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Made with pure Ghee or Vegetable oil.
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Modak is a speciality for the festival of Lord ganesh chathurdhi. However, the traditional way to make is with cashewnut powder.
Milk                 1liter
sugar                6½tsp 
cashewnuts                    8tsp
cardamom powder
modak mould.
The covering: 2 cups rice flour (of good quality rice, washed & dried in shade)
Butter         1tsp
oil                 1tsp
milk                1\2 cup
Filling: -  
Fresh coconut      1cup grated
(remove the brown part) 
 jaggery (grated finely)       2 cups
1\2 tsp nutmeg powder and CardamomsPowder the cashew nuts.
cashewnut ,saffron & cardamoms powder.
Roast the grated coconut for some time and add jaggery.

The stuffing should be dry enough to be filled in the modak. 

Boil the milk to 1\3rd& add the  sugar,  

Boil till it turns to a thick paste.
Use the mould to make modaks.
Boil 1 cup water & keep aside half the quantity.
Add same proportion of milk add salt and oil.
Remove from fire and add the rice flour. Add water if necessary.
Steam for 4 minutes.
Apply water and oil on palms and knead the dough while still warm to avoid lumps.

Suggestion:- Mix the flour with 1 tsp allpurpose flour / corn flour to make it soft,then you get the pleats in a good shape.

Fill the stuffing in the rice flour covering & shape them into modaks.

Steaming the modaks: Boil water in a large skillet & place the modaks in a plate.

Take the dough, roll into small balls. Take a ball flatter it on your palm, make neat pleats, and then fill in the stuffing.

Close all the pleats & join together at the head.(like garlic pods) 

Dip these in water & place on a light muslin cloth (This keeps the modaks soft). 

Serve with ghee, spread on the modak.

Everybody prepare them in the vinayaka chathurthi festival.
These are steamed rice semolina balls and
Lord Ganesh favourate food. 
At south(andhra pradesh)one variety,madras style another variety etc..
Rice                       1cup
Bengalgram                 1/2 cup
Wash&drain rice.Grind coarsely as semolina (resemble).
Donot sieve flour.
For one cup rice,boil 2 cups of water,add salt,when it is boiling,add semolina.
Simmer,cook semolina until done.
Keep the lid and check ocassionally.
Remove and transfer into a wide bowl.
add partly cooked bengal gram to the above,suji.
Mix well and make round balls(wet your palms)
Heat water in a skillet,cover with a thin cloth around it.
When water is boiling make two rows with the balls and cover it.
Or use pressure cooker without WHISTLE.
Boil until done.
Serve with ginger chutney or onion karam
(onion.coconut,salt,little tamarind,redchillies-grind raw things and add little raw oil,serve).
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 This is favourate item to sri lord ganesh and everybody make this on ganesh chathurthi.
The cover is with steamed riceflour and filling with the mixture of
fresh coconut & jaggery OR sugar.
It is tasty prasad from Lord ganesh.

2 cup shredded Fresh coconut                               3cups
1 cup jaggery or sugar                                           11/2 cups
 pistachios & cashews.                                   3tbsp

Milk                                                                     3/4 cup 
cardamom powder
Combine coconut,milk,sugar or jaggery(whatever you select),cook on a low heat.
Add the nuts and ,cardamom powder and continue to cook
till the mixture turns caramelized.Cool it.
For modak crust

Rice flour                                            2cups
water                                            2cups
Ghee                                             2tsp
salt                                             little


Pour cup of water in a skillet,bring to boil.

Add ghee,salt and oil too.

Add the riceflour and mix well without forming any lumps.Keep a lid for 3-4 min.Stir ocassionally.check the lid.

Remove from stove and transfer into a wide bowl,knead well,kepp aside.

For modak shapes,do like this..
You can get nice modaks when the dough is warm .
Grease the palms of your hands well. Take a ball of dough. Flatten the dough to form a cup shape.  Place about  3/4th teaspoon coconut filling into this cup. Dip thumb & index finger in the oil & make 5-6 small pinches side by side on the outside edges of the cup. Bring them together on top and join to form a peak. Your modak is complete. This should look like a whole garlic pod. .

Place the modak on a pre greased plate. 

Make the rest of the modaks. Place them on a pre-greased plate. Steam for about 15 minutes. Serve with ghee.
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Category : Vegetarian - sweets
 Yield      : 5 portions
Preparation:10 min
Cooking time: 15 min
½ kg   Fresh carrots
150 gms  khoya (cova- thick milk)
½ kg sugar
½ cup ghee
½ cup milk
1 tbsp  pistachios (chopped)
1 tbsp cashew nuts (chopped)
2 tbsp  cardamoms seeds (not powdered)
Warm ghee and add peeled & grated carrot to it.
     Fry it for 3 minutes on low heat.                           
     Add milk, cook it for 3 more minutes.
   Remove from the heat & add khoya (grate it) mix well, keep it   again on the stove. Stir constantly, add sugar.
let it cook for 5 minutes or till it becomes a thick paste.   
   Remove from the heat and transfer to a wide pre-greased plate.   Flat it evenly and decorate with pistachios & cashew nuts.
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catagory :sweets(deserts)
servings: 10
cookingtime: 15min
250gms   Bombay rawa(fine suji)
50gms    Ghee
Cashewnuts   15
Sulthanas or kissmiss   10
1½cup- boiled water
1cup   boiled milk
300 gms- sugar
60gms- ghee(clarifiedbutter)
10 in no.s- cardadmoms
4 in no.s- cloves(lavang)
kesari or saffron strands
Roast rawa with 50gms ghee without burning.
Roast cashewnuts,kissmiss for a while in a tsp ghee.
In a skillet add  water & milk, boil together.Simmer.
Add roasted rawa, cardamoms powder (Ensure that  there are no lumps).
Cover it with a lid until it is  properly  cooke
Add the saffron (which is dissolved in a1 tsp milk).
Stir well.
Add sugar &ghee and the  roasted nuts and raisins or sultanas(kissmiss).
Keep the lid.
Stir well.Allow  for 5 minutes more.
Pour it (halwa) on a pre- greased plate and cut into desired shapes.
·serve hot or cold.
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150gms     -cashewnuts (broken are o.k)
 150 gms   - groundnuts (without peel)
100gms   - sulthanas( kissmiss)
15ogms  - soaked&peeled  almonds
50 gms pistachios
50 gms   -walnuts
10 in no`s cardamoms (only seeds)
300 gms-  sugar
100 gms-  sesame seeds
§ Roast cashewnuts, pistachioes, almonds, sesame
§   Seeds,groundnuts,sulthanas and walnuts for few minutes.Donot burn them.
§   In skillet add 200gms of water to the given measured sugar and boil  it.
§   Make a fine syrup till it gets two thread consistancy.
§   Simmer.
§   Add one by one nuts to the syrup.mix well.
§   Pour it immediately on a greased plate.Cool it.
§   Cut into desired shapes.
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  •  (½kg)2 glasses- Fresh gram flour(sift)
  •  1½ glasses Sugar
  • o       8 in nos. -  cardamoms
  • o       1 glass      -water for syrup
  • o       1tbsp     -  Honey
  • o       2 tsp     -saffron strands
  • o       1tbsp   -kissmiss
  • o       3 tsp   - almonds(broken-white)
  • o       ½ cup cashewnuts
  • o       1½ pinches yellow colour
  • §         Oil     -½ kg
  • §         Ghee-  ¼ kg
  • o       10 in nos  -  (square bits) sugar candy
  •                      METHOD:
  • a.    Sieve the gram flour.
  • b.    Deseed the cardamoms neatly.
  • c.    Fry  cashew nuts & almonds,kissmiss  for 1 minute.        
  • d.    Make a medium thick batter with gram flour, adding sufficient water without any lumps.
  •  Prepare syrup mixing sugar & water(measured).
  •  The syrup should be less than one string
  •     Consistancy.
Take 1 tsp of  milk to the yellow Colour & add to the prepared syrup.
Add the honey and stir well.
Remove the heat & allow the syrup to stay On the stove only.(putoff)
Now heat the combination of ghee & oil.
( We  have to use two ladles with holes,
These are special  ladles for laddus,
.We can get  in the supermarket.)
 Now take the batter with a big spoon and pour  In the  one of the ladle.
 The gramflour batter drops will fall through the ladle in to the hot oil,called as boondi.
 Deep fry them to light brown colour & transfer them (using 2nd ladle) to the warm syrup.
Use & finish with the whole batter like this.
Now add nuts&cardmoms(not powder),kissmiss&Saffron strands.
Mix well.
Keep the lid and let it stay for ½ hour to 1 hour.
Now make laddus as your desired size.
Can be stored for one month.
Because of adding honey, they could be very soft for some more time. 
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 Can be prepared with fresh coconut  or without.
500gms Semolina (bombai rawa or suji)
o       1 in no. -  Grated fresh coconut
                                                                           *     1 full cup - milk
o       400 gms- sugar
o       250 ml  - water
o       30 gms khissmiss
o       50 gms Cashewnuts
o       30 gms  - peeled almonds
o       10 in no-  cardamoms(deseeded)
o       1½ tbsp ghee


 Deseed  all cardamoms,grind them coarsely.
.Roast rawa in the ghee (without burning) for 2 minutes,keep aside.
 Take a little ghee for roasting cashewnuts & almondsAnd khissmiss.Keep aside.
Remove the black part of the coconut and grate it with a grater. 
Add milk to the roasted rawa &grated coconut.
 Press together and cover with a damp cloth for ½Hour.
Make the syrup with given ingredients (water & sugar)
 To a two string consistancy.
 Now add the roasted nuts & khissmiss.
Add soaked rawa mixture to the 
syrup and stir well until  it mixed properly.
Mix the coarsely ground cardamoms and saffron strands.                                                         
 Make  laddos as you desire.
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Roasting rice flakes and mixing with jaggery.
  300 gms rice flakes(poha)
 170 gms- jaggery  (light brown)
 135 ml- water for syrup
 100 gms coarsely ground peanuts
  4 tsp   -  powdered cardamoms
   Oil for frying.
 Fry the rice flakes in oil without burnig.
 Roast the peanuts crush to a pink brown colour.
 Make 2 threads consistacy syrup.
  Add the fried rice flakes,peanuts & cardamom Powder,stir well.
Now make round balls as your desired shape.
 flower bar                                                
 Laddos made of crushed puris & syrup.
   250 gms allpurpose flour(maida)
  1tsp- salt
300 gms sugar
 200 ml -  water for syrup
   3 tsp cardamom powder
   2 tbsp Any crushed nuts
   Mix the puris dough with flour & water.
   Make the syrup with given ingredients toTwo string consistancy.
  Add crushed nuts & cardamom powder,stir well.
 Now make round balls(laddos)according to your desired shape.
  Note:-can be stored for 1 2 weeks in the air tight container
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2 medium size beetroots(red)
2 tbsp               -  coconut powder
15   in nos         -    cashewnuts
1½ cups           -  sugar
 ½  cup             - ghee
          Peel the beetroots thoroughly.Wash them.
          Grate them (through small holes of the grater).
           Take ½ amount of the ghee and roast the grated Beetroot for 3-5 minutes,stirring constantly.
 After getting fine flavour, remove from the heat And roast the cashewnuts for a while
Add sugar to roasted beetroot and cook on a lowFlame untill it becomes thick paste.
Allow to cook till the water absorbs.
Add the nuts & cardamom powder & stir well.
( It is like a creamy substance can be eat with spoons.)
A combination of fresh grated coconut ,sugar&khoya(milk)
           1 full fresh coconut
            250 gms  -.sugar
             10 in nos cardamoms
             15 in nos almonds(soaked & peeled)
              200 gms khoya  ( thick paste of milk-kova)
                1 gm    -  saffron stran
Remove the black part of the coconut.
Grate it finely.
Remove  almonds skin and cut them length wise.
 Add the khoya to the grated coconut and mash it With the hands.
 Add the sugar to the above mixture and cook on a low Heat & stir continuously till it becomes like a fine paste.
Now transfer into a wide pre-greased plate.allow to cool 
Decorate with almonds and saffron strands.
 Cut in to desired shapes.
          **If you want more decorative,soak almonds in green or
           Yellow colour for instance (and let them dry),decorate
           With colour almond bits also!!
          ***Instead of adding khoya, condensed milk also can
              be used.(sweet)
             ½ tin condensd milk,1 tbsp sugar and other
          measurements are all same quantities.
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½tin     -condensed milk(sweetend)
20 gms- almonds(for decoration)
2tbsp- cardamom powder
Soak almonds for 1 hour.
Remove the peel.
Spare 20 gms aside for decoration.
Grind them along with milk,sugar to a fine paste.
Add condensed milk&mix thoroughly.
Stir continuously on low flame till it gets thick paste.
add cardamom powder and mix well.
Transfer the burfi to a greased plate,allow to cool.
Cut it into desired shapes,decorate with chopped  
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    500gms -  cashewnuts
      50 gms - milkpowder
    100ml    -  Fresh milk 
    35ogms -  sugar
    200ml   -  water for syrup
    50 gms  - cashewnuts(cut into lengthwise)
    1 tsp     - vanilla powder(for flavour)
     Grind cashewnuts coarsely.
     Cut 50 gms cashewnuts legnthwise for decoration.
     Mix milk & water along with sugar.
     Make 1 string syrup and add ground cashewnuts.
     Stir constantly  until it becomes paste (a thick mass).
     Add vanilla powder & mix well.
     Transfer the sweet to a greased plate and decorate with chopped nuts.
     Cut it into desired shapes.
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1 tin - sweetend condensed milk(400ml)
250 gms- milk powder
200 gms - cottage  cheese(paneer-fresh)
3 tbsp   -  cardamom powder
12 in nos - pistachios(cut into legnthwise)
1tbsp    -ghee(pure)
Empty the condensed milk tin, transfer into a big skillet.
Add the milk powder and the crushed paneer into a fine batter.
Ensure that there are no lumps.
Cook it on a low heat, stirring constantly.
Make it to a fine thick paste. 
Add the ghee and beat it vigorously to get smooth, fine paste.
Pour it on a greased plate, and use different moulds for shapes.
Press pistachios on every "peda" and serve it.
Note:-No need of adding sugar (condensed milk is sweet).
Suggestion: This dish can also be made in the microwave.
Mix all ingredients(exept cardamom)in a micro bowl & cook in the micro.
Check every 4 th minutes, remove from the micro & stir it.
Keep again in the micro to continue to cook.
It takes up to 8-10 minutes to get a dough-like consistency.
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200 gms - Fresh dates
150 gms - pistachios
50 gms -  sugar &vanilla mix(ground)
1 sheet -silver foil
Deseed the dates.
Chop all pistachios lengthwise.
Grind sugar and vanilla powder.
Mix dates with fingers to a fine dough.
Mix pistachios with the above dough.
Make a big roti with a rolling pin.
Roll the roti like a mat.
Now cut it 2-3cm size bits.
Spinkle sugar mix over each sweet.
Decorate with silver foil finally.
Note:-it is healthy and easy to prepare
This sweet can be made with cashew nuts or peanuts(gound coarsely). 
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SWEET VADAS(Bellam garelu)
500gms- black gram(urad dal)

