

Allpurpose flour 1cup

Potatoes 2 Boiled&mashed

Cheese 1cube

Onion s 2

Red chilli powder ½tsp

Garam masala pinch

Ginger ¼ inch

Ghee 1tbsp

Lemon juice 1tsp

Greenchillies 2

Oil for deep frying

Ghee tbsp


Grate the cheese.

Boil potatoes.

Heat ghee and fry the onion and minced chillies,ginger till golden brown.

Mix all dry ingredients in a bowl.

Add mashed potatoes,grated cheese,fried onion bits and mix well.

Sprinkle little water and knead smooth dough.

Deep fry them as small puris immediately.

Serve hot with thick curd and any pickle.


  Potato Roti

peeled potatoes      4 
chopped green chiles  3 
crushed red chillies   1½tsp
mango powder        1 1/2 tasp

oil                   3tbsp
white flour           2cups 
oil for frying 
flour for dusting
Boil potatoes, drain & mash.

Stir in the chillies, cilantro, mango powder, salt & oil.

Gradually stir in the flour to form a smooth dough.

Divide equal portions  & roll out into round discs. 

Set aside.

Heat a griddle,and cook the roti both sides using oil.


The fine kulcha can be made by experience,knead the dough well.

Allpurpose flour 6cups

salt to taste

Bakingpowder ½tsp

Sugar pinch

Warm milk 1cup

Curd/yoghurt 4tbsp

Milk if requires more

Yeast 2tsp(dry is the best)

oil 2tbsp

ghee 2tsp

method:-Warm milk, keep a side.

Spread yeast& sugar over milk,wait till it gets frothy.

Add salt& flour.

In a wide bowl,place the flour,and add curd,baking powder.

Now mix oil,dissolved yeast and knead well.

Knead until it gets smooth & stiff dough.

Cover with adamp cloth and allow to stay for 4½ hours.'

In cold weather(countries) needto stay for more time to ferment.

It gets doubble in size and willbe soft &elastic.

Make an equal sized balls,and roll it into 5½cm diameter disc.

(Pull the kulcha from one end to make oval shape if you like.)

Cook on ",tandoor",or if not,cook on shallow fry on griddle.


Raw pappaya 1
ginger garlic paste
sugar pinch
wheat flour
lukewarm water
garam masala


Grate the papaya.add salt,sugar,flour and garam masala.
Knead well into paratha dough.

Roll out as paratha and roast it both sides to golden.

Use ghee /oil.

Serve hot with any pickle and rita.



Allpurpose  flour          2cups
wheat flour               3/4 cup
Yoghurt/ sour curd 11/4cup
oil 1½ tbsp
sugar 1tsp
soda-bi-carb 3/4 tsp
Garnishing with..
6 tbsp garlic paste & 6 tbsp chopped

coriander/mint leaves


In a big wide bowl,mix together all to form a pliable dough and

leave aside for 8 hours.

Take lemon sized ball out of the dough and roll it out.

Wet one side of the naan and apply the ginger and coriander mixture.

Heat a griddle and place it,cook it, bubbles form on the top.

Flip and cook the other side to golden brown.

Once the naan becomes crisp & cooked properly , takeout & brush the butter and serve hot.

Accompaniment:-Whatever curry you like!


Frozen Paratha 6 chickPeas (Garbanzo Beans) 1 can
Capsicum 1
Tomato 2
Onion 1
Ginger &Garlic Paste 1Tbsp
Chilli Powder 1 Tbsp
Coriander Powder 2 Tbsp
GaramMasala Powder 1 Tsp
Bay LeafLemon juice 1/2 Tbsp

For Garnishing:
Coriander leaves

Lemon juice 1/2 Tbsp

Bring parathas to room temperature before cooking(thaw them in microw-oven).

Julienne the onion and capsicum.chop coriander finely.
Cut the tomatoes into big chunks.
Heat butter in a pan and saute the spices.
Add Ginger-Garlic paste, onions and tomato one after another.

Add chilli powder, coriander powder , garam masala and salt.
When it is done add the cooked chick peas. Mix thoroughly.
Tear the Parathas into pieces. Add this to the masala.
Cook until the paratha and masala mix togehter.
Squeeze lime juice.
Garnish with Coriander leaves and cashewnuts fried in ghee.
Serve hot with onion raitha.


Allpurpose flour 1cup
salt to taste.
Baking powder pinch
oil 2 21/2tbsp

potato 1 medium size
cauliflower- cup

Carrot tbsp
onion 1/2tbsp
peas 1cup
paneer 1/2cup

Red chilli powder 1tsp
Turmeric pinch
Coriander&cumin powder 1tsp
salt to taste
coriander leaves chopped 2tbsp

for daugh:
Mix flour, add salt oil & make soft dough by adding required water
Filling needs..
Boil potato and grate it.
Grate carrot,thinly chopped onion ,florettes of cauliflower(partly boil)& par boiled peas
add all the masalas & corinder leaves salt .
Divide the dough into equal sized balls.

Roll out small disc,and place the tbsp above mixture in the center,drag up four sides edges.

Attach and if you feel there is extra dough,remove.

Roll gently to a thick paratha,and heat the griddle and cook it both sides adding ghee/oil into golden brown.
serve hot with curd / bundi raita.

Jawarroti(JONNA ROTTI)

This is famous in Maharashtra.Healthy,filling food.

