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 1. To get extra taste to sambhar or rasam: Just add 1tsp milk to the rasam or sambhar after finishing boiling.
2. Are you becoming mad about your salty curries or gravies? Add thin pieces of potato to them, cook for a while and throw them afterwards.
3. Do not throw away the drained water from paneer. It can be used in the dough for rotis, parathas, puris or naan. The dough will get soft and a nice colour. It can also be used in soups.
4. Do not throw the  cauliflower stems or cabbage stems - use them in soups, rasam or sambhar.

 *To remove easily the edible part of coconut from the shell :  Store the coconut in freezer compartment of the fridge for 2-3 hours
5. When you boil pulses or grains store that extra water for rasams and soups(pulusu).
6. To remove the tomato peel: just boil 3 cups of water, add tomatoes and keep the lid for some time. switch off the stove.
7. To get extra whiteness to your rice; add 1tsp of fresh lemon juice when boiling.
8. To get more crispy potato bajjis, dip potatoslices in very cold water (or keep them in ice cubes) for 5 to 8 minutes.

Few facial tips!:

1)make a paste with gramflour(tsp),turmeric(pinch),little curd,rub quickly.

Apply to the face as a mask,allowfor10minutes andwash it with lukewarm water,it gives shining to the skin.Do it twice a week.

2)Feeling rough feet &hands?:- Soak your feet &hands in warm water,adding with vinegar,allow to rest them for 10-12 min.,remove wipeit with a smooth towel,andapply the moistariser(cream).

3)Honey,carrot bits,papaya bits and tsp milk,take them in a blender make a fine smooth paste,apply to the face as mask.Allowto dry,wash with luke warm water,

4)Toget smooth &shiny skin:- Bits of pineapple,papaya bits,honey 1½tsp,

paste them and apply to the face,clean after 12 min.

*For pimple spots or patches:-

Mix tbsp mixture of lemon juice & milk,

Applyto the entire face with fingers before you going to the bed.Wash it next morning with luke warm water,do it twice a week (atleast).

*Mix cooking soda ,water and apply to the face,allow to keep for 10 min.wash it.

*Make a paste with water and ajwain and apply.,after drying clean it.

PEDICURE (FOR SOFT FEET,REmove the cracks)

Take a wide plastic tub addlemon juice,honey,and glycerine,fill it 3/4 warm water (little more hot),soakthefeet for15-20min.

Rub the feet with pumic stone(where the feet have cracks-ithelps to remove the dead skin).

Take a soft brush and rub thewhole feet.

Ifyouhave "foot massage" at home,take a vibration with that.

If you do not have..

do like this,

1)Use nourishing cream  and massage clockwise & anticlock wise directions,

2)with pedicure we can have help from damaging nails,and gives soft &tender feet.

3)Take a brisk walk atleast 30 minutes (walking fast).It gives help not only to the feet,to the whole body also!  
9. Add curryleaves to your upma before removing it from the heat.
10. To avoid lumps when making upma, roast suji(rawa) before adding the water.
11. To keep the dosa or the idli batter from getting sour, do not add salt to the batter. This way it can be stored for 3 more days without getting sour.
12. You should always add salt after you have ground the idli or dosa batter (i.e. not before grinding).
13. To get crispy dosas or soft idlies, add 1 tsp flakerice(poha) to the soaked black gram (urad dal-white).
14. Do not throw out the bottle guard stems(kaddu-heads). These can be used as brushes (when you are making dosas) on frying-pans(tawa). You could also cut one potato into two halves and use them as brushes.
15. If you have opened canned tomatoes which you don't need, you could pour it in icecube-moulds. De-freeze them and use.

*Rub ice cube on your face before get make-up,

youcan notget seat for some hours!Itgives you so relief!
16. To avoid getting your hands black when cutting raw bananas (plantains), add 1tsp of curd or butter milk to a bowl of water in which you put the banana bits. Before washing your hands, apply little oil to your palms.
17. To avoid extra blackness to brinjalcurry or fry, sprinkle 1tsp tamarindpulp over it.
18. To avoid extra bitterness in bitterguard(karela), mix salt and lemonjuice. Let it be like that for 1 hour.
19. If you want to store bitterguard, do as in tip no.18 and store them in the freezer.
20. To store drumsticks, cut them in equal sizes and add to some boiling water with 1 tsp salt. Let them boil for 2 minutes, cool them and store them in the freezer. 
21. Do not discard the dry curry leaves! Powder them and store in small spicejars, can be used in rasam, sambhars and even curries.
22. Keep prepared cutlets, kachories(not fried) in the fridge for ½ hour,before deep-frying.
23. Add a little amount of milk to get smooth and soft puris.