1 kg      - jaggery(light brown)

10- cardamoms

Oil for deep frying


*soak blackgram(with peel) for 4 hours.

*Remove the peel & grind it to a fine paste.

*Add 750 ml of water to the grated jaggery.

*Stir it and boil untill it gets one string consistancy.Keep aside.

*Heat oil in a non-stick (kadai) deep frying pan,

make vadas&deep fry them to golden brown colour.

*Dip vadas for 30 min.and serve hot OR cold!

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 2cups:  Gram flour(besan

2½cups sugar

2 cups- ghee

10   -cardamom pods

1 cup-water


  Melt ghee and add besan.

Fry for 2 minutes without changing colour.

 Melt the sugar with given amount water.

 Add besan to that dissolved sugar and

Stir all the time on a low flame.

 Assure that mixture is not burned.

 Stir all the time till it becomes frothy.

Add the remaining hot ghee to the

 Besan mixture and stir vigorously,add


Transfer the mixture immediately  into a greased plate,spinkle 1tsp of water over.

Cut the mixture with a greased knife to desired pieces

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  1½cup bengal gram flour(besan)

  1½ cups- condensed milk(sweetend)

 1 cup-ghee        

  1½ cup -  sugar

  ½cup -water 

  2 tbsp- cardamom powder

10  in no.s       -  pistacjhioes(choped)



 Mix½ cup ghee to the basin and fry till  It gives fine flavour.

Dissolve sugar in given mesured water.

Warm the ghee all the time.

Add the condensed milk to the besan mixture&cardamoms.

Add the mixture to the syrup and keep on stirring allthe time on low heat without burning.

When the mixture is getting thick,add the remaining hot ghee and stir till it becomes frothy.

When the ghee leaves side of the vessel,remove from the heat&transfor to a greased plate,decorate with chopped nuts.

Cut in to desired pieces.

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  ½kg- sugar

12 pieces -  bread

300gms- ghee

450ml milk

1cup -  all varieties of nuts

150gms- Khoya  

 2tbsp- cardamoms powder


Boil milk&sugar and ½ cup of water.

Mix khoya & milk well.

Add khoya mixture to the sugar liquid.

Mix well.

Roast bread slices to golden colour.

Place them on a wide plate,and pour khoya mixture over them.

Boil for 2 minutes.

Remove from the heat.

Roast all nuts and spill them over bread slices and serve chill.

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 Blackgram   -1 cup

  Rice             - 2cups

 Jaggery         - 250gms

  Grated freshcoconut-200gms

 Oil for deep frying.


 Soak blackgram&rice separately for 3-4 hours.

 Boil bengalgram in a pressurecooker.

 Mash to a fine paste.Mix it with grated jaggery.

 Cook it until it gets thick paste.

:add ilaichi crystals and coconut it.

Make it equal sized (walnut)balls.

Clean&grind  blackgram(white) ,rice together to a smooth batter.

Heat oil.Dip the prepared balls in the uraddal batter.

Deep fry them to golden brown.

Pour 1tsp warm ghee over sweet balls,

Before you serve to get extra taste(optional)flower bar





This is very sweet in taste.Those who likes more sweet,they can enjoy.If we want to less sweeter than this,we can reduce the measurements.

Temparature:200¤c    time: 8-10  

For cover:


sugar-  200gms         

 milkpowder  - 50gmso     

  ghee    -  2tsp

§   For stuffing:

  Scraped fresh coconut   -  4 cups(only white Part)  

 Jaggery(bellam,goor)    -grated 3 cups

 Cardamoms  - 2 tsp ·     

  Saffron   - 2tsp(strands)


  For cover:

 Crush the mawa as bread  Crumbs.·   

 Add sugar to milkpowder&ghee ·    

 Heat together in a skillet and cook ·      

 It on a moderate flame, stir ·    

 Constantly,till it becomes thick  Consistency.      

 Ensure that,it is not burnt.      

 For stuffing:·      

 Grate the jaggery finely.

Crush cardamoms coarsely.

Add scraped coconut to jagg

 Cook it on a medium heat and sti Constantly. 

Allow to cook till it becomes paste    

 Add cardamoms,saffron strands. 

Cool it and make as walnut sized balls.  

 Now make ( using cover dough) Small pooris,place 1 ball inside          

And prepare it as karanji shape.

Note:No frying,no cooking.)

 Suggestion: The cover can be made as  round  balls also.   

Prepare small pooris  & place One jaggery sweet and cover the

 Edges,rotate as ball again.   

 flower bar    


Temperature:200¤c  time:8-10min.


 1 packet- puff pastry sheet(5)

 2 tbsp   - pooppy seeds 

 1 cup      - khoya(mawa)

 1 cup     - cashewnuts

 1cup    -  almonds (peeled) 

½ cup  -kissmiss(raisins)

 1 cup  -pistachios)  

1tbsp cucumber seeds

 2 cup  -  sugar powder

 2tsp   -  vanilla powder 

½ cup groundnuts(peeled) 

 ½ cup Dry coconut(grated)


 Remove (2 hours before using) pastry sheets from the defreezer.

 Cut them to desired squares for samosas.

 Powder khoya & add to the powdered sugar. 

 Cut  all nuts to small bits.add vanilla powder. 

 Mix all nuts and khoya mixture and cucumb  Seeds

.Add grated coconut and  make a fine Mixture.

 On baking tray place all cut pastry sheets  Squares,place on one side 1½tsp sweet fillingAnd fold it as samosa(triangle) 

 Apply little water to the edges and press with a fork.

Brush with milk over samosas.  

 Sprinkle poppyseeds over. 

Place the tray in pre-heated oven and bake them

  (In the centre part of the oven) for 8 to 10 minutes.

  Or untill they get fine (golden) colour. 




  Everybody know to make badushas, try this easy way&enjoy!!  


              Tempearture:200¤c      time:8 to 10min.     oven: middle  frame.                               

 1 packet-puff pastry sheets(5)

 ½ cup    -crushed cashew or pistachios  

1tsp   -  cardmom powder 

150 gms- sugar

 100ml  -water

METHOD:- Make (round discs) badushas,cutting  with using  moulds.    

 Add cardamom powder to crushed cashew nuts. 

 Make /(one string consistacy)syrup with sugar and water.

Keep aside.  

Take one  badushaw &place a little amount of nut mixture &cover with another badushaw,

Attach the edges.

Prepare all in the same way.   

 Brush with beaten egg over,or with milk.

 Place all badushawa on a baking  tray and bake them in a pre-heated oven  at 200¤c,8 to 10 min.

Or till gets golden brown.ENJOY!!flower bar
2½ litres    milk (thick)
200 gms    curd Or yogurt
100 gms    cottage cheese
For syrup:-
800 gms    sugar
1 litre         water
For flavour:-
Rose essence Or
Vanilla essence
1 tsp          ghee
1 tsp          siji( semolina)
Boil milk on a high flame in abig thick bottomed vessel.
When it bubbles,add yogurt or curd to it.
Then the milk curdles, (turn to low heat) allow to boil for 2 more minutes.
Remove from the flame,and let it stay without stirring for 10 minutes.
Keep a lid.Let the paneer(chenna) settle.
Drain it and wash the paneer over running(tap) cold water.
Drain again till whole water will drainoff.Or use hands to get rid off the
Remaining  water. Keep aside.
Crush the (mashed)  cottage cheese to the paneer and make a fine dough.
lid (or use pressure-cooker without whistle)for 40 minutes.
The balls should  3 times bigger than before!.Turnoff the stove.
Meanwahile prepare syrup  with gi
Add the semolina to the above paneer and rub thoroughly for 5 minutes.
Or use a rolling pin for 3-4 minutes.Make  walnut size balls without any splits(Apply ghee to the palms.  
Cover them with a damp cloth.Keep aside.
Now Take a big thick bottomed skillet,fill with 1/3 of water and boil.
When it give bubbles, add the paneer  balls to it.and cotinue to boil on high flame
With a tight fiting ven ingredients.
The syrup should be more thicker than gulab jamoons syrup!.
Now transfer all paneer balls to the syrup, (using a spoon) with extra care.
Now boil  the balls again in the syrup for 20 more minutes.
Cool it and add the essence.
Chill and serve. 
Suggestion:-It can be prepared without cottage cheese also, but the measurements and method is same as above. 


Besan       1 cup

Pistachios  1 cup

Pure ghee    ½ cup

Cardamoms   8

Dry coconut powder     1tbsp

Sugar                        1½ cup




Roast besan in a non-stick pan till it gets pinkish brown(should not burn it).

Powder cardamoms.

Crush pistachies (not powder).

Make light syrup with sugar and 1 cup water.

Add besan and stir constantly  for 4 minutes.

Add crushed pista bits and cardamom.

Pour the ghee little by little and stir well.

Let it cook  until the sweet gets thick paste.

(The ghee leaves in the edges)

Remove from the heat and tranfor into a greased plate,let it set for 2 minutes.

Cut into desired bits.

Called also as Rawa bhachyam

It is Andhra sweet and easy to prepare, specially for festivals/ like Dssara/ Pongal / ganesh chathurthy etc..

Some people like to deep fry them in oil,but both are tasty,even we roast on the griddle,I use to make on griddle.

Allpurposeflour 2cups

Sugar 11/2 cups

Ghee 1/2cup

Semolina 2cups

Water 3 cups

Cashewnuts& Kismis

Cardamoms crushed


Mix sieved flour, little salt and make to a pliable dough,finally add tsp oil to the dough, keep aside.

In a nonstick skillet pour ghee and saute’ for 1-2 minutes.

Add semolina and fry for a while,add hot water and cook on low heat till it cooked.

Add sugar and stir well,cook until the water is evaporated and the mixture gets thick creamy substance.

After cooled, make equal sized balls,make same number dough balls too.

Roll small discs with dough,and keep a sweet semolina ball in the center,pull from all sides and attach the edges,if you feel extra,remove!

Roll as a ball again,and press on a flat,smooth surface,(using oil),as a round disc (puri,the filling should not come out,so, careful!).

Roast both sides with tsp ghee on a griddle/Tawa to golden brown,

Place them side by side (otherwise they stick each other!!),when they become cold then we can keep them one by one for storing.

Storage tips:-can be stored for 4-5 days., serve warm/cold.









Rice                   ½ kg

Dry coconut        1 cup(grated)

Sesame seeds     4 tsp

Jaggery                  ½kg

Poppyseeds        2 tsp

Ghee                   6tsp

Oil for deep frying




Soak rice for 4 5 hours.

Drain and spread them on a neat cloth.

After (¾ th) drying grind them and sieve it

With smooth powder.Saute`for 1-2 minutes in the low flame.

(If it  is maskin  flour we can not  prepare with that).

Grate the dry coconut finely.