Jawarflour 3cups

onions 2 chopped

Geen chilies paste 11/2tsp

chopped coriander leaves

cumin seeds powder

chopped curry leaves

Turmeric powder pinch

chopped fenugreek leaves chopped



With all the ingredients, make soft dough. Make roties out of dough and cook on tawa with little oil both side till they become brown.

Serve hot with tomato chutney or redchilli pickle/ulli karam


Make dough with hot water and salt. Make big medium thin rotis and cook on griddle sprinkling little oil&water both the sides,serve hot with ullikaram.

Kashmiri Puri

plain flour       1cup
wheat flour 1cup
Aniseed,           tbsp,roasted & ground 
Dry yeast           1 tsp
warm milk
sugar                2 Tbsp
curd                 2 Tbsp
saffron strands
poppy seeds           1 tsp
ghee for deep frying

salt                  little


Sprinkle yeast and 1 tsp sugar over warm milk, cover and leave aside for 30

Sift together wheat flour, plain flour and salt in a bowl, add the
remaining sugar and aniseeds.

Gradually pour the yeast mixture and knead well for 15mins till the dough becomes soft,cover with a damp cloth and keep
aside for5 hours (for best results keep overnight).

Next morning knead again and divide the dough into 20 balls.

Mix saffron, curd and poppy seeds together
and leave aside for 15 mins.

Roll out each ball into a 4' round puri and smear one side of each puri with the saffron mixture before frying.

Heat ghee in a panand fry 1-2 puris at a time until it turns golden brown.

Serve hot with yogurt.


Kulchas are more or less like paratha/ naan method.


Khulcha makes like as paratha mehtod

A special ovan(Tandoor) is used for them,even we can make With normal oven / on pan also.

Do make kulchas perfectly round, the charm is in rolling them oval or pulled from one end.

best fresh, or refrigerate dough till used.

Flour is used for kulcha preparation.

Each kulcha is made up of six layers after the raw `pancake' has been folded six times.

Each layer is kept distinct by using dry flour. Then it is cut and a filling is put in each layerThe Kulcha is a favorite accompaniment to the Nehari.(UTTAR PRADESH The soft texture of this bread is good with curries.

A Tandoor is a clay oven in which coal is aglow at all times  and grilled over coal, never actually touchingthe coal.

North Indian breads are baked in the tandoor by slapping them on the hot internal surace of the tandoor

Very tasty rotis,with fine aromatic (masala)

rotis,filled with different stuffings like..

Butter kulchas

Mixed veggi kulchas

Palak&methi kulchas

Paneer kulchas

Paneer& cabbage kulchas

Potato&methi kulchas

Mint kulchas

Peas&palak(spinach) kulchas..etc..

Paneer And Cabbage Kulcha

Sieve the baking powder, salt and flour together.

Melt the butter and add mash it till it becomes fluffy.

Add kalonji. Make a hole in the center of flour mixture and pour milk and spread yeast on it.

spread fresh yeast on it.

When the yeast starts bubbling start to make the dough

The dough should be slightly elastic.

Keep aside for 5hours. Make the dough as for Naan.
Now prepare for filling masala curry.
Mix cabbage and paneer together.

Add salt, black pepper, garam masala to cabbage mixture.

Make the balls of flour dough..

Stuff the mixture into balls.

Roll into slightly thick rotis.

Grill it in tandoor / griddle till done.
Note:-kala jeera called as kalonji seeds.


Allpurpose flour                         1/4kg
Dry yeast                                 1/4tsp
Baking powder                            1/4tsp
Milk                                          1cup
oil                                               1 1/2 tsp 
curd                                            1 tbsp

 Mint leaves                                    tbsp
Ajwain                                          1tsp
Red chilli powder                              1/2tsp
chopped onoin                                  1
Fresh chopped coriander leaves

Dissolve yeast in 3 tbsp of warm water.

Sieveflour, add sugar and salt.

Pour curd in the centre of the flour and sprinkle baking powder on it.

Leave for a few seconds till it starts bubbling, add oil and desolve yeast.

Knead with warm milk to a soft dough.

The dough should neither be too soft nor stiff. It becomes loose after it is kept away for a few hours.

Brush the dough with oil.

Keep the dough and cover it with a pan inverted over it. Keep it in a warm place.Use for best results,a polythine cover. 

Once the dough get double in size, knead it again and keep aside.
Make lemon sized balls.

Mix the fillings ingridients very well.

Press gently with the  roller and then with your hand stick it in a tandoor by applying water.

If you do not have tandoor,use gridle/oven,

Once cooked then take it out from the tandoor and apply Ghee on it.

Loach Poori

is traditionally from Punjab.

"Loach" meaning elastic stretchy texture.

It is normally a serves with cholay(chickpeas curry), specially at the breakfast time.

Loach Poori is similar to Kulcha but it is deep fried.

Allpurpose flour 3 Cups
Sugar 1 Tbsp
Baking Powder 1/2 teaspoon
Ghee 3 tbsp

Yogurt/curd 2tbsp
Cold water 3/4 Cup
Ghee /Oil to Roll dough 1/2 cup
Vegetable oil
Mix and sift items flour,soda,salt.

Cut in Ghee till crumbly. Knead in curd.

Add water little at a time and knead. Make a soft and a little sticky dough.

Cover dough with Wrap and allow to keep for about 2 hours at room

Grease with oil to your palms.

Pinch and make a ball roll it into 5-6”diameter. .

Lift and float it in the Deep Fryer, the rolled surface facing the oil. Turn over Poori with a skimmer. It should fluff up.

For uniform fluffing rub the Poori surface in the fryer with the skimmer.










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