*To store more quantities of onion,coriander,garlic,ginger paste...use 1tsp oil when you are grinding & keep a air tight container.

*To store the onion paste,saute' them first in tsp oil and blend to paste,otherwise they get bitter.

24. To get soft mothichoor laddos, add
1 tsp of honey and 2 tsp of hot ghee to the sugar syrup. After adding boondi, let it stay for ½ hour before you make them round. They'll stay soft for almost two weeks!
25. To get crispy samosa outer cover, add some rice flour to the dough.
26. Try to get crispy golguppa (pani puri) by using only large amount of suji (rawa) and little amount of all purpose flour.  Allow to stay for 1hour,before you roll.
27. They spoil easily if you keep apple & pear  together in the fridge.
28. Grate the fresh coconut (if you do not use on the same day),And store in the deep freezer, keep it in the water for sometime Before you use, it will be fresh taste as the same day!
29. Use  milk to get fine taste to the idli chutney (coconut).
30. To remove peel very easily, if you store the tomatoes in the deep freezer.
31. Add one ladyfinger stem (head) when you are grinding dosa batter. (to black gram-urad dal).
32. To get soft vadas just soak daal (black gram-urad dal) for ½hour, It is sufficient time to grind.
33. To get soft appalu (boorelu-hanumanji prasad) add 1tbsp wheat flour (atta) to 3 tbsp of rice flour. Mix 1tsp oil when the water is boiling.
34. There is no need of soaking badshahi  or kaajaa, they can be prepared immediately!
35. To get more juice from the oranges or lemons, keep them in pre-boiled hot water for awhile.
36. Do not throw the bottle guard or angular guard peel (it should not be old) -  it can be used as chutney (patchadi).
37. Make sambhar only with cabbage, it has a special taste. You can also make dal with cabbage.
38. If you feel that  squeezing tamarind every day is too much work: boil a little bigger amount of tamarind in water until it thickens. Then, remove, cool it and squeeze it in a plastic container and store in the refrigerator for 10 days.

39)To get crispy samosas,add pinch of cooking soda to the oil.

40)(In the vegetable storage compartment) in the refregerator,

place some papers to absorb extra moisture from the vegetables.

And they feel fresh.

*To have the colour & freshness to cauliflower,

add 1tsp milk while boiling.

To avoid black stains:-Place a squeezed lime bit under the pressure cooker,while cooking rice or Dal.It cleans to fresh.

41)to get extra soft rotis,add little rice flour to the dough.

42)To get extra crispyness for cutlets,make cutlets and before you fry them

keep in the refregerator for 1/2 hour with cover.

*Clean your bathroom mirrors with the shaving cream; the mirrors will not get foggy for weeks.

*Can be used vinegar to make the mirrors shiny..

*For cleaning bathroom,sinks use soda to remove the hard stains. 

43)To get crispy chips,cut them with peel(slices)and soak them in the ice water for 1 hour.Drain and pat them to dry on a cloth.

Then deep fry them to crisp.

44)To get crispy pakoras,grind garlic pods,1/2 onion to 1 cup bengal gram flour and rest of the process is normal.

45)Pour some lemon drops in hot oil when you are deep frying,

they absorbs little oil than normal.

46)Soak potato chips in a combination of lemon+citric acid water for

sometime,to get more crispy & extra taste.

*To clean the tea net (strainer):-

Heat the strainer over (keep itin high level offlame)stove for 4-5 minutes.removeandclean with mild cleaning soap,and wash it,it can easily get rid of the black stains(it happens becoz of using more ).  

*To avoid extra bitterness from the bittermelon(karela),crush or cut and rub salt& lemon,soak for 2 hours ,then squeeze well.


Apply more salt and squeeze,keep in frozen section and use whever you need.(staying in the freezer it looses its bitterness).