Roast the poppy seeds,sesame seeds and coconut lightly.

Grate the jaggery and add some water,stir continuously.

When the syrup is sticky add cardamompowder,poppyseeds ,sesame seeds and coconut.

Add ghee to the syrup and mix the rice flour slowly to the syrup.

Stir constantly.The flour consistancy should be like bajjis consistancy.

Remove from the heat.

Cover with tight lid.

Heat oil/ghee .

Make walnut size balls with the above dough.

Use one plastic paper or banana leaf to make ariselu.

Press the balls like a small puri and deep fry them to golden brown colour.

Place them separately otherwise they stick together,when they are hot.

Allow to cool and store them in the air tight container.

They can be stored for 1 month.

It is a festival sweet in andhra pradesh in pongal, Dasara   time.





Fresh thick milk             2 litres

Yoghurt   OR curd         2 litres

Sugar                             2½ tsp

Varieties of nuts

Cardamoms                   6-8 pods(powdered)



Boil the milk,simmer.

Add yoghurt,now we get paneer from milk.

Keep the lid and let it stay for 20 minutes.

Drain and keep the paneer in a neat cloth,and press over with 2 kg weight.

Allow to stay for 1½ hour unti it removes extra water.

Cut the paneer into bits

Add sugar to the paneer bits, and cook on low heat stir constantly.

Let the sweet becomes thick(as your desired consistancy),remove from the heat

And  transfor into a plate.

Garnish withnuts& cardamom powder.

Cut into diamond shape bits.




Sugar               1 cup

Water                1cup

Milk powder       350 gms

Almonds             1tbsp

Tartaric acid        ½tsp




Cook the sugar and water for 5 minutes.

Add milk powder,tartaric acid and nuts and cook it until the water absorbs,

And the mixture becomes thick paste.

Transfor  into a greased plate.Decotare with nuts.

Cool it and cut into desired shapes.




Allpurpose flour           250 gms

Yoghurt                         150 gms

Ghee                             100gms

Sugar                             300gms

Baking powder               1 pinch

Sodium-bi-carbonate      1pinch

All nuts                             Ground coarsely




For dough: Sieve and mix allpurpose flour,yoghurt,warm ghee to make soft dough

Without any lumps.

Knead it well.

Make 12-16 balls and make a thumb impression in the middle of each balushahi.

Make with whole dough as same manner.

Cover them with a damp cloth.

Meanwhile make thick syrup with sugar and water,add rose essense.

Heat oil mixed ghee and cook(deep fry) them on slow heat till inside of the badushas cooked well.

Let them cooked till they become golden brown colour.

Place them on a wide bowl and pour the hot syrup over them.

Garnish with the nuts.

Variation;-For garnishing use dry grated coconut  or  coloured them.




Ghee                      6 tbsp

Gramflour               1 tbsp

Allpurpose flour      1tbsp

Soaked almonds     10 (peeled&powdered)

Almonds                   10 (peeled&chopped)




Smelt 4 tbsp  ghee.

Sieve 2 flours and fry in ghee.

Add mandel powder and cardamom.

Mix sugar with water till it  becomes thick syrup.

Add to the flour and mix well.

Add gradually the remaining hot ghee to the above mixture.

Stir  continuously.

The sweet becomes thicker than before and looks like paste consistancy.

Remove from the stove and spread on a greased plate and cool it to settle.

Decorate with almond  bits.

Cut into square bits.




Bananas                  5(riped)

Ghee                        2½ tbsp

Sugar                       150 gms

Saffron                      1pinch

Yellow colour             1 pinch




Peel the bananas and chop them

Fry for 5 minutes and crush them

Add  sugar and ¼ tsp water.

Allow to cook until water is absorbed.

Mix saffron and colour in a tsp milk.Mix to the sweet,stir well.

Pour it into a greased plate,decorate with nuts&cardamom seeds.




Pumpkin                         ½(peeled& deseeded)

Milk                                150ml

Almond flakes                 2 tsp

Sugar                             220gms

Raisins                           as per taste

Ghee                              4tsp



Chop the pumpkin and boil in a skillet with milk for 10 minutes.

Mash it,add sugar and cook till it gets thick consistancy.It takes 8-10 minutes.

Add raisins,cardamomseeds and cool it in a greased plate.

Decorate with almond flakes.




Sugar                  600 gms

Water                  500gms

Maizena              110 gms(maize powder)

Yellow colour        ½ tsp

Lemon juice         2 tsp

Oil /ghee              2tbsp

Almonds                10(soaked& peeled)

Pistachios             10 (chopped)

Cardamoms          12 ( seeds)




Boil sugar and water for 5 minutes.

Mix maizena  with 1tsp water and add to the sugar syrup.

Stir continuously till it becomes gele consistancy.

Ensure there are no lumps in that!!.

Add  lemon juice and stir constantly.

Now add hot ghee slowly(little by little) to the sweet.

Stir continuously to avoid burning in the bottom of the vessel.

Add nuts  and other ingredients.

Transfor into a greased plate and cut into pieces.




Split and husked greengram            250 gms

Ghee                                                 ½ cup

Sugar                                                250 gms

Milk                                                    600ml

Saffron                                              1tsp

Cardamoms                                      6 pods(powder)

Almonds                                             Soaked&chopped




Soak  greengram over night.

Grind it to a fine paste without adding water.

Fry in ½ amount  of ghee to golden brown.

Make light syrup with milk and sugar.

Add moong dal paste and stir continuously on  low flame.

Afetr 4 5 minutes  it gets thick and leaves ghee around the dal mixture.

Now the sweet is ready to transfor to a greased plate,cool it.

Cut into desired bits.

Sprinkle the almonds bits for decoration.

Serve hot.




Wheat semolina               1 cup

Pure ghee                         1½ cup

Water                                2½cups

Nuts and almonds             chopped

Raisins and sultanas         as per desire

Sugar syrup                      1½ cup(light)

Cardamoms                       10 pods(seeds)




Boil water and add  ½ cup ghee.

Saute`semolina(suji) in 1tbsp ghee for 2 minutes.

Saute`nuts and raisins for 1 minute.

Make one string syrup and add remaining ghee to it.


Add semolina to the sugar syrup and stir continuously.

Cook on a low  heat till it is done.

Stir  occasionally.

Add ½ cup ghee,nuts and raisins.

Serve hot.
Note:- This is another type of satyanarayana swamy INDIA

They prepare  whenever they do this pooja(vratham).

flower bar  

Cashewnuts             600gms

Sugar                   3oogms

Water for syrup          60ml

Full cashewnuts         10 in no.s




on each sweet.

Clean and grind cashewnuts coarsely.

Mix water and sugar in a big skillet, boil it until it gets 2 string consistancy.

The consistancy should be like cream.

Switch off the heat and pour directly in a wide and greased plate.

Allow to stay for 5 minutes to settle and cool.

Now cut into diamond shape bits.

Garnish with cashewnuts

 flower bar



 Pistachios                       400 gms

Sugar                                300gms

Water for syrup                  100ml

Pistachios                           12 in no.s




Clean  pistas and saute`for 2 minutes.

Add water and sugar.

Boil for making 2 sring consistancy syrup.

Grind pistachios coarsely.

Add them to the syrup and cook until thickens.

Cool it and garnish with pista and  cut into squqre bits.

Suggestion:- To get rich look  add green colour and  cover with  

silver foil over each sweet .

flower bar                




Almonds                        200gms

Bengalgram flour           1 cup (sieved)

Almonds                         10gms

Vanillapowder                 2½tsp

Fresh ghee                     25gms




Saute`gram flour in 20gms ghee for 2 minutes(the colour should not change into black).

Soak almonds in water for 1 hour.Peel them and grind them to a fine paste.

Soak 10 gms almonds in water and peel them.Cut lengthwise.Keep aside.

Mix almonds paste and gramflour.Add vanilla powder.

Make syrup with sugar and water to 2 string consistancy.

Add the flour mixture to the syrup and cook until it turns to a thick paste.

Remove from the heat and place it ina wide plate ,cool it.

Decorate with chopped mandel and cut into pieces with a sharp knife.

 flower bar




Fresh&grated  coconut               1big

Condensed milk                           ½tin

Sugar                                           1 cup

Mixed nuts                                   1cup

Water                                           100ml

Cardamoms                                 12




Break the coconut and remove the hard&black part.

Grate it and keep aside.

Add water to the sugar and make a thick syrup.

Add condensed (sweetend) milk to the grated coconut.

Add sugar syrup,mix well.


Stir continuously till it gets thick consistancy.

Add cardamom powder and remove from the heat.

Place it on a greased plate,cool it and cut into desired size bits.


flower bar  



Milkpowder                 300gms

Sugar                          240gms

Water                           100ml

Cardamoms                  10

Nuts                              1tbsp




Make 3string consistancy syrup with water and sugar.

(When you place the syrup drop in cold water bowl  

it can be rolled as a ball).

Add milk powder,cardamom,mix well.

Pour on a greased plate,allow to cool.

Decorate with nuts and cut into pieces.

NOTE: Rose water also can be added to the sweet.


 flower bar



This method is with milkpowder.

Milkpowder            250gms

Allpurpose flour       1½tbsp

Baking powder         1tbsp

Ghee                        For deep frying

Milk                          1tsp

Sugar                       1cup

Water                       2ooml

Rosewater                2tbsp



Sieve milkpowder and flour,baking powder together.

Add 10-12 tbsp milk to get pliable dough.

Allow to stay for 1 hour.

Make one string consistancy syrup with sugar and water,maintain the heat.

Make it into walnut sized balls.

Deep fry slowly in the ghee to golden brown(do not burn them).

Dip the jamoons directly into the syrup.

Soak them for 3 hours.

Garnish with fried nuts before you serve.flower bar



Stuffed jamoons:


Stuff with  little khoya in the jamoons (when you are making balls)

Fry them and soak in the syrup as normal procedure.

Ensure that there are no cracks on them.

 flower bar

Khoya                      350gms

Ghee                       For frying

Paneer                     200gms

Allpurpose flour       50-60 gms 

Sugar                       500gms

Water                       4-5 cups for syrup

Cardamoms               ½tsp powder

Milk                           1tbsp




 Make  light syrup with sugar and  water.

Mix khoya and paneer.Add kardamom and allpurpose flour.

Mix  thoroughly to a fine dough.

Make oval sized balls,cover with a damp cloth.

Deep fry them in the ghee on slow flame to golden brown.

Dip them directly in the hot syrup(remove the heat).

Allow them soak for 1-2 hours.flower bar





Laddoo is a  sweet  catogery  recipe everybody like this sweet.

Use pure ghe to get fine taste and flavour.





Semolina                      2 cups

Sugar                           2§ups

Water                            1½ cup

Ghee                             1cup

Nuts                                3cups(mixed)

Fresh coconut                 1½ cup(grated)

Milk                                  ½cup

Cardamoms                      8(powdered)




Sieve semolina and  fry it in 1tbsp ghee to pinkish  brown colour.

Saute`all nuts in tsp ghee or 1 minute,keep aside.

.Grate the coconut (avoid the black part).

Add it to the roasted semolina,pess it and cover with a tight lid for ½ hour.

Meanwahile   Make 2 string   syrup  with sugar and water.

Add semolina mixture to the syrup and stir well.

After getting thick  consistancy remove from the heat.

Add roaste nuts and cardamoms.Mix well .

Make lemon size balls (using  tsp milk) with whole dough.

Allow them to cool.Store them in a airtight container.

They can be stored for 2 weeks.

 flower bar



Fresh coconuts                     3

Sugar                                    200gms

Cardamoms                           12

Cashewnuts                            12(bits)

Condensed milk                         ½ tin( 200ml)

Ghee                                        1tsp




Remove the black part from the coconuts   and great the white part  only.

Make thick syrup  adding with water and sugar.

Add sweetened condensed milk  to the grated coconut.

Mix well. Add this to the syrup.Simmer.

Stir continuously till it becoms thick paste.

Add cardamoms.

Pour it into a greased plate and garnish with nuts.

Cut in to desired bits.

 flower bar



Cashwnuts                  300 gms

Sugar                           200 gms

Milk                               3tsp

Yellow colour                1 pinch


Saute`cashewnuts for 1 minute in the ghee(2 tsp).keep aside.

Make thick syrup with sugar and water.

Mix yellow (sweet)colour in tsp milk.

ADD to the syrup            

Add cashewnuts to the syrup.

Transfor it into a greased plate.

Cut into pieces.

 flower bar



Gramflour                   2cups

Sugar                          2cups

Pure ghee                   2cups

Cardamoms                8

Cashewnuts                6(broken)

Rosewater                   2 drops



Sieve gram flour.Heat ghee.

Fry flour in   ½cup ghee till it gives aroma flavour.

Grind sugar to a fine  smooth powder.

Powder the caradmoms.

Heat remaining ghee.

Take a big bowl and mix all ingredients together to a fine dough (adding hot ghee.).

Make   walnut size  laddos immedietely ,when the dough is warm.

Cool for 5 minutes, keep them in air tight container.

They can be stored for 3 weeks.flower bar





Groundnuts                  300gms

Jaggery(goor)               250gms

Dessicated coconut         50gms

Little   rice flour or gramflour




Roast ground nuts until it gives fine flavour.

Stir continuously when they are roasting.

Remove the peel,grind  ½ portion coarsely.

Grate jaggery and place it ina big skillet.

Add  2 cups of water and make thick syrup.

It should be 3 string consistancy (approx).

Switch off the heat and add roasted nuts to the syrup,mix thoroughly.

Add rice flour also.Mix well.

Make walnut size laddos,cool them and store them for 3 weeks. flower bar





Sesame seeds                        3 cups(husked)

Sugar                                       2 cups

Cardamoms                             2 pods(seeds)




 Roast sesame seeds  for 2 minutes till they get pinkish brown.

Make thick syrup with sugar  and 1 cup water.

Powder the cardamoms.

Remove the syrup from the heat and add the seeds and cardamoms,mix well.

When it is warm make walnut size it and store for 3 weeks.


flower bar 




Allpurpose  flour           2 cups

Milk                               ½cup

Little salt

Sugar                           1½ cup

Water                            1 cup

Cardamoms                   8 pods

Oil/ghee                          For deep frying



Make puri dough with  flour and milk,salt.

Prepare thick syrup with sugar and water,keep aside,

Make medium size puris (should be thin  than normal thickness)

And deep fry  them to little  crispy brown.

Make all puris with the whole dough.

Grind them coarsely.

add the ground puris to the syrup and mix well.

Make laddos and  store them after they get cold.flower bar





Rice flakes(thin)                       3 cups

Sugar                                        2 cups

Water                                         1½ cups

Cardamoms                               8

Milk powder                                50 gms



Roast the riceflakes for 3 minutes.

Make thick syrup with sugar,keep aside.

Powder the cardamoms.

Grind the flakes coarsely.

Add the ground flakes,milkpowder and cardamoms together.

Mix well,when it is warm make laddos and cool it.

Store them in the airtight container for 2 weeks.


 flower bar


Called as "murmura" also


Ricepuffs                   ¼ kg

Jaggery                      150gms



Ricepuffs should be crispy.

Just saute` them for 2 minutes on a tawa.

Cool them.

Make a thick syrup with jaggery.

Add immedietely ricepuffs to the syrup and make laddos at once.(lemon size).

Coll them and store them.

Insert one cashewnut  in each kaala jamoon,before serving.

Variation:-Slit each jamoon and Press a little cream inside(using with a plastic bag and make a little hole at one edge.Make it like a cone.

Fill cream and squeeze in the jamoons) before serving.


 flower bar   



Gramflour(fresh)              500gms (2cups)

Sugar                                400gms(1½  cup)

Ghee                                  4tsp

Raisins                               12

Cashewnuts                        12

Cardamoms                        10(powder)

Almonds                               12(chopped)

Refined oil+ghee                  For deep frying

Yellowcolour                         1 tsp

Saffron strands                     10




Mix water and sugar. Boil for 12 to 14 minutes till it turns to light syrup.

(the syrup  consistancy   should be sticky)

Mix colour in a tsp milk and add to the syrup.

Roast nuts,raisins in tsp ghee for 1 minute.Keep aside.

Add gramflour(sieve it) with water as bajjia consistancy.

Use boondi ladles(2).

1) for preparation of boondi.

2) To remove from the oil.

Prepare boondi  as normal process.Use whole batter for boondis.

Add directly to the warm( switch off the heat) syrup, add whole boondi to the syrup.

Mix well.Add warm ghee to it,stir well.

Add nuts,raisins and saffron strands (without diluting) to the above.

Allow to stay it for 20 minutes.

Make laddos as your desired size.

Cool them and store them for  2 -3 weeks.

Suggestion:-To get fresh laddos all the time just add 1 tbsp of Honey to the hot syrup(do not boil).

Do not add sodium bi-carbonate to the gramflour batter.flower bar





Gramflour                        2 cups

Sugar or jaggery             2cups

Ghee&oil                          For deep frying

Sodium bi-carbonate       1 pinch

Cardamoms                     15(powder)



Make  batter  for sev   with  sieved gramlour and sufficient water.

Heat  ghee & oil.Use the  big size sev  frame (in the machine) and make thick sev.

Deep fry them to crispy brown,use whole  dough for thick sev.Finish the whole dough.

Allow them to cool.

Grind them in mixi coarsely.Add cardamoms powder

Add 1½ cups of water to the sugar/jaggery and make 2 threads consistancy syrup.Remove from the heat.

Mix the coarsely ground  sev  and mix thoroughly.

Make laddos using little ghee to your palms.

Cool them and store them in air tight container for 2 weeks.flower bar





Codensed(sweetend)milk                   ½ tin(approx 210 ml)

Milk powder                                         150gms

Cardamoms                                         8(seeds)

Almonds                                                   (soaked&mashed)

Cornflour                                                  1½tbsp(if needs)

Sugar                                                        2tbsp



Mix condesed milk and milk powder,sugar and  mashed almonds paste in a bowl.

Take a thick bottomed skillet and pour this mixture and cook on a low flame .

While  cooking stir continuously (to avoid sticking to the bottom of the skillet).

After 10-12 minutes the mixture becomes  as thick paste.

Add (if necessary- if the cosistancy is thin) corn flour  to it.

Stir well.

Add cardamoms and nuts.

Make  desired size laddos.Allow to cool for 15 minutes.

Store them in  a plastic container.

They can be stored for 2 weeks.flower bar





Pistachioes                          2cups

Sugar                                   2cups

Water                                    1cup

Cashewnuts                         10



Roast pistas   for  3 minutes.Roast  cashewnuts.

Grind pistachioes coarsely.(not powder)

Add water and sugar.

Boil it for 10 minutes to prepare 2 thread consistancy.

Add  ground pistas to the syrup stir well.

Make walnut size laddos when it is warm.

Press one(½ part)cashewnut on each laddo for decoration.

Note:-To get rich look add  1 pinch green(mithai) colour to the sweet and mix well.

flower bar  



Bengal gram flour                     400gms

Jaggery(white&fresh)                 300gms

Cardamoms                               12

Oil for deep frying



Sieve gram flour.Add  cooking soda(1 pinch) and make a fine  dough (thinner than chapathi dough)

Adding with water.

Use thick sev frme in the sev machine.

Make thick sev and deep fry  in the hot oil to crispy brown.

Use whole dough like this.

Make the sev to 6-7cm bits.

Add 150ml of water to the grated jaggery ,stir well.

Make it into  thick (more than 2 thread consistancy) syrup and remove from the stove.

Add the thick sev and cardamom seeds and mix well.

Allow to cool for ½ hour.

Store them in a airtight container.flower bar





Almonds                          3 cups

Sugar                               2 cups

Vanilla sugar                     2tsp

Almond flakes                    1 tsp




Soak    ½portion   of  almonds.Remove the peel.Grind to  thick paste.

Take the other ½ portion  and grind it coarsely.

Make thick syrup with 1½ cups water and sugar,add vanilla sugar to it,mix well.

Remove from the stove and add the two  almonds paste & ground powder.

Mix well.

Make walnut size   balls(laddos) when the dough is  warm.

flower bar 




 Green gram(moongdal split)                   1 cup

Fresh ghee                                              2 cups

Cardamoms                                             10

Sugar                                                       1½ cup

Dry coconut powder                                 ½ cup



Roast (husked-yellow split) moong dal  in a skillet to golden brown without oil or ghee.

Cool them and grind them to a smooth powder along with coconut.

Add 1 cup water to the sugar to make thick syrup.

Deseed cardamoms and add them to the powder.

Add directly to the syrup and mix  untill  it becomes thick paste.

Add gradually the hot ghee to the mixture.Stir well .

Make walnut size balls(laddos)  when it become warm.

Cool and store them for 2 weeks.

flower bar  



This is the same method as boondi laddo but  make the batter 3 portions.

Add yellow colour to 1 portion,add green colour to 2 portion, add red colour

To the 3rd portion---- before making boondi.

Cool it and add to the prepared syrup and make balls as laddo  process.

It looks very rich look when   we serve in the parties.

 flower bar


Allpurpose flour                             1kg

Sugar                                             ½ kg

Ghee                                              8 tsp

Baking powder                               2tsp

Ghee/                                             250gms

refined oil                                        for deep frying

Gramflour                                         2tbsp

Sugar&ghee                                     1½tbsp


Sieve the flour.,add baking powder and   hot ghee(1/4 kg).

Add water if  required to make pliable dough.,knead well or knead in the food processor

For 3 minutes.Allow to take rest for atleast 1 hour.

Add ¼ litre water to the sugar and make 2 thread consistancy syrup,keep aside.

Add gram flour ,sugar and 1½ tbsp ghee together in a plate.

Make big size balls  from the doygh.

Roll out thin rotis.

Apply the gram flour mixture over the roti and place the 2 nd roti over the 1 st one.

Apply the gramflour paste again and cover with 3 rd roti.

Roll three rotis  gently as a mat.Each time apply little ghee(not diluted) .

Press  gently   the rolled roti with a rolling pin.

After done cut  into 3 cm bits   with a sharp knife 

Make all kajas like this with the whole dough.

Heat oil and deep fry them slowly to golden crispy brown colour.

Dip them directly from the frying pan to the syrup.

Allow them to stay for ½ hour. Remove and cool  them.

 flower bar

KAAJAS-2(madatha kaaja)


Allpurpose flour                      ½kg

Riceflour                                100gms

Sugar powder                            20 gms

Vanilla sugar                            2tsp

Ghee                                      150 gms 

Sugar                                     350gms

Water                                      200ml

Ghee /oil                                  deep frying

Baking powder                         1 pinch



Sieve two flours properly.

Add  sugar powder,vanilla sugar, baking (cooking) soda and ghee to make a pliable dough.

Knead well with hands or run in the maskin for 3-4 minutes.

Keep aside under the damp cloth. Allow to stay for 1 hour.

Make medium  consistancy (approx 2 thread) syrup with sugar and water.

Maintain the warmness.

Make two parts with the whole dough.

Knead again and roll out  a thin roti,apply ghee paste,and spread rice flour over it.

Rotate the roti like amat and each rotation apply ghee and sprinkle rice flour,do the same way to the whole roti.

 Slightly   Press the roti mat with rolling pin.

Cut 3-4 cm bits with a sharp knife and place them under a damp cloth.

Prepare all kajas in the same way.

Now heat oil/ghee and deep fry them to golden crispy brown.(the oil should not soo.. hot).

Dip them directly into the syrup,and allow them to soak for 15 minutes.

Remove from the syrup and cool them.

Suggestion:-The oil/ghee should not so hot.

The kajas should  be fried slowly to get the colour.

Sugar syrup should be medium consistancy.flower bar




Allpurpose flour               ½ kg

Sugar                               ½ kg

Yoghurt or curd                1 cup

Cooking soda                    1tsp

Ghee(thick)                       250 gms

Oil for frying

METHOD for kajas

Sieve and mix  two flours,curd cooking soda and ghee to make soft dough.

Add if water requires.

Make equal size balls from the whole dough.

Roll out thin puris, set 3-4 puris one by one.

In the middle of each puri apply ghee and  dust with rice flour.

Roll them together like a mat.

Press a little with rolling pin over the mat.

Cut them into 3-4 cm bits.Do the same way  with whole dough.

Make a medium consistancy syrup with sugar and 300 ml of water.

Dip each time 12 kajas in the syrup and allow to stay for 10 minutes.

Remove  from the syrup and cool them.

Decorate with the almond flakes or coloured dry coconut flakes.flower bar



Sieve flour,and add soda,ghee and yoghurt to make pliable dough (like puri dough.)

Allow to stay for ½ hour.

Add water, sugar and boil them  until it becomes 2 thread cosistancy syrup.

Keep a side.

Make whole dough into small lemon size balls.

Take one ball in the palm and make a depression with right thumb.

Remove the oil/ghee pan from the heat and place them 4 or five badushas.

Now deep fry them slowly to cream brown colour.Make all badushas in the same manner.

And dip them directly  over badushas.

Serve after they cool.

  flower bar    





Mawa (khoya)                                 150gm

Paneer(cottage cheese)                 50gms

Fresh coconut                                 2cups

Condensed milk(sweetend)             ½tin(200ml)

Milk powder                                     1tbsp

Almonds powder                             ½tbsp

Mithai colours                                  Red & green

Red cherry or green cherry             Fresh fruits

Fresh cream for garnishing

Vanilla essense.


METHOD:-Make coconut burfi first with coconut and almonds powder.

And ½ cup sugar,cook till it becomes smooth mass.keep on stirring until done.

 Divide into two parts. Add two different colours.Keep a side.

Add paneer(crush well),khoya and milk powder along with condensed milk.

Mix well and keep stirring all the time till it becomes paste.

Cool it,make small lemon sized balls with whole dough.Keep aside.Flat them like

a round discs.