*To get rid of the bad odours from microw oven,

keep a microw resistable bowl with adding tsp vinegar, and onit for 1-2 min.

Allow to stay for 5-6 min.

* Add atbsp of coconut milk & beaten egg and apply to the whole hair,leave itfor 2-3 hours.

Brush & clean with warm water.do the same process atleast once a week, to avoidloosing(falling) hair.

*Use 2tbsp of soaked & pasted fenugreek seeds and leave it with covering with a plastic cap over night.Clean with luke warm watern on the next day.Do it once a week togetmore hair!

curd,mixwellandapply to hair.

47)Drop little oil in the pressure cooker when you are cooking lentils(dal)

you can avoid the leaking from the whistle.

*Howtoreduceuseoil in puris &pakoras:-

Add tsp salt when you are heating oil.

*Tomakelessbitternessin karelas:-

Add salt in water and place karela bits in water for ½ hour.

*Toretain the white colour in cabbagae,cauliflour,add tsp of milk.

*For crispy puris:- add little rice flourto thedough.

*For thick gravy use use powdered groundnuts, or onion paste. 

*To make theuseofstalerotis,chapatis:-

Wrap them in a cleancloth and keepin a airtight container.

Place itin the pressure cooker,wait until 2 whistles to get fresh.

*Fortastier potatoes add salt,when they are boiling.

*Chop theginger and plce in theroti or chapathi box,for soft& fresh rotis.

*Mix lemon juice & honey,take to get relief from upsetstomoch!

*Add turmeric(pinch),oil(tsp)to the

dal,when it is boiling.Itcooks more faster than original style. 

*For caugh relief,2 black cardamoms drop in water (1cup)and boil till it reduce tohalf of the quantity.Take the mixture

2 or 3times a day!

*For throat relief chew cloves.

*To reduce theblack circles around the eyes,Make thin slices of potato,placethem on eyes and relax!for15 min.,wash after with coldwater.

48)In electric rice cooker add few drops of oil/ghee to the rice+water

and allow to stay for 15min.before you cook it.You can get fine soft cooked rice.

To get white,puffy,cooked rice,add 1tsp lemon juice,salt&tsp butter to the washed rice(to the electric cooker).

Apply (rub) a tomato slice to your face and allow for 2 minutes.Wash with bengalgram flour and with warm water,try weekly twice like this,before you go to bed.To get soft skin!

Can be used the mixture of almonds powder,honey,and oliv oil(11/2drops)

Try it,you can see the difference.

Can be used the lemon slice,rub around the face and leave it for 15 min.

wash with gram flour&warm water.

Use the papaya pulp(fruit) to the whole face and leave for 20 min.

Wash later with warm water. 

*Apply everyday before going to bed,fresh coriander around the lips,to get rid of black patches.

*Add little turmeric&tsp oil to the greengram,when you are cooking .

You can get tasty,thick  boiled dal.

*To get crispy vadas add tsp rice flour to the blackgram batter.

*Add tsp lemon juice to the hot oil,(when you are deep frying anything)

to avoid absorbing more oil.

*Keep tomatoes in the frozen section,to remove the peel so easily.

*Rub little oil to the garlic pods,to remove the peel easily.

*To get extra taste to the sambar, fry all vegetables in tsp oil before you add other ingredients.

*To give your coconut burfi more nutritive value and also natural colour, add grated carrot and beetroot while preparing it.

*10)To clean the tea-pots(ceramic) use vinegar & a tooth brush,pour little vinegar and rub with brush around the jug.

wash with running warm water, watch the difference!

*For shiny flooring:-  Use tbsp vinegar to one 3/4 of buquet warm water and mopp weekly twice,see the difference. 

*To relief from cold:-Clean thecabbage leaves andpressurecook them.Inhale the steamfor2-3 min.

*Toremove the kitchen knife stains:-

Scrub with onion for2-3min.

To clean the aluminium utensils:-Use sand papper

to clean the dirty aluminium vessels.

Add 1cup milk to the puris dough to get crispy puris!

Don't you have any non-stick pan at home?

Try this method:-heat some salt in your normal pan and fry for a min.,throw it and wash,it can be used as nonstick pan..try it!!

*Mint,honey and lemon juice are a good combination as for


*Drink atleast 15 glasses of water per a day!