Make  marble sized balls with red colour cocosweet,keep aside.

Make little bigger sized balls with green color cocosweet.

Flat them like a small discs.

Keep the red boll in the green disc and press zig-zag the edges to get the shape

Like a flower,place this in the khoya disc(bigger than green disc)and slightly press

 the edges.

Now it shows a flower with different petals.( Use a knife to trim the edges)

Garnish with a red OR green cherry and  apply  fresh cream before you serve.

SUGGESTION:-If you want to decorate we can make like leaves with

khoya and attach to the flower.

It is depends upon our fantasy (creation).


flower bar 



Greengram(mung dal)                            2tsp

Gramflour                                               1cup

Soya beans powder                               1tsp

Ghee (warm) clrified butter                  2cups

Cardamoms powder                              2tsp

Saffron                                                    pinch



Use two stoves for this.

Let the ghee warm all the time while you are preparing this sweet.

Heat 1tbsp ghee to fry  the gram flour to golden brown  and fry the mungdal powder.

Keep aside.

Make  one thread consistancy syrup and add the saffron starnds.

When itit gives the bubbles add slowly roasted two grams

and soya beans ground powder.

Keep on stirring to avoid the lumps.

Add one tbsp ghee(hot) in the intervals,stir till it turns to the paste.

When it leaves the ghee to the edges transfer it to a bowl.

Smooth the surface with a greased knife and allow to stay for 15 minutes.

Cut when it is warm to diamond shapes.

Note:-It can be garnished with pistachioes or cashewnut bits.

flower bar 



Plain flour                              2cups

Rice flour                              ½cup

Gram flour                             1tsp

Fresh compressed yeast        7gms

( or 1/2 t Dried
 Lukewarm water                   ½cup

Saffron strands(soak into a cup of
 boiling water for

10 minutes before use)           1/4tsp

 2 tbsp Boiling water
 Yoghurt                                 1tbsp

 oil for frying
 For Syrup:-
 3 cups Sugar                          3cups

Water                                      3cups

Light corn syrup                      1 tbsp

Liquid orange food colouring      1 1/2 tsp


Make sugar syrup and keep aside.


 Heat sugar and water over low heat,
stirring until sugar dissolves.

Raise heat and boil hardly for 8 minutes;

syrup should be just thick enough to spin a thread.
Remove from heat, allow to cool until

 Flavour with rose essence and colour a bright orange with food colouring
 Sift the flour and rice flour into a large 
 Sprinkle yeast on the warm water in a small 
 bowl, leave to soften for 5 minutes and 
stir to dissolve.
Pour dissolved yeast and saffron with its 
soaking water into a measuring jug.
Add tepid water to make up 2 1/4 cups.
Stirring with a wooden spoon, add the 
measured liquid to the flour and beat well
until batter is very smooth. 

 Add yoghurt and beat again. Leave to rest for 1 hour.

Batter will start to become frothy.

 Beat vigorously again before starting to fry jiebis.

(While batter stands make syrup and leave it to become
: just warm).
 Heat vegetable oil in a deep frying pan and 
when hot use a funnel to pour in the
 batter, making circles or figures of eight.
 Frying, turning once, until crisp and golden on both sides.

 Lift out on a slotted : spoon, let the oil drain for a fews seconds,

Then drop the hot jelebi into the syrup and soak it for a minute or two.
Lift out of the syrup (using another slotted wooden spoon and

put on a plate to drain).

Sprinkle saffron strands over jilebis.

serve hot or cold!!

flower bar 




Breadslices                  12

Dessicated coconut powder    ½cup

Poppy seeds                  1tbsp(roasted)

saffron threads

Sugarpowder                  120gms


Almonds                      Blonched and chopped

Cardamoms                     5 powder

Ghee/butter                   6-8tsp   


   Method: Trim the bread slices,roast them to reddish brown.

grind them coarsely,like semolina.

Combinewith sugar powder& cardamoms.

Heat ghee in a skillet and add the nutsand fry for aminute without burning.

Add into the bread and other ingredients make laddoos as your desired size.flower bar




Ricottacheese              150gms(grated)

Milk powder                 60gms

Sugar                       3/4 cups

Butter                      50gms

Saffron threads





Grate the cheese finely.Add milk powder.

add to the butter and sugar,cook till it turns to a thick mass.

Add the remaining ingredients and grind to a smooth paste when it is warm.

garnish with roasted cashewnuts. 


 Ricotta cheese 15 oz

 sugar         3/4 cup

 Butter        1/2 stick

milk powder    1/2 cup

a few threads saffron soaked in warm milk powdered cardamoms


Method: Mix top four ingredients together and cook on low heat till dry and crumbly. Add last three ingredients and blend while still warm.

flower bar 

Ras Malai

Ricotta Cheese   800gms

Half and Half    650ml

Sugar             2½ cups


Bay leaf              1

Vanilla 1 tsp.

Rose Water


In abaking dish  place&cover with aluminium foil and gratethe cheese andad with

1½ cups sugar and bake at 250¤c abt for 1½ hour.

It turns Pale brown and cheese gets hard.

Cut them or make round discs as badushaws,

Boil the half& half milk until it thickened(half of theamount reduced),it is a long process,we should stir all the time without burning.

Otherwise microw wave.but check for every 3 minutes.

 Thicken the Half and Half over low heat for a long time. 

Add the sugar,cardamoms,saffron and

pistachioes for 1 minute and add to the thickened milk.

Place all discs in awide plate and pour the  hot milk.

Crush some of the pistas and sprinkle over.

Cool and keep in the refregerator for 3 hours to chill!!

flower bar 

Deep Fried Balls

self raising flour                2cups
sultanas                          1cup
 cup of milk                        1cup 
egg lightly beaten with a fork        
egg white                           1

 sugar                          1tbsp
icing sugar
oil for deep frying


Sift the flour into a bowl and make a well in the center.
Pour the beaten egg into the well, add a little milk and the sugar and gradually mix in all the flour adding milk to make a stiff dough.
Add the sultanas.
Drop a large teaspoonful of the mixture into hot oil and deep fry till golden brown.
Remove with a egg flip, drain on paper, roll in icing sugar and serve warm.

flower bar


BADUSHAWS(my method)

Basically i use the measurements as everybody"s measurements.These are very smooth and inside also (like gulabjamoons) creamy,but no layers.Taste is the same like normal badushaws.

Allpupose flour               2cups

Thick curd/yoghurt            1cup

Ghee                          3/4 cup

Baking soda


Lime juice                    1/2 tsp

Essence                       any


sugar                         3cups

water                         11/2 cups

Little milk                   to remove the dust over syrup


any crushed nuts,saffron strands.

Ghee mixed oil                   for deep frying


Mix soda,bakind soda and flour,sieve them.

Crush the nuts and keep aside.

Beat vigorously curd,little sugar,gheeto a

foamig consistance.

In a food processor,pour this liquid and mixed flour,run the machin for 2-3 minutes.

No need of water added,if needs Only add


The dough should be spongy condition.

Make small lemon balls and roll in between palms hardly (the badushaws gets smooth &creamy inside,slightly layed)antiwise.

Make from the whole dough like these balls,

and press them.

Keep a dent in the center,cover with a damp cloth and keep in the fridge for 10 min.

Meanwhile prepare two strings syrup,keep warm.

Remove badushaws and allow to stay for 2 minutes,

heat ghee,put the pan down and add 3-4 badushaws into the ghee,simmer.

Let them cook on slow heat to golden brown.

Drain in the spatula,drop the one by one into the syrup.Allow to soak for 12-15 minutes.

Place them in a wide plate and sprinkle nuts&saffron strings over.


Take all ingredients as above recipe.

The method of preparation is different.

Make the syrup more thicker than above.When it

is boiling add tsp milk in it.The dust will float on the surface,takeout with a spoon.

Divide whole dough into 2 parts.

Roll out a big thin roti.Apply ghee and rice flour upon roti.

Rotate like a mat and every turn apply ghee mixed rice flour.

Finally press a little with rolling pin.

Cut 11/2" bits,and roll again.

Heat ghee,and keep the pan down,      

drop 3-4 of them in the ghee.

Deep fry them ,over low heat to golden. 

Dip them in the thick syrup for 8-10  minutes. 

Place badushaws in a wide plate and sprinkle nuts or roasted poppyseeds.  flower bar



Allpurpose flour                 250gms

Sugar                             2tbsp


Roast the poppyseeds.

Sieve flour.

Add butter,sugar and rub as bread crumbs.

If required add little water and make a

thin roti.

Mix ghee & rice flour to a fine paste.

Apply this on roti,roll as a mat,every turn,apply this paste.

Finally,turn once and cut it 2 inches bits.

Make them balls,roll small puris,bring all sides into the center and press 4 cloves.

Do not press them.e/butter                       60gms



Deep frying                        ghee


Powder sugar

Heat ghee and simmer.

Drop one by one badushaws in ghee and deep fry them slowly.

Make 1/2 sugar more than 2 string consistancy.

1/2 sugar prepare as 2 sting consistancy.

Drop these warm badushaws for 10 minutes.

Later place them on a wide plate.

Pour thick syrup over the badushaws and sprinkle poppyseeds.

These will be with layers and filling with

sugar syrup.


Basmati rice (uncooked) 1 cup

Saffron threads 1/4 cBoiling water 2 cups Water

1 Cinnamon stick

5 Whole cloves 1/4 t 


1/2 c Jaggery or sugar

1 ts Crushed cardamom seeds

1/4 c Slivered almonds

1/4 c Currants 2 tb Canola oil /ghee


Place rice in a strainer and rinse with cool water . Set aside.

 Add boiling water to saffron and let soak for 10 to 15 minutes.

Stir together rice, 2 cups water, cinnamon, cloves and salt in a large saucepan 

Bring to a boil. Cover, reduce heat and simmer for 15 minutes. (Do not remove cover while cooking.)

Remove from heat and set aside.

Simmer saffron water, jaggery and cardamom in a small saucepan over low heat until mixture forms a syrup, about 2 to 3 minutes.

Pour over rice.

Saute almonds and currants in oil only until currants puff slightly and nuts turn lightly brown. Gently fold into rice mixture, fluff with a fork, and serve.  



Milk - 1/2 liter (about 5 to 6 cups)

Rice flour - 1 cup

Jaggery - 200 gms( 2 cups grated)

Coconut - 1/4 cup grated or coconut pieces fried in ghee

Cashews - few

Ghee - 3 tbsp

cardamons - 4


Boil 1½ cups of water in abig vessel,while it starts boiling add  rice flour slowly without lumps.putoff the stove.

cool & knead it with little oil applied to your hands.

Take a small quantity of dough in your palms, start elongating into a long string in a medium size thickness.

Break this into 1 inch pieces. Finish  with rest of the dough.

Take a big vessel and boil the milk.

Add the prepared riceflour pieces and cook.

After they are cooked ( it takes about 20 to 30 min)  off the stove 

Add the crushed jaggery (or make syrup with jaggery adding little water and then add) .

Add grated coconut, crushed cardamoms and cashews fried in ghee

                      In association with    



1/2 litre milk 50g rice flour

150g sugar/jaggery

1/4 cup grated coconut

25g cashew nuts

3 tbsp ghee or butter

1 cup water

1/2 tbsp powdered cardamom.


Cooking: Boil 1 cup of water in a pan.

When they are boiled, add rice flour and mix well until thick dough forms. Remove from heat and cool.

When cooled, apply some oil to your palms and take some dough.

Roll the dough in between your palms into long strings. Repeat the process for the remaining dough and cut the strings to 1" pieces.

Dry them for 20 minutes.

Heat ghee in a pan and fry the cashews until golden.

Add milk to the fried cashews and boil for few minutes.

.When the milk gets boiled, add the above prepared thaalikalu and sugar to the milk.

Boil until thaalikalu gets cooked or until milk gets thickened.

Sprinkle cardamom powder grated coconut on the top and serve.

  In association with






Wheat flour                                                                        1cup
Ghee                                                                                 31/2 tbsp
Oil/ghee                                                                                500gms
Grated coconut                                                          1cup
cups Sugar                                                                       31/2cups          
Milk                                                                          11/2-2cups

Cardamom powder
Poppy seeds


In a wide bowl combine the salt, flour.  .
Rub ghee in flour well. Add little by little water and knead to form a firm dough.
Cover with a damp cloth and keep aside. For the filling:-
 Cook the coconut (use fresh or dried) sugar, milk, chopped almonds and raisins, cardamom ,and poppy seeds(optional) till the water evapourates.
Divide the dough into 25 parts,
roll them out into flat round discs.
Place a spoon of stuffing at the centre and fold as half moon.
Use a cutter to create the fluted crescent border and remove the excess dough.
seal the edges by applying a little milk or water and press it well.
Make all in the same way.
Now heat oil/ghee  deep fry them in batchwise to golden crispy brown.
Store them in a air tight container.
Note:- Can be made with grated jaggery also,but reduce the quantity than sugar.
Carnation Milk Powder             1cup
1/2 cup Bisquick OR
Pancake mix (Instead of Bisquick Pancake mix, use 1/2 cup all purpose flour and 1/2 tsp baking soda) 
Melted butter                 11/2tbsp           
Milk for dough
Sugar                   21/2cups
water                    1cup
Oil+ghee for frying

For dough:-
Mix milkpowder,bisquick and butter.
add little milk to make a pliable dough.
Divide the dough into 18-20 portions.
Make balls gently rolling each portion between your palms using little ghee.
Cover with a damp cloth.
Heat the oil+ghee on high and then lower the heat to medium.
Slip in the balls into ghee from the side of the pan, one by one.
Do not use any slotted spoon to move them, gently shake the pan.
After about 3-4 min., the balls will come to the surface.
Ensure that all jamoons are cooked properly.
 The balls should be fried very slowly under medium heat. Otherwise the inside will be not cooked.
The syrup should be made earlier and kept warm.
To make the hot sugar syrup add mix the 2 cups of sugar to 1 cup of water.
Add cardamom powder & saffron powder. 
Transfer this hot syrup.
Keep warm on stove.
Add the fried gulab jamoons directly into the warm syrup.
Allow to soak for 3-4 hours OR
Leave gulab jamuns in syrup overnight for best results.

RASAMALAI in minutes

 Rasgullas                  1 can 

sugar                        21/2tbsp
whipping cream                    50ml
Ground cardamom
slivered almonds                  3tbsp


Drain rasagulllas and sliced into half.
Pour whipping cream into a pie dish and stir in sugar.Dissolve it. 

 Lay the sliced rasgullas up side down in whipping cream.

Sprinkle with cardamom and garnish with almonds.

Cool in the fridge for 2-3 hours or in the freezer atleast for 1 hour before serving.



Allpurpose flour 1cup
Gramflour 2tsp
Jilebi colour Or Mithai colour(pinch)
Thick curd 1/2 cup
Sugar 2 cups
sodabi carbonate 1 pinch
Saffron strands 1/2 tsp
Oil&ghee for frying

Mix sugar in a cup of water.
Boil for 3 min.
Mix all purpose flour and gram flour.
Add curd and colour into it.
Add little water and finally add soda.
Mix well without any lumps.
Take a wide pan (with 2cm legnth wall)and heat ghee mixed oil.
Use plastic bag or any thick cotton cloth for making jilebies
Put batter into the plastic bag and make round jilebies.
Fry from both sides.
When turn into golden, remove from the pan & dip into the sugar syrup for 1 minute.
Remove from the sugar syrup and set in a wide plate,sprinkle saffron strands.
serve hot or cold.

Greenapple      thinly peel            grated1/2cup

Carrot           1cup

Suagar           (powdered)1cup

Warm ghee         1tbsp 

Cardamoms         Coarsely ground

 Pistachioes        Chopped legnthywise

Finesemolina          1/2cup(roasted)

Fresh,white,coconut   1/2grated 

Kissmiss               2tsp

Saffron strands

Roasted poppy seeds     1tbsp


Roast semolina,squeezed,grated carrot,whitepart of coconut,poppy seeds separately.The colour should not change!

Heat ghee and keep warm.

Roast pista lightly.Crush cardamoms.

In a wide bowl rub warm ghee into the semolina,just like bread crumbs.

Add carrot,coconut,roasted poppy seeds,kissmiss,cardamoms,saffron

sugar powder,knead to a thick sticky mass.'

Make round balls,and roll them over

pista crush,serve!


Cornation milk powder 1cup

Bisquick 1/2cup


If you use milk powder:

Take milk powder 1/2cup

&1/2cup flour&1/2tsp soda

Melted butter 2tbsp

Whole milk for dough

Oil+ ghee For deep fry

For syrup:-

Suagr 2cups

Water 1cup

Rose essence optional


Combine bisquick (if take),butter, milk powder to make a fine dough.

Mix along with milk (little by little adding) to make soft dough.

Keep aside with covering a damp cloth.

Syrup:-Mix sugar and cup water, add saffron and cardamom.

Dissolve the sugar and boil for 2-3 min. (syrup should be thinner than one string consistency),add rose essence ,and keep warm aside.

Knead the dough well and make walnut size round/oval size balls,

Without any damages.

Heat oil+ ghee and remove from stove, and add 5-6 balls (batch wise)

And keep again on heat, fry on low heat till golden brown.

Allow them to cook very slowly ,otherwise the inner side will not be cooked!!

Transfer them into warm sugar syrup, and soak them for 5-6 hours,

For best results leave them overnight.

Serve warm or chill!!



It is somewhat like mini cheese cake.

Whole milk 3cups

Cream milk 1cup

Sugar 4tbsp

Ghee/butter 1tsp

Chopped pista 12

Lemon juice 1/2tsp

Cardamom 1/2tsp


Boil whole milk,cream milk in a thick bottomed skillet.

Add lemon juice without seeds.

Separate milk solid chunk from liquid.Set aside.

Melt ghee in a pan,add the milk solid chunk to it.

Add sugar,cardamoms,stir all the time on low heat.

Beat and mix well.

Cool it.Press in moulds,and remove slowly.

Garnish with pistachios.




Ricotta cheese/

paneer(freshly made) 1cup

Ghee ½ cup

Cardamoms 1/2tsp

Sugar 1/2cup

Yellow colour 1 pinch(optional)

Pista halves 1tbsp


Mix sugar,cheese/paneer ,cardamom powder,Knead well.

Fry them in ghee till light brown.

Bake in 180*c for 10 to 15 min.

Or until light golden

Pour it over a greased tray and cut into diamond bits.

Press one half pista on each burfi.

Cool and serve!


Green apple peel only1/2cup

Fine semolina 1/2cup

Warm ghee 1tbsp

Sugar 1cup(powdered)

Fresh coconut only white part1/2cup

Carrot Grated&squeezed 1/2cup

Pistachioes 11/2tbsp

Saffron strands

Poppyseeds roasted 1tbsp

Cashew broken 1tbsp


Roast pista,squeeze and roast c grated carrot for 2 min.

Roast coconut,semolina separately,do not change colour.

Heat ghee,keep warm.

Powder sugar,in a wide bowl,rub ghee into semolina as bread crumbs.

Add coconut,carrot,cardamom seeds,nuts,saffron everything along with sugar powder.

Knead to a fine dough,and make round balls.


Cream milk 1/4ltr

Greencardamoms 1(PEELED)

Cold milk

+ 1tbsp+

Cashewpowder 1tbsp+

Suagr 3tsp

Rose water 1/2tsp

Cardamoms powder 2tsp

Raisins 1tsp

Almond flakes 2tsp

Pista flakes 1tsp

Rose petals Few


In a non-stick skillet,boil cream milk,simmer.

Cook for 35-40 min.until it gets creamy substance.

Grind the cashew to paste,and add to the above milk,and cook further 12-15 min.

Stir all the time till it turns thicken.

Scrape the cream(malai) formed at the sides back into


Remove and add rose water,cardamom powder.

Spoon into the desserts bowls(serving bowls)sprinkle raisins,nut flakes,finally decorate rose petals,

Serve chill!

Note:-Can be served hot OR chill(but it should be in the refrigerated for 2-3 hours,before serve)

Bombay Halwa

Corn flour          1 cup
Sugar               1¾ cup
Water               3 cups
Chopped cashew & almonds

Kesar powder           ¼ tsp
Ghee                  4 tbsp


Mix all the ingredients (plus ½ of the ghee) together.

Place it in a microwave dish and microwave for 25 minutes, stirring at 5 minute intervals.

Add the remaining ghee before the last five minutes.

Pour into a buttered plate and when cooled, cut into desired shapes.




Badam burfi

Rice Dumplings with Sesame Filling(MODAK)

Called in tamilnadu as" Kozhakattais"

A special sweet for Ganesh chathurthi.

Can be made with coconut Louse(coconut &Jaggery sweet(halwa)

For dough:-Rice flour 2cups

Oil tbsp

water 1½ - 2cups


White sesame seeds 1cup

Powdered jaggery 1cup


Cardamom powder

Prepare a dough as for , and set aside. Roast sesame seeds till pink. Grind to a fine powder along with jaggery. Add ghee and mix well. Now take a small portion of dough and with greased palms, pat into a disc. Put a small portion of filling in the centre. Fold over the edges and make a half circle. Press the edges well. Similarly make all Modak and steam.

A Ganesha festival special, (Maharashtrian modak) with coconut filling.

(For the filling)
White sesame seed: ½ cup
Bengal gram: ½ cup
Cardamoms (pounded) 3
Powdered jaggery 50 gm

(For outer cRUST:-

Rice: 1 ½ cups
Water: 1 ½ cups
Sesame oil: ½ tsp


For the filling, wash the sesame seeds till the water becomes clear. Soak for an hour.

Drain and spread over a clean cloth. When nearly dry, pound to a coarse powder.

While the sesame seeds are soaking, soak the Bengal gram for an half hour and pressure cook.

Discard water and mash. Add the cardamom.

Melt the jaggery, remove the scum, and cool.

Add sesame seed powder and Bengal gram paste with the cardamom to the jaggery.

For the outer casing, wash the rice and soak for three hours.

Drain and spread out on a clean to dry.

When half damp, grind to a powder. Sift it through a fine sieve.

Boil two cups of water with the pinch of salt and sesame oil. 

sLOWLY add the rice flour, and stir vigorously with a wooden spoon,without any lumps and the water is fully absorbed.

Cover the mixture with a damp muslin cloth to avoid drying.

When it cools, knead into smooth dough.

Grease a square of plastic,or the palm of your hand, and press down a lime-sized ball of dough to make a thin circle, about four inches in diameter.

Place a teaspoon of filling in the centre.

Dampen one half of the edge, and bring the other over to seal it, pressing the edges down.

Use a wheel cutter to trim the edges. Steam the kozhakattai(modak) for 8 to 10 minutes in an idli stand.

Serve when cool with warm ghee over!!

Easy Burfi in minutes

Milk powder        350 gms
sugar              100gms

Melted ghee       100gms
cardamom powder
water            ½ cup
chopped nuts    2tbsp
& raisins
Silver waraq

Mix together milk powder, sugar, cardamom powder and ghee without any lumps. 

Add water to the mixture.

Heat a skillet and grease with ghee.

Pour the mixture into it and steam for 8-10 minutes.

Garnish with chopped nuts and silver waraq.

Cut into squares and serve.


coconut, Fresh grated

ghee /butter 1/8kg
milk 1liter
sugar 1/2kg
cardamom powder
silver waraq (optional)


Soak the Bengal gram in water over night (8 hours enough to soak)

Grind next day (adding little water)to a smooth paste.

Dry roast the coconut for 2 minutes.

Heat ghee and add the paste and stir continuously to dry the water in the paste.

Cook until ghee comes out from the paste,add suagr,roasted coconut and milk.

Cook on stirring till the mixture turns into a thick lump,and leaves ghee from sides.Add cardamom powder.

Transfer into a greased plate and press the silver waraq.

Suggestion:-Can be made with green gram instead.(green gram dal burfi)


For every chicki we can use jaggery/sugar,as per our taste.

But jaggery is tastier than sugar for chicki,especially for groundnuts!

Use lesser  quantity sugar than jaggery.


If you feel too loosy syrup,sprinkle

little rice flour over.

Here i will give one recipe,all recipes are in the same manner.

For chickpeas & Murmura no roasting(there are already popped!)

1)Nuvvulu chicki balls

2)Groundnuts balls(dry roast & no skin)


4)Grated coconut balls(fresh)

5)Almonds(badami) balls(lightly roast)

6)Cashewnuts  balls (Lightly roast)

7)Murmura  balls

8)Sev Laddoo(Thin murukku)

9)Pista balls (Dry roast)

10)Thick murukku(Bellam poosa)

11)Flatten rice balls(Dry roast/fry in oil)

12)Mixed nuts balls(Roast)

SESAME BALLS(Nuvvula undalu):-1)

Sesame seeds                 1cup

Jaggery                      3/4  Grated 

Little riceflour

Cardamom powder              tsp

Ghee                         tsp


Dry roast sesame seeds to fine flavour,on constantly stirring.Remove,allow to cool.

Take a wide and thick bottomed skillet,add 1/2 cup of water,dissolve and strain it,again boil till it turns to 11/2 strings consistancy syrup.Add cardamom,

Now add roasted seeds and stir,if you feel

little watery,allow to cook some more time till you feel it is ready to transfer into a greased plate.

When it is little warm (Or it is set)cut into square bits with a sharp knife.

Can be stored for one month.


Sesame seeds              1cup

Dry coconut               1/2 cup

Jaggery                   1cup

Cardamoms                 6(crushed)

Chickpeas(Putana)         1/2cup 


Scrap the dry coconut and avoid the black part.

BLend the chickpeas into smooth powder.Sieve it neatly.

Crush the cardamoms and add to the chickpeas.

In a wide bowl,add everyhting.