*For sound sleep:-Take a fresh tub bath before you going to the bed.

*For good sleep:-Take 1 cup of warm milk.

*If you out there wish to loose a bit of weight,take apple cider vinegar in water before meal.

*Apparently it dissolves the fatty ploque adhering to the inside of the arteries & from other areas.This waste part is then deposited into the bloodstream and disposed of naturally.

*Apply 3 parts of baking soda (sodium bicorbonate),1 part of water,apply to the face in a gentle circlar motion,(wash the face before).Rinse clean for a fresh scrubbed face.

It is a good facial scrub-Removes pimples!!

*For softy skin:-avocado,yoghurt,honey:-For moisturising skin.

*1/2 Lemon juice

1 egg white *mix and leave it for 3 min.

Apply then,avoid the eyes area and leave for 30 min.Pat dry.Then apply the moisturising cream.

* To reduce the black rings around the eyes:-

Clean the face and cut the cleaned potato to thin slices.

Place them on eyes and take rest for 15 min.

rinse with cold water.

*Bite the cloves to get rid of the toothaches!.

For relaxed skin &attraction skin:-

Cut the apple into slices and put on your face,keep for 15 min,wash later.

*To remedy for pimples:-Squeeze the garlic paste and apply over pimples.

*Mix 1tsp of sugar to the puri dough for freshness.

*To get sharpness to your mixie jars:-add rock salt and grind it.

*For beauty of the skin,add 1cup of milk,to warm water and apply(do it before you take bath).

*To hit thecoconut in the center:-Keepit in the cold water for some time and hit .

**To clean microw:-Mixvinegar &water (1/4:1),in a microw resist bowl.Rotate forfew secondsit deodorise.

**It is a very good cleaner for stainless steel:-Wipe with vinegar using with a damp cloth.

*Toavoid sticking use tspof vinegar.

**Clean dish washer:-Run a cup of vinegar through whole circle,do it once amonth. 

**Clean eye glasses & wipe with a drop of vinegar.

**To store leafy vegetables:-Place them overnight in salt water,will be fresh for the next day.

**For cleaning drainer:-Pour one cup vinegar down thedrainer,once a week.allow tostand for 40 min.Flush with cold water. 

**For crispy chips/frenchfries:-Add ½cupofvinegar to 4 cups of water,cut the potatoes and soak them in.for 20 min

before frying.

For quicksalad dressing:-Blend a cup curd &½tsp of lemon juice along with seasoning,then toss the salad into it.

**To store the riped bananas,peel them and store in a plastic cover in the frozen section.

**Preserve apple bits

from browning:-through placing them in pineapple juice,store in the fridge.Itgets fineflavour &remains for long time too.

**Chop the onions into cubes and store them in thefrozen box.

**A wet onion is easier toremove thepeel than thedryone.(placeinwaterfor5 min.beforecut)

**Toremove theburned part from the griddle(tawa),use sandpaper.

**fantastic result with this tip.:-Soak the banana peel in a bucket of waterover night,

clean the bath room tails (any) for shining.

***Garnish with sweet imli chutneyand chat masala over "dahi vada"

**Toclean thecomputer mouse,keyboard with nail polish remover,see the shining.

**Usepotatoslices toremove the stains on "watchdials.

**eat the combination of walnuts,almonds,raisins,sunflower seeds.

Shold be not more than 50gms a day. 

The walnuts has Omega-3(fat as infish),itgives

good memory,activeness to the brain and nutrition.It gives relax from the tireness.

**eat tomato(atleast one)everyday,tomato has best help to the brain.Eat in any form ofit.

**If the rusty screws arenot loosen spray vinegar,let it work for 1min.Comes outeasily.

**To avoid the bad smell(or mixed odours)from the refregerators try this..

Place cooking soda in a small bottle,make a small hole to the lid and fix it tightly.Keep the bottle in the fridge compartment.

**To store fresh for a ladyfingers:- Cut the ladyfingers head & tail,place in a polythene cover,and store in the refregerator. 

**To store tindooras(Donda):-

These are very sensitive,and ripe very easily,if you have large quantities at home,try this method,it helps..

These are not like ladyfingers,cut them slices/legnthwise and keep in a polythene cover,store in the frozen section. 

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