Grate the jaggery and add to this mixture.Add tsp ghee and blend till it added(mixed) properly.

Remove and make walnut sized(or as you wish)balls.

Can be store for 1 month.


Use fresh,scraped coconut discord the black one.

Scraped coconut               1

Cardamoms                     8

Cashew bits

Almonds bits                  Each 3tsp

Ghee                         tsp

Jaggery                      1cup

Colour                       pinch(yellow)


Scrap the coconut neatly,powder cardamoms.

Grate jaggery and add coconut,mix well.

In a thick bottomed skillet,cook it

on low flame,constantly stirring.

Roast nuts to brown and keep aside.

Cook until it turns to a thick paste.(or leaves sides).

Now add the nuts and pour into a greased plate,Or make laddoos.


Condensed Milk ½ cup
Paneer /Cottage Cheese 1/4kg
Khewra Essence4 drops
Yellow food colour 4drops(optional)
Cardamom pods 4
Silver Leaf /silver Waraq 11/2


Mash paneer well, add condensed milk and cook over low flame stirring constantly. (if you like to add the colour,add now.)

Cook till the mixture thickens and starts leaving the sides of the pan.

Add essence, remove from heat, mix well and pour this malai on a plate.

Allow to cool.

Make small balls of the malai.

Sprinkle crushed cardamom and decorate with silver leaf on top.


Ground cardamoms(green)    7

saffronstrands             1tsp

Suagr                      6-7tbsp

Ground cashewnuts          10-12

Khoya/ricotta cheese        ½kg

Grated fresh coconut        2½tbsp(optional)

Ground pista               14


Dish (microw proof)

Silver waraq

Method:-Use everything except silver waraq,mix everything and keep in the microresistable dish,microwave for 4 min.

Remove and stir well,if you feel it is loose in consistancy,continue to microwave for 1 more minute.

Stir and transfer into a pre-greased plate, press siver waraq,cut into desired bits when it is lightly warm!      


Allpurpose flour ½ kg

Sugar ½ kg

Yoghurt or curd 1 cup

Cooking soda 1tsp

Ghee(thick) 250 gms

Oil for frying

METHOD for kajas

Sieve and mix two flours,curd cooking soda and ghee to make soft dough.

Add if water requires.

Make equal size balls from the whole dough.

Roll out thin puris, set 3-4 puris one by one.

In the middle of each puri apply ghee and dust with rice flour.

Roll them together like a mat.

Press a little with rolling pin over the mat.

Cut them into 3-4 cm bits.Do the same way with whole dough.

Make a medium consistancy syrup with sugar and 300 ml of water.

Dip each time 12 kajas in the syrup and allow to stay for 10 minutes.

Remove from the syrup and cool them.

Decorate with the almond flakes or coloured dry coconut flakes

coco-badami cova

Fresh cocconut----1

Almonds without peel(soaked)



Vanilla essence or vanilla sugar

Milk½ltr or milkmaid

sugar syrup(2 cup)

Crushed pistash nuts,cashew nuts(add the green colour to get a good colour).


Make the carrots halwa with(1cup sugar),carrot should be fry with some ghee for 3 minutes  before add the sugar.

Make the coconut cream adding some milk and sugar (grind to a fine cream).Add the milkmaid (little)with mandel cream.

Make it into a fine thick cream on low flame (to make small bits).stir

continuousely without burning.

Now first put the coconut thick paste as one layer,

Carrot halwa as 2 layer,spread the crushed coloured pistash&cashew ground powder.

Finally spread the mandel halwa.

Let it stay for ½ hour,let it cool slowly.

Cut them into small pieces carefully.

Decorate with coloured pistash. 


For syrup:-

Sugar                 2 cups

water                 2cups


Sweetened condensed milk      1/2 tin

Grated/scraped coconut           2cups

For frying:-

Ghee & oil                     equal amounts

For dough:-

Allpurpose flour              2cups

Soda                          1/8tsp

water                         warm as per needed

For decoration:-Saffron strands,silver waraq.


make the pliable dough with given ingredients.

Make sugar syrup into one thread consistancy. 

Mix the con.milk and coconut into a smooth mixture for filling.

Work with the dough for 1-2 minutes on a flat board,and divide into equal balls,roll out like samosa pouches,fill with the sweet mixture.

Heat the oil&ghee ,turn into medium heat.

Add samosas batchwise and deep fry both sides into golden brown.

Soak them in syrup for some time and decorate with silver waraq & saffron strands.

Badusha with Bisquick

Bisquick 2 cups
sour cream
sugar 2 cups
water 1 cup


Make one thread consistency syrup with sugar and water,keep aside.

Make a dough with bisquick and sour cream.

Roll it into balls and flatten slightly. Score a circle on the patty with a knife /small cap.

Deep fry in oil/ghee on low heat till a medium brown.

Dip in syrup by pushing it deep down, remove and set

Press a walnut or pecan in the center
immediately after dipping.





Allpurpose flour           250 gms


Yoghurt                         150 gms


Ghee                             100gms


Sugar                             300gms


Baking powder               1 pinch


Sodium-bi-carbonate      1pinch


All nuts                             Ground coarsely







For dough: Sieve and mix allpurpose flour,yoghurt,warm ghee to make soft dough


Without any lumps.


Knead it well.


Make 12-16 balls and make a thumb impression in the middle of each balushahi.


Make with whole dough as same manner.


Cover them with a damp cloth.


Meanwhile make thick syrup with sugar and water,add rose essense.


Heat oil mixed ghee and cook(deep fry) them on slow heat till inside of the badushas cooked well.


Let them cooked till they become golden brown colour.


Place them on a wide bowl and pour the hot syrup over them.


Garnish with the nuts.


Variation;-For garnishing use dry grated coconut  or  coloured them.

7Cups Burfi

Besan Flour 1 Cup
Ghee 1 Cup
Coconut Powder 1 Cup(available at Indian,

or chinamarkets)

sugar 3 Cups
Milk 1 Cup


Mix besan flour, ghee, coconut , sugar, milk to make

a thick fine batter.check without any lumps.

Transfer batter into a thick bottomed nonstick skillet.

Cook on low flame for 15-18 min. keep stirring till the mixture leaves the sides of the skillet.It should not burn. 

Remove and pour on greased plate.

Cut with a sharp knife into desired bits,when it is warm.

  Press with lightly roasted cashewnuts.

7 Cups Burfi -2

Gramflour 1 cup
Sugar 2 cups
Ghee 2 cups
Milk 1 cup
grated coconut -1 cup


      Fry the gramflour for 3 mins in a thick bottomed skillet with 2tsp of Ghee and keep aside

      Add sugar into skillet and add 1 cup milk and stir well until the sugar gets melted.

      Add flour, Ghee (1 cup), coconut to the sugar syrup and stir well for 5mts.

      Add another cup of remaining Ghee to it, stir for 5 more mts, untill it gets round like ball in the kadai and comes in the middle

  •  In a Grease  plate  pour the mixture,cut into desired bits


image preview

Semolina(bombai rawa)          21/2 cups

Grated coconut                 11/2cups

Cardamoms crushed

Sugar powder                   21/2 cups

Ghee                           5tbsp-6

Mixed nuts & currants


Dry roast semolina to pinkish brown.Blend it into a fine powder.

Add coconut,powdered sugar,cardamoms and ghee roast lightly.

Remove and add roasted nuts,when it is warm bind into round balls(laddoos) as your desired shapes.

For rich look press silver waraq on them.

BESAN LADDU (with roasted bengal gram)

These are called as 'putana','chickpeas'also.
Chickpeas 2cups
Ghee 6tbsp
Sugar (ground) 2cups
Mixednuts 2-3tbsp
Cardamom seeds 2tsp
Powder the chickpeas &sieve it.
Sieve the powdered sugar also.

Mix the cardamoms and sugar.
Roast all nuts in a tsp ghee.
Take a wide plastic or steel bowl and place the sieved powder.Add nuts.
Heat the ghee on low flame,after melting add little by little
ghee into the powder,mix thoroughly and make desired size balls when it is warm.


Bengalgram             1cup

Groundsugar            1cup

Milk                   1cup

Ghee                   3/4cup

Almonds                Blanched1tbsp

Cashewnuts             1tbsp

Cardamomseeds          2tsp


In a thick bottomedskilletaddghee ,when it ia warm add flour,and fry till it leaves fine smell,do not burn.

Add milk,sugar,cardamoms.

Stir all the time over low heat.

When it turns to thick paste.

remove and transfer into a wide greased plate.

press nuts. 

FIGS HALWA(atti pandu)

  • This fruit is Called as Anjeer (hindi),attipandu (in telugu).
  • sweetened condensed milk 1/2tin(200ml)
    figs / anjeer 1/2kg
    Milk 500ml
    Ghee / butter 1tbsp
  • Nuts Mixed (any)
  • Silver waraq

  • Method:
  • Boil the milk.

      Soak the figs in the milk for 2 hours.

      Dry roast the nuts,keep aside.

      Blend it into a smooth paste.

      Heat the ghee in a non-stick pan and add the condensed milk,

      fig mixture.

      Cook on stirring till the ghee leaves sides of the pan.

      Add the roasted nuts,stir well.

  • Serve hot garnished with silver leaf.

    sweetened condensed milk    1tin(400gm)
    Dates 400gm
    Ghee 2tbsp
    water 50ml
    Allpurpose flour 11/2tbsp
    silver waraq


    Deseed & chopp the dates.

    Heat ghee and roast flour for a while.

    Add the water and allow it to boil.

    Add the dates, condensed milk and cook well, till the mixture leaves

    the sides of the pan.

    Remove and cool and cut into bits.

    Garnish with silver foil.


Sweetpotatoes         150gms

Almonds               tbsp

Ghee                  1cup

Mawa/khoya            150gms

Plainflour            150gms

Pista                 1½tbsp

Raisins               tbsp

Method:-boil and peel sweetpotatoes.

MASH THEM NICELY.In a wide bowl mix mawa,mashed sweetpotato,flour,mix thoroughly.

Chop pista&almonds and fry them golden in a tsp ghee.

Add mixture to warm gheeandstir continuously until it separates ghee sides.

Remove and transfer into a wide plate, and press the roasted nuts,serve hot!


Gramflour     1/4 cup
plain flour        1 1/4 cup
 Ghee             250 gms
 cups sugar         2 1/2
cup water        1 1/2 
milk             2 tbsp
cardamom         1/2 tsp
4" squares cut from a thin polythene sheet
Sift both flours together.
Heat ghee in a heavy saucepan.
Add flour mixture and roast on low till light golden.
Keep aside to cool a little, stirring occasionally.
Prepare syrup simultaneously.
Make syrup out of sugar, water and milk
Bring syrup to 2 1/2 thread consistency.
Pour at once into the flour mixture.
Beat well with a large fork till the mixture forms threadlike flakes.
Pour onto a greased surface or thali and roll to 1" thickness lightly.
Sprinkle the charmagaz seeds and elaichi and gently press down with palm.
Cool, cut into 1" squares, wrap individually into square pieces of thin plastic sheet.
Store in airtight container


Allpurpose flour 400gms



Sugar 250gms/1/4kg

Cloves 12


Cardamoms seeds 2tsp

Currants tbsp


Combine 180gms sugar and same quantity of water, boil into syrup.

Mix a fine smooth dough with floour and water.

Mix with warm khoya and remaining sugar,caradmom powder,coconut bits,currants.

When it gets cool,make small size balls.

Make same size balls with flour dough (equal balls as sweet).

Press each ball as traingle (samosa),place one sweet ball and pin with a clove as sealing.

Make all of the balls in the same manner.

Heat oil/ghee (or mixed ),and deep fry them into golden crispy brown.


Cashewnuts 50gms(powdered)

Plain flour 50gms

Suagr 150gms

Pure ghee 1/2cup

Ghee melted

Cardamom powder

Melted hot ghee

31/2 cups


In a bowl, combine the cashewnuts, flour, ghee and cardamom powder and mix well. Keep aside.

In another pan, combine the sugar with 1/3 cup of water and bring to a boil.

Simmer, make a syrup to one string consistency

Add the cashewnuts and flour mixture and mix well,

over a slow flame, stirring all the way.

Pour the hot ghee , a little by little from a height in a thin stream into the cashewnut mixture.

Keep stirring with a ladle in a clockwise direction, adding larger quantities of the ghee towards the end.

When the Mysore pak expands and some ghee separates, sprinkle 1/2 teaspoon of cold water on the pak.

If it is ready, the Mysore pak will sizzle indicating that it is ready to be removed 

Pour the mixture into a tray. The sides of the tray should be at least 50 mm.high. Allow it to set a little.

crack a small hole on one side and drain out all the excess ghee.

You get app.2 1/2 cups will come out.

Cut into 12 squares/diamonds.

Serve hot / cold


3egg       whites
1/4tsp      salt
1cup         sugar
1tsp         vanilla essence
3/4cup        coconut flakes
3cups         rice krispies
preheat oven to 200 *c.

Beat egg whites with salt until fluffy.

Beating constantly,add sugar,1tsp at a time.

continue beating until sugar dissolves and and the mixture becomes stiff.

Stir in vanilla.

Fold in coconut and cereal.

Drop by teaspoonful onto greased cookie sheets.

Decorate each piece with a candied fruit. Bake 20 minutes / until light brown.


Flour 1cup

Semolina 1tbsp

Ghee 2tbsp

Cardamom seeds 2tsp


Coconut powder 2cups

Cashewnuts 2tbsp

Sugar 2cups


Roasted poppy seeds


2string consistency sugar syrup

Sugar 1/2cup

Water ¼ cup

Milk 1tsp



In a bowl add flour&semolina,salt along with 2tbsp ghee.

Add sufficient water to make a stiff dough.

Keep aside.

Combine coconut,cashew nuts,cardamom and sugar thoroughly for filling.

Divide the dough into small lemon size balls,roll out into small thin discs,spoon with sweet mixture and fold to a half moon.For moisture apply little water to the edges,press the edges with finger.

OR if you have gujia mould cutter you can give fine shape,without splitting the sweet from inside.

Prepare all gujias from the dough.

Cover them with damp cloth,

Heat oil/ghee and drop batch wise fry until they get golden brown colour.

Roast some poppy seeds and place them on a wide plate,

Drain on a kitchen paper,after removing them coat the gujias over roasted poppy seeds.


Make thick syrup with given ingredients,after making all gujias,place them in a wide palte and pour syrup

over gujias,allow to settle for 20 min.

They coat with a white thin syrup layer,sprinkle roasted poppy seeds if you like.

cool them and store in a air tight container.


Milk                 1/2liter

Mango pulp           250gms

Honey                200gms

Saffron              6strands

Kewara/Rose water


Mix everything,cook until it thickens.

Mix essence and transfer into a gresed plate.Cut it into diamonds when it is warm.Garnish with nuts or silver waraq. 


Topiyoka flour            1glass

sugar                     2glasses

Milk                      2glasses

Ghee                      2glasses

colour                    green/yellow/red


Soak topiyoka/indian sagoo(small)in milk for 5 hours.

Grind it i to smooth paste.

Heat ghee in a nonstick skillet and add the batter and cook it.

Add sugar and make halwa(thick mass) on constantly stirring (over medium flame).

Mix the colour (if you use)in a tsp milk.

Add it to the halwa and stir well.

Add mixed nuts and transfer into a gresed plate and flatten it.

Cut it after it gets slightly warm into square bits.



Split peas                 200gms

Little salt

Sugar                      300gms



Steep the dal in water for sometime.

Remove and blend it as mud (adding with little water.)

Place in a bowl.

Heat oil in a pan,and add the paste and fry till reddish brown.The paste will be set, and make it into square bits.

Fry them in hot oil,keep aside.

Make syrup into one string consistancy.

Drop the fried bits in syrup for 30 minutes and when they coated completely.remove.


Dessicated coconut              3/4cup

Deseeded dates                  kg

Condensed milk                  1 tin(app.400ml)

Mixed nuts                      250gms



Chop all nuts coarsely.

Blend the dates,coarsely.

Take a nonstick pan,add condensed milk and nuts,cook on low heat,on stirring.

Stir all the time to avoid sticking at the bottom.

Cook till it thickens.

In a plastic sheet sprinkle the dessicated coconut evely.

Rub the ghee to both palms and take the mixture and roll out it as a big roti,and place over coconut.

Keep in the refregerator for 1 hour to set the mixture.

Remove and cut into squares.

Alternative suggestion:-

Roll the roti over coconut and spread the nuts over,roll it as a mat,keep in the fridge for 1 hour.

Remove and cut into 1" bits.


Called as Khasta laddoo.

Gramflour 2cups

Soya flour 11/2 cups

Cardamoms tbsp

Butter/ghee 1cup

Pistachio nuts Unsalted tbsp

Sugar ¾ cup


Powder sugar and cardamom separately.

In a heavy-bottomed pan melt ghee/butter on a low medium fire.

Add the flour and keep stirring till it turns light brown

Remove and allow it to cool.

Mix cardamom and powdered sugar as well as finely chopped pistachios.

Take tbsp of mixture, roll as a firm ball.

Serve as a dessert.


This sweet is little more work and needs concentration.

Gramflour                 11/4cup

Plainflour                11/4cup


Ghee                      250gms

Sugar                     21/2 cups

Water                     11/2cups

Milk                      2tbsp

Polythin sheet            4"squares


Sift two flours.

Heat ghee and roast them to light golden. 

remove it,stir ocassionally to get cool.

Make syrup simultaneously.

Make syrup to 21/2 thread consistancy.

Pour hot syrup atonce into the roasted flous.

Beat it with a big fork vigorously till it forms thread like flakes.

Grease a wide plate/tray,pour it immediately,cut into 1"thick roti.

Spread/sprinkle the nuts over,evenly,press them.

When it is little warm, cut into squares and wrap with the polythene sheets.


Urad-dal 1/4kg
Sugar 1/4kg

Grated coconut 1cup (fresh one is good)

Cardamom powder 2tsp

Oil for deep fry



Soak husked black gram overnight/5-6 hours.

Drain and grind to a fine paste.

Whip batter with a ¼ cup of water, salt and add grated coconut.

Heat oil in a wok/shallow pan.

Drop small dollops of batter in wok and deep fry, till crisp and brown.

Make sugar syrup, by melting sugar in warm water. Add cardamom

powder in syrup, add dumplings. Serve after ½ hour.


Fine rice flour 11/2cups
Wheat flour 1/2cup
Fresh scraped coconut 1/2cup
Riped banana 1
Milk 1tbsp
Water 1cup
Grated jaggery 11/2 cups
Cardamom seeds 1tbsp
Ghee/butter 2tsp
Oil 2tsp
Oil for deep frying
Poppy seeds Or sesame seeds Garnishing


Sieve two flours, roast the poppy seeds Or sesame seeds.

Peel and mash the banana, remove the cardamom seeds.

Scrap the coconut without black part.

Boil milk&water, add mashed banana, coconut, ghee and cardamoms.

Add grated jaggery, when it bubbles mix flour slowly on stirring constantly.

Make it to a smooth dough.

Add oil(2tsp)and keep the lid, allow to cool.

Remove and add the 2tsp oil and knead well.

Make walnut size balls out of the dough .

Apply little oil to a plastic paper and press the ball as 'vada' shape.

Deep fry them in hot oil until golden brown.

Sprinkle sesame seeds or poppy seeds. Allow to cool.

Keep them in a tight container.

Shell life: 2-3 weeks.


SWeet with jaggery and lentils as Bengalgram/greengram(mungdal).

Heavy (sweet)food with ghee preparation.

This is festive Andhras sweet,very tasty.

Bengal gram           1cup
Jaggery              11/2 cups (2cups/as er taste)
cardamoms                10

For Cover:
Allpurpose flour        1/2cup
wheat flour             1/2cup
ghee                     1 cup


Wash lentils and cook very well with just enough water.

Mix two flours and a pinch of salt adding water. Make a hard dough of it and knead it thoroughly adding 4 tbsps ghee slowly till the dough becomes very soft and pliable.

Keep it covered for about 2 hours

Take the cooked gram, drain out any extra water and mash it well or put it in a blender and mix it with jaggery and a pinch of salt.

Heat the mixture on low flame till almost dry.

Cool it and add powdered cardamom and make it into 12 equal sized balls. Knead the flour mixture and divide it into equal number of sweet balls.

Take a piece of plastic and put a few drops of ghee and spread the dough ball on it with hand, thin at the edges and thick in the middle.

Put the sweet ball in the middle and cover it by bringing the edges together. Use whole dough & swet balls in the same way.

Flatten each ball carefully with hand into 8" diamater flat circular discs gently with the help of a few drops of oil, and cook it on low flame on griddle/Tawa.

Cook both sides into golden.serve hot with pouring tsp hot ghee over!

BAKED SWEET DISCS (sweet puri)

powdered cashewnuts     1cup

Powdered almonds       1/2cup
sieved icing sugar     1/2cup
powdered cardamoms    4-5

milk                  3tbsp

Almond essence

Combine the cashewnuts,almond powder sugar and cardamom.
Warm the saffron and dissolve in 1tsp of milk.
Put the saffron, essence and enough milk to make a dough.
Divide the dough into 10 parts.
Take two small sheets of polyethylene and a bangle of 50 mm. (2") diameter.
Put one sheet and the bangle on a board.
Keep one part of the dough inside the bangle, cover with the other
sheet and roll to the shape of the bangle.
Repeat the same procedure for the remaining dough.
Place on a banking dish and bake in a moderate oven at 200*c for 15 to 20 minutes. 
Cool and store


Raw rice                    500gms

Fresh coconut                Medium size

Cardamoms                    10

Sugar                        320gms

Broken cashew                tbsp

Poppyseeds                    1tbsp

Oil/ghee for cooking


Soak the rice overnight.

Dry roast poppyseeds.

Grate coconut,remove black part.

Powder the rice and sieve it two times.Should be smooth powder.

Immediately mix the sugar,coconut and cardamoms.

Add cashew bits too.Mix well and press tightly.

Cover it with a tight lid.

Leave to rest for 21/2-3 hours.

Check the sugar,dissolve or not.(if not allow to stay for some more time.)

Heat oil and prepare as dumplings.drop them into the hot oil.

Fry to golden(do not roast)and strain on a kitchen paper.

Can be stored for one week.


This is a traditional Andhra sweet.

Usually prepares at the time of "PoNGAL(SANKRANTHI) FESTIVAL"comes in january in every year.

Tasty sweet snack,prepares with new

cropas..rice,jaggery,ghee,groundnuts,sesame seeds and poppy seeds.

Rice                     1/2kg

Jaggery                   400gms

Oil/ ghee                 1/4kg

Sesame                     100gms

Roasted poppyseeds


Soak rice for atleast two days,change the water.

Grind to a smooth powder,sieve twicw/thrice.

Make powder with cardamoms.

Grate the jaggery finely.

Take a thick bottomed (nonstick is better)skillet,add jaggery&1 cup of water.

Make a thick syrup into 21/2 strings consistancy.Add 1tbsp of ghee in it.

(check with little syrup into your fingers ,make a ball with that,and hit that in a plate of water,it should give sound!)

Add roasted sesame,roasted ground nuts and cardamom,add slowly flour and mix very fastly without lumps.

Heat ghee/oil and make round discs(like puris)and fry them both sides to golden.

Make ready roasted poppyseeds in a plate.Dip ariselu both sides into poppyseeds.

Place them side by side,otherwise they stick together.

After they cool,store them in a container.

Shell life:-2 months.


We can buy from Indian supermarkets,Or we can make semolina at home also.

Wheat semolina/ rawa            1cup

Sugar                          11/2cup

cardamoms                        6

raisins                          12

Crushed cashewnuts




Roast wheat into fine flavour.

Grind coarsely.add sugar,cardamom powder,roasted raisins,roasted cashew bits,mix well.

In a wide bowl,place semolina and add milk and warm ghee.

make walnut sized laddoos.


Gramflour 1/2kg
sugar 500gms
cardamoms tbsp

Poppyseeds                 roasted tbsp

Sugar candy                crystals 2tsp

Roasted sesame               2tsp(optional) 

Kismis 1tbs

Melon seeds tbsp
cooking soda pinch
Oil/ghee for frying
Water to cook
Green colour few drops
Lemon yellow colour few drops
salt Pinch


Mix flour, salt, cooking soda and two tbsps of hot oil.

1)Take half the quantity of the above mixture and add lemon yellow color along with enough water to make batter.

Make sev with this paste, using a sev press.

2)Mix green color in the remaining flour mixture and make sev ..

Mix sugar in a large skillet and add two glasses of water.

Make a sugar syrup of pearl-drop consistency.

Add powdered cardamom, clove and whole kishmis to the sugar syrup.

Fry the dry fruits in ghee and add to the syrup. Crumble the sev (both) and mix in the syrup.Stir well till the sev is coated by the surup thoroughly.

Make balls (laddoos) of desired size when it is slightly warm.

These are very festive to serve in the parties.

Shell life:- can be preserved for 3weeks        


Condensed milk sweetened 2tbsp

Milk ½ cup

Allpurpose flour 1/4kg

Egg 1

Butter 1tbsp

Dry yeast 2tsp


Sugar powder 50gms

Cinnamon powder 1/2tsp

Mix the condensed milk and milk and warm it over a pan of hot water.

Mix the yeast and one or two tablespoons of maida and allow it to ferment for 30 minutes.

Mix the salt, remaining flour, beaten egg and melted butter to the fermented yeast and stir well.

Knead the dough well and cover it with a polythene sheet and allow it for 30 minutes

Then roll the dough into ¼ inch thickness and cut it into rings with a doughnut cutter

Deep fry this and roll it over sugar and cinnamon mixture and serve







Rawa idli